Chapters · KyuYoung (Kyuhyun SooYoung)

About Love (Part 2)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Park Boyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Siwon
– Seo Joo Hyun
– Im YoonA
– Hwang Tiffany




“Wae? You seem not excited today.” Eunhyuk said as he was looking at his hoobae, Hyoyeon. The blonde girl just smiled while she was shaking her head. “Aniya oppa. I’m just tired with all of my homework. That’s all.” Answered Hyoyeon. Eunhyuk was still looking at her. He didn’t believe her so easily. He knew her quite well, and he believed that she wasn’t ok at all!

The practice’s room door was open and Donghae came into the room. Hyoyeon looked at him sadly, she remembered about what she saw in the park yesterday. Donghae and YoonA were… KISSING…

“Aigoo, where have you been fishy? We should start practice for our dance like a hour ago. But you just come late. AGAIN!” Eunhyuk said with an annoyed tone. He felt annoyed because Donghae came late to their practice for the several times.

Donghae laughed to see Eunhyuk’s reaction. “Haha, relax ok! I’m here now, so we can start the practice now.” He said with a smile on his bright face. And for once again, Hyoyeon felt nervous to see his smile like that. Hyoyeon’s heart was beating so fast until she was afraid if Donghae or Eunhyuk would hear it.

“Kajja Hyo-ah!”

“Ah… ne.”

‘Donghae-ya, why I can’t erase this feeling? I think I’m going to love you deeper than before if I don’t try to erase this feeling.’





(Boyoung’s POV)


I’m having dinner with Siwon oppa right now. But the situation between us seems so far from ‘Romantic’. The situation is so awkward and cold. Siwon oppa doesn’t say anything during the dinner. I know that it must be his family who forced him to having dinner with me, because I’m pretty sure that he won’t ever want to ask me for having dinner together. He hates me, remember?

I wonder what will happen to us if this situation keeps continue. I mean continue until we’re married. Our family already made a lot of plans for both of us, me and Siwon oppa. They even already talk about the marriage. To be honest, I’m totally happy about it. Because I love Siwon oppa, more than you could imagine. But the thing is he doesn’t love me. So, eventhough in the end we should marry it will just useless because Siwon oppa will never love me, not even a little.

I immediately look away when Siwon oppa caught me who was staring at him. He looks at me with his cold and sharp eyes. Seriously, it makes my heart beating so fast, until I feel it will comes out from my chest right away.

“Wae?” He asks with his cold tone. The tone that he only use when he’s talking to me. I just shake my head. “Aniya oppa.” I answer with a low tone.
And yeah, he’s back to his work, eating his food. Not even caring about the girl infront of him. Ahh, sometimes I feel tired with this kind of situation. I really want to end it. But unfortunately I can’t. Because I just realize that, I can’t live without him…


We’re just arrived in front of my house. Yeah, after the dinner we decided to go home. To tell the truth, I still want to be with him. But yeah you know exactly what happen between us, right?

“Oppa gomawo for today. Nan…”

“We’re here. Get out!” He says with a cold tone. He didn’t even let me to finish my word. I look at him sadly. “Arasso.” I reply. He just silent while his eyes are still looking at the road in front of us.


I close my open mouth with my right hand. I just can’t believe about what just I did! I KISSED SIWON OPPA on his cheek! Well, it maybe just on cheek but it still surprising. Not only me who’s surprised with that. Siwon oppa seems surprised. Without saying anything, I immediately get out from his car and run into my house.

“Aish jinjja! Babo Boyoung! Neo jeongmal baboya! How could I do that to him?” I mumble to myself. My hand keeps hitting my head. I feel worry now. I’m worry if he hates me more than before just because of that.

I don’t know why the hell I did that to him. It seemed like my body moved without any order.

Ottohke? I don’t have any courage to face him anymore.

(Boyoung’s POV End)






Choi and Cho family were busily talking about their son and daughter’s engaged. They seemed really interesting about this topic. Why? That’s because they already made a plan from a very start to pair their children up. Sooyoung couldn’t help but smile during the dinner. She felt extremely happy and also relieved. Yeah, because sooner or later, Kyuhyun will be hers.

