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Your Smile (Part 12)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : Your Smile
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Taeyeon
– Seo Joo Hyun




Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung deeply, and then he repeated again his sentence to Sooyoung.

“Nan Jeongmal Saranghae Sooyoung-ah… Please accept me.” Said Kyuhyun again. He really hoped that Sooyoung will accept his feeling to her.

“I…I… i cant Kyuhyun-ah..” Answered Sooyoung while she was bowing her head.

“Why??!” Asked Kyuhyun as he was looking at Sooyoung with a sad face. He was really disappointed because of Sooyoung’s rejection.

“………” Sooyoung just silent and didn’t say anything. Honestly, deep inside in her heart she also felt disappointed about her own decision. But then she realized that her decision was right, because she still thinking about Donghae. She still loved him, and there is no way that she could forget him and their memories together.

“Is it because of Donghae? Your ex- boyfriend? Do you still love him?” Asked Kyuhyun again as he looked at Sooyoung.

Sooyoung felt surprised because she didn’t expect that Kyuhyun will ask those question to her.

“Hh..how.. do you know about Donghae?” Asked Sooyoung without answering Kyuhyun’s question first.

“Siwon told me about that. Im sorry if i make you remember about that again. But you have to know that i didn’t mean to meddle in your businesss.”

“I just want to know you better. Because… because i love you Sooyoung-ah…” Added Kyuhyun again.

“Jebal.. let me prove it how much i love you! Let me stay by your side! And i promise that i will protect you no matter what happen.”

Kyuhyun hold both of Sooyoung’s hands and then he kissed them softly.

Sooyoung looked at him while she was still thinking about what should she do.

“Donghae-ah, what if i accept him to be my boyfriend? Will you mad at me?”

Sooyoung faintly heared a whisper. “I won’t mad at you.. If he will make you happy, then i’ll be happy too.”

“Gomawo Donghae-ah..” Said Sooyoung softly as she smiled and then she face Kyuhyun.

“If you can make me happy and also protect me… then you should prove it to me.” Said Sooyoung to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun looked at her with a disbelief face. “That means… you..”

“Yeah,, i accept you as my boyfriend” Said Sooyoung with a smile on her face. The smile which is Kyuhyun likes.

Without Saying anything Kyuhyun hugged her tightly. He felt really happy, until he felt it hard to breathe because of happiness.

“Gomawo Sooyoung-ah… Jeongmal Gomawo..”







(Kyuhyun’s POV)

“So, you guys are dating right now?” Asked Siwon with a disbelief tone to me.

“Ne, Waeyo?”

“Aniyaa, i just can’t believe that you could make her to accept you. I mean.. you know that she always acts cold around people especially guys. It just hard to believe that you guys are dating now.” Said Siwon.

“But it doesn’t matter. Im happy for you guys. And i just hope that you can always make her happy, because all i wanted is to see her happy.” Added Siwon again as he smiled to me.

I smiled back to him. “Don’t worry Siwon-ah! I promise to you that i’ll always make her happy and also protect her. You can trust me.” I said to Siwon while i looked at Sooyoung who is sleeping peacefully on the bed.



“Oppa…” Called Seohyun to me.

“Seohyun, what are you doing here?” I asked her with a curious tone.

“Of course im here to study. What a silly question!” Said Seohyun with a spoiled tone while she is smiling to me.

Seriously, im kinda surprise when she said that she’s here for study. Don’t tell me that…

“From now on, i will study here. And that means, we can always meet each other like everyday.” Added her again while she’s showing her aegyo to me.

Seriously, her aegyo make me sick! And she will study here?? Gosh! It means that she will always gonna disturb me.

“Oppa, don’t you happy?” Asked her to me.

“Ehmm.. Yah. Welcome to Shinwa university Seohyun-ah.” After I said that to her, I walk away immediately from her.

“Yaaa oppa! Wait for me!” Shouted her again as she’s trying to catch me.

“God! I think today is the last day of my happiness in this campus.”

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)






(Sooyoung’s POV)

Warm… So warm…

It feels so good. I’ve never been in this situation since Donghae died. I think my decision was right. Having Kyuhyun as my namjachingu is a wonderful thing.

“Kyuhyun-ah.. gomawo for everything.” I said to Kyuhyun who is hugging me from behind now.

“Don’t say that. I should be the one who said that to you. Gomawo for letting me be your boyfriend.” Said Kyuhyun. And then he turns my body to face him. Slowly, his face come closer to mine. I immediately close my eyes, honestly im so nervous right now.


I feel something warm and soft press my forehead. I open my eyes and I see Kyuhyun smiles to me.

“Wae? Did you think that im gonna kiss your lips?” Asked him while he shows me his evil smile.

“Yaa! Of course not!” I said back to him as im trying to hide my blushing face.

“Hahaha.. Don’t deny it! I know you want me.” Said Kyuhyun again while he’s laughing.

“What ever!” I said to him. When im about to walk away from him, he holds my hand and then pulls me into his arms. He hugs me again..

“Don’t go! Please let’s us stay like this for awhile.” Said Kyuhyun as he’s hugging me tightly.

I can smell his parfume, it smells like lemon.. And I really love it…

“Hey! Why