Chapters · KyuYoung (Kyuhyun SooYoung)

About Love (Part 1)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Park Boyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Siwon
– Seo Joo Hyun
– Im YoonA
– Hwang Tiffany



About Love…

Love is Beautiful
Love is Sweet
Love is Wonderful
But don’t forget that Love is also PAINFUL…


“If you ask me what i really want the most in this world, then my answer is…”

“I just want him to look at me. Just for once…”




“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t realize my feeling for him, as long as i can see his bright face everyday.”





“Oppa, why are you being like this to me? Can’t you see me, the girl who loves you a lot?”





“Huh, i’m such a babo. I know that he never like me, but i’m pretending like i don’t know about it.”








About Love Part 1


(Boyoung’s POV)

There he is. Standing there with all of his charisma. I can’t deny that I like him a lot. Ani, not only like, but I love him to death. Haha, I know this sounds super silly. But yeah, this actually what I’m feeling about him now. And maybe forever.

But unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same way like I do. He even hates me for some reason which is I totally have no idea. So ironic, huh? But it doesn’t make me give up. Because my mom ever said to me that no matter what happen, we have to fight for our love.

So, this is what I’m doing now. Fighting for my love…

“Oppa, here’s your drink.” I say to him while I’m offering a bottle of mineral water. His face full of sweat because he just finished play basketball with his friends. Siwon oppa doesn’t take the mineral water, instead he just walks away, leaving me behind. He doesn’t even look at me.

I just sighed heavily. It wasn’t a surprise at all for me. But it will be surprise if he finally notice my presence around him. Yeah, he always like that to me. He treats me like I’m invisible. I stare at his back with a sad stare.

‘Siwon oppa, will you notice me just for once?’

(Boyoung’s POV End)




(Sooyoung’s POV)

“Kyu oppa!” I hug him from behind. He seems surprised by my sudden act. But it just for awhile until he’s back like he use to be. Cold and no emotion.

“Wae?” He asks while he’s looking at me with his cold eyes. I know he doesn’t like my behaviour. But yeah, I’m pretending like I don’t know about it and I keep continue what I’m doing.

“You don’t have any plan this evening, right?” I ask with a spoiled tone to him. Not forget to hug his arm. “Ne. Wae?”

I give my best smile to him, “I want you to accompany me to go to a party tonight. So, will you?” I ask again, and this time I look at him deeply, waiting for his answer that will come out from his mouth.

“Why so sudden?”

“Mianhe, I should have tell you earlier, keunde I forgot.”

Kyuhyun keeps silent. “Oppa?” I call him again. Kyuhyun oppa turns his head to face me. “I can’t reject eventhough I don’t want to, right? So, I think you don’t have to ask me.”

I shut my mouth when I hear his statement. He’s right. I never want to hear NO from him. Or the other word, like it or not you should do what I’m saying. Because Choi Sooyoung doesn’t like to be rejected. Selfish? Yeah I think I am.

I look at the guy who’s standing in front of me. He knows me a lot, doesn’t he?

“Well, it means yes! Pick me up at 07.00 a clock, arasso!” I say to him with a cheerful tone. “Ara.” He answers before he walks into his class. I smile sadly when I see his back.

‘Mianhe oppa. I know you never like me. But mianhe, because I love you so much until I can’t let you go.’

(Sooyoung’s POV End)




(Hyoyeon’s POV)

Sweat is covering his face and also his body. But it doesn’t make him look bad, instead it makes him look more hot and awesome. I can’t take off my eyes from the awesome figure in front of me. Lee donghae. That’s the awesome guy’s name. We’re classmate and also join in the same dance club. Both of us are dancer. We’re pretty close to each other. But sadly, I’m not close enough to enter  his heart…

“Omo daebak Donghae-ya!” Eunhyuk oppa says as he pats Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae just smile. And I swear to god that it’s the best smile I’ve ever seen for the rest of my life. “Hyo?” Donghae waved his hand in front of my face, makes my thought back to reality. “Ah ne, your move is getting more awesome each day.” I say to him.

Donghae ruffled my hair with his right hand, “Gomawo dancing queen.”

It’s weird and at crazy at the same time because whenever he ruffled my hair or touch me, I’m gonna be so nervous until I find it hard to breath. I don’t know why I become like that everytime he does that. Whereas, he isn’t the only guy who’s close with me. I actually have a lot of guy friends, but I never feel like that when they touch me or ruffled my hair. So, that kind of feeling just only for him, Lee Donghae.