It was differently from Kyuhyun. When everyone was talking happily, but he just silent and didn’t do anything during the dinner. He just looked at everybody in front of him with no expression. He felt empty inside his heart. For once again, he couldn’t do anything to fight for his own life. It seemed like everything was under his parent control. And all he could do was follow their order eventhough he didn’t like it.

Sooyoung who was realized about Kyuhyun’s flat expression, held his hand while she was smiling widely. “Oppa..” Sooyoung whispered with a spoiled tone. Kyuhyun took his hand away from her. And it made Sooyoung pouted. She couldn’t think anything to make him love him. She already use every way to make him love her, but it just useless. It just made him hate her even more.

“So, do you guys agree with the date of engagement? We can still change it if you want to.” Said Mr.Cho, Kyuhyun’s father, to Sooyoung and Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun just silent.

“Ne. Gwenchana ahjussi. Sooner is the best.” Sooyoung said with a small on her face. Kyuhyun turned his head to face Sooyoung. He looked at brunette girl beside him with no expression. Deep inside his heart, he really wanted to shout out loud and tell everyone that he didn’t want to engaged! He wanted to take a control of his own life.

But unfortunately, Kyuhyun didn’t dare to do it…

“Ok, then everything is settled.”





(Hyoyeon’s POV)

“Waeyo? Are you waiting for someone, Donghae-ya?” I ask Donghae because I see that he’s looking around, like he’s waiting for someone. And I wonder who’s the person that Donghae is waiting. Donghae takes a seat beside of me.

“Ne, I’m waiting for YoonA. She said that she wanted to stop by and see our dance rehearsal.”

“Oh.” I force a smile to him. Ah, I should have known that he’s waiting for YoonA. Who else can make him waiting except YoonA? Because from what I knew, Donghae doesn’t like waiting. Who likes it anyway?

“Donghae-ya.” Someone calls Donghae with a soft tone. Me and Donghae turn our head to the door. Because the voice comes from the door. And there she is, Standing infront of the door with a smile on her face. She looks… feminine and elegant. Not forget to mention pretty. She’s really Donghae’s type.

She’s like the whole packedge. Unlike me…

Donghae walks toward YoonA, “Why so late? I thought you wouldn’t come.” He says. YoonA smiles softly, “Mianhe. There’s something that I should take care first.”

“Gwenchana. The important thing is you’re here now.” Donghae says with a soft tone. I bite my lips to hold back the pain. Yeah, it’s hurting me to see them like that. Why do I have to feel like this?

Donghae holds YoonA’s hand and he brings her in front of me. Like it or not I should pretend like I’m so glad to meet this girl, YoonA. “Annyeong Hyoyeon-ssi.” YoonA greets me. “Annyeong YoonA-ssi.”

“Ok,  I hope both of you can get along together. YoonA-ya, now sit and watch your awesome guy dancing!”
YoonA laughs. “Aigoo, you’re so confident Hae-ya.”

Donghae back to dancing with Eunhyuk and some other people, while I’m here.. sitting side to side with this girl. I take a glance to the girl next to me. She’s wearing a pink dress with a white cardingan. She’s wearing a pink flat shoes, and her hair is really pretty.

I bite my lips and I look at myself.

‘Huh, I’m nothing to compared with her…’

And now, like it or not I should admit that…

She’s the perfect girl for Donghae…

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)






“Ya, neo gwenchana?” Asked one of Boyoung’s friend, Jihyun. She felt weird when she saw Boyoung wasn’t cheerful like usual and she also seemed nervous.

“Jihyun-ah, ottohke?” Boyoung asked with a desperate tone, making her bestfriends felt more curious about her attitude. “Ottohke wae?” Jihyun asked while she was looking at Boyoung. Gayoon and Jiyoon also paid attention to Boyoung.

“I…i…” Boyoung couldn’t continue her sentence. She felt doubt rather to tell it to her friends or not. But then she decided to tell it to her friends. Who knows if she tell it to her friends then she will feel more relieve.

“You what?” Asked Gayoon.

“I… I kissed Siwon oppa on the cheek last night.” Boyoung said quickly, barely taking breath. She said it with one breath. Her friends, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Jihyun couldn’t help but felt shock to hear Boyoung’s statement. It hard for them to believe it. Because they knew that Boyoung is a shy girl type, so there’s no way she would do that. But hearing it from Boyoung’s mouth made them believe eventhough hard.


“No way…”

Her friends couldn’t hide their surprised. They were still looking at her with disbelief stares.

“Ya geumanhe! Don’t look at me like that.”

“Mianhe. It just hard to believe that you…”

“Ara! I’m such a babo!” Boyoung said with a sad tone as she was bowing her head. “Now I’m sure that Siwon oppa hates me even more than before.” She sighed heavily when she remember about it.

Gayoon patted her hand. “Aniya, don’t say like that! Beside, I think it was a normal thing to do since you’re both are couple.”

“But he doesn’t love me, remember?”

“But you have to fight for your love.” Jiyoon said.

“Or leave him, and find another guy.” Added Jihyun. Yeah, this girl often told Boyoung to give up and find another guy. Because she felt sad everytime she saw how cold Siwon to Boyoung.

Hearing that again from Jihyun made Boyoung smile sadly. “I can’t. I love him too much.” She mumbled softly. “Eventhough he never look at me and never notice me, but I still love him. Because I know that he’s the one for me and I’m the one for him.”





Boyoung and her friends came into the café near their campus. While they were looking for a table, without on purpose Jihyun saw Siwon. He was sitting near the big window. But the thing is…

He wasn’t alone!

He was with a girl, a pretty one. Jihyun immediately held Boyoung’s hand and whispered to her. “Is that Siwon oppa?” She whispered while her eyes was looking at the handsome guy, Siwon. Boyoung followed Jihyun’s eyes. And there he is! He was talking with a girl. They seemed really close, because they were laughing and smiling to each other. That made Boyoung’s heart hurt because Siwon never treat her nicely like that. She felt jealous.

“Nugu? Do you know her, Youngie-ya?” Gayoon couldn’t help but ask to Boyoung about it. Boyoung just shook her head as the answer. But actually, without waiting for Boyoung’s answer, Gayoon and also the others girls were sure that Boyoung didn’t know that girl. They could see by her reaction.

“Kaja! I don’t feel like eating anymore.” Boyoung walked out from the café, followed by her friends.

‘Who’s that girl, oppa? Why do you can treat her nicely? Why can’t you treat me like the way you treat her?’




-To Be Continued-

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  1. A.K.H.I.R.N.Y.A~~~~~
    ish,, tulisan TBC bikin nyesek!!!
    semua cwek disini ngalamin hal yg sama! cinta brtepuk sebelah tangan~~
    lajutannya update soon~~!!

    1. keke mian ya lama update-nya. Abis bru selesai ujian, jd roh nulis fanfic blm terkumpul semua #Plaak

      iyaa, biar galau gitu chingu. makanya semuanya dibikin cinta bertepuk sebelah kaki eh tangan :p

      aduh ngga janji bkalan update secepatnya. soalnya bklan hiatus lumayan lama nih, sekitar 2 minggu-an. maklum kan udh waktunya libur 😀

      Ditunggu aja lanjutannya, ok 😀

  2. yahhhhh
    *nyempil dipojokan nangis
    udh liburan yah ?
    ak dr april kmrn ud lulus,, skrg jd pengangguran nunggu masuk kuliahann
    met berlibur deh chingu~

    1. haha aigoo jgn nangis donk chingu, ntr ak oleh2-in Donghae oppa mau ngga? *Kyu punya aku soalnya* #Plaak :p

      Iya nih, makanya mau refreshing dlu. skalian bersemedi, kali aja dpt inspirasi buat nulis FF yg lebih bgus XD

      haha, gomawo yaa 😀

  3. aku udah cukup pny monyet kok
    *nunjuk2 eunhyuk*
    tapi donghae jg blh~~
    biar monyetku punya temen #plakk
    semoga dapat inspirasi segudang biar bisa bikin ff baru terutama kyuyeon *jiwa shipper kumat*

  4. akhirnya muncul jg part 2 nya.
    makin nyakitin hati ya kelakuan para namja nya. bikin yeoja nya sedih, sampe yg baca jg ikutan ngerasain
    part kyuyoung nya kurang bnyk… X-(
    next part kyuyoung nya banyakin y hehe
    d tunggu part 3 nya 😉

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