“Donghae-ya, don’t forget your promise to treat me an ice cream.” I tell him with a serious look. Donghae laughs and once again, he ruffled my hair. “Arasso! Kaja!” He says. “I’ll go change and get my back first.” Added him again before he walk away to go change.

Not long after that, Donghae back, wearing a different clothes from before. He smiles to me, “Kaja!” He says. But, we immediately stop when we hear his handphone rings. Donghae takes out him phone from his pocket. A bright smile appears on his face as soon as he sees the ID caller. He looks so happy, and I guess I know who that is.

“Yoboseyo, YoonA-ya.” Donghae greets her with his cheerful tone, and not to forget, also with his bright smile. He always like that if there’s anything to do with YoonA. He will smile brightly even if he just mention her name. And I can’t deny that I’m jealous with that girl…

“Mwo? YoonA, what’s happening? Why are you crying?” Donghae’s face full of worry. “Ok, I’ll go there as soon as possible. Just wait for me, ok!” he finally says before he hang up the phone. Donghae turns his head to face me. Yeah yeah, I know what he will say.


“Arasso. Just go and meet her. I think she really needs you now.” I say with a smile on my face, or I should say a FAKE smile on my face. Donghae still looks at me. Maybe he feels bad if he cancel our plan. “Gwenchana. It’s ok I don’t mind! Beside, you can still treat me later.” I assure him.

“Gomawo Hyo-ya! You’re the best friend ever!” He says before he runs out to meet YoonA. I look at him sadly, “Only friend, huh?” I mumble sadly as I watch his back.

And once again, I have to feel something hurt inside my heart…

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)






“You don’t have to force yourself, Kyuhyun-ah.” Kyuhyun’s mom said as she was looking at her only son. While Kyuhyun was wearing his coat. He was preparing himself to go to the party with Sooyoung. Once he thought that he finally finished preparing, he walked closer to his mom, which was sitting on his bed.

“Gwenchana.” He said calmly. Mrs.Cho, Kyuhyun’s mother looked at her son with a sorry stare. “If only your dad doesn’t have so many debt, so we don’t have any debt of gratitude to Choi family.” The woman said with a sad tone.

Yeah, it’s true that Kyuhyun’s father has many debt. They almost became poor if Sooyoung’s dad didn’t help them. Sooyoung’s dad came and saved their lifes. He helped Kyuhyun’s father to pay almost all of Kyuhyun’s father debt. Actually, Mr.Cho and Mr.Choi are friends when they were in high school.

Eventhough Kyuhyun didn’t like Sooyoung, and he even felt annoyed everytime Sooyoung was around him, but he couldn’t do anything except to treat her nicely. Because Kyuhyun knew, he knew exactly that Sooyoung’s family already helped his family. Not even once, but a lot!

“It’s not a big deal. Beside, Sooyoung is a nice girl. Yeah, eventhough she’s spoiled and sometimes annoying.” Kyuhyun said. His mom smiled, “Yeah I know. I just hope that you will like her someday.”

“You just told me to not force myself, but now you told me to like her?”

“Aniyo. I just… yeah, you don’t have a girlfriend anyway. So, I don’t think that it’s wrong if you start to love her. Beside, you already know that your father and also Sooyoung’s father made a plan to pair the two of you.”

Kyuhyun fell silent when he heard his mother’s statement. He realized that sooner or later, he would engaged with Sooyoung. Like it or not! Sometimes Kyuhyun felt like this world wasn’t fair to him. Why did he have to do what he didn’t like? Why did no one understand him?







“Siwon-ah, don’t forget to ask Boyoung to go to the party.” Said Mrs.Choi while she was looking at his son. Siwon who was eating, stopped for a while and he looked at his mom deeply. “Why do I have to bring her to the party? It’s our family party, eomma.” Siwon said, trying to change his mom’s mind.

“So what? Boyoung will be the part of our family soon. So, I think it’s not a problem if she go to our family party.”


“Siwon-ah, Boyoung is a nice girl. She’s also come from a good family with a good background. So, what are you thinking about? She’s the right girl for you.” Mrs.Choi said. Siwon sighed heavily, “Eomma, how many times I have to tell you that I don’t like her?! I can find the right girl by myself.”

Siwon looked at his mom with his tired face. Yeah, he was tired with all of this thing. He just wanted to be free to find a girl by himself, without the intervention of his mother. “Jebal eomma, let me decide my own decision. I’m old enough for that.” Siwon said before he walked out from the dining room. He had not even finished eating.







Sooyoung kept holding Kyuhyun’s arm during the party. Looked like she wanted to show off to the people in the party that Kyuhyun was hers. While Kyuhyun, eventhough he wasn’t enjoyed the party unlike Sooyoung, but he kept stay cool and trying to feel comfortable.

“Oppa, what do you want to eat?” Sooyoung asked while she was staring at Kyuhyun. “Anything.” He replied shortly. “Arasso, wait here, ok! I’m gonna get you some food to eat.”
“Kyu oppa?”  Called someone to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun turned his head to see that person. “Seohyun?”

Seohyun smiled happily, “Ne. Long time no talk. Hmm, I thought you don’t like party.” Seohyun said to Kyuhyun. “Yeah I don’t , but Sooyoung does like it.”

“Oh, so you’re here with her?”


There was a silent situation. Seohyun was busy trying to search something to talk to Kyuhyun about. While Kyuhyun, he didn’t even care about it. He just stood there waiting for Sooyoung to come back. Without Kyuhyun notice, Seohyun took a glance at him. In her heart, she kept praising the awesome guy who was standing next to her. That guy was none other than Cho Kyuhyun.

Sooyoung immediately walked back to Kyuhyun when she saw Seohyun was there too. She never like Seohyun. She hates her, because she knew that Seohyun was also like Kyuhyun.

“Oppa, here’s your food.” Sooyoung gave the plate to Kyuhyun. Then, she took a glance at Seohyun. “You’re here too.” She said with a flat tone. Seohyun smiled to her. “Ne. I’m here.”

“Hmm, oppa kaja! Let’s meet my friends there.”

Without waiting for Kyuhyun’s answer, Sooyoung immediately took his hand and dragged him from there. Seohyun looked at Sooyoung annoyed. ‘Cih, what a spoiled girl! She thinks Kyuhyun oppa likes her? Don’t dream too high Choi Sooyoung!’





(Hyoyeon’s POV)

It’s Sunday. So, I decide to go to Donghae’s house. His house isn’t far from mine. He lives there with his cousin, Jonghyun. That’s because his family are in Mokpo. I knock the door and not long after that the door is open.

“Hyoyeon noona!” Jonghyun greets me. I smile to him and greet him back, “Annyeong Jonghyun-ah! Donghae eodisso?” I ask him. “Donghae hyung is in the park now.” The brown hair guy told me.

“The park?”

“Ne. He’s there now.”

After thanked Jonghyun, I decide to go to the park. Maybe Donghae is still there. But, I kinda curious about it. What is he doing there? Because from what I knew, Donghae isn’t a type of person who likes to go to the park.

Once I get to the park, I look around to find him.

“Ah there he is!” I mumble happily when I see him from a far. I move my feet faster than before. But, I immediately stop my step when I realized that he isn’t alone there. YoonA is there too…

And what makes me more hurt is…

They’re hugging each other. Donghae even kissed the top of her head.

‘Wae Donghae-ya? Why are you doing this to me?!’ I scream in my heart. Tears starts to fall from my eyes. I never feel like this before. It’s the first time for me. And I swear to god this is really hurts!

Should I give up, Donghae-ya?

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-

4 tanggapan untuk “About Love (Part 1)

  1. suka ff ni chingu!
    cuma krg suka pairingnya aj
    krg dpt feel antara donghae ma hyo yeon
    ak suka HaeSica soalnya
    tp ffnya daebak kok!
    next chap ASAP ! =]

    1. hehe gomawo ya 😀
      hmm, mungkin kurang dapet feel-nya karena ini pairing baru kali ya. next part-nya ditunggu aja ya! ^^ Klo ngga sibuk pasti bkalan di update secepetnya 🙂

  2. untung kyu msh d pair sm soo haha (kyuyoung shipper)
    kasian sm kisah cinta mereka, semua karakter ceweknya d bikin jd yg paling cinta & cowoknya yg acuh. pertama kali baca ff yg ada 3 karakter kyk gini hehehe. menarik & bagus. lanjutkan….^^

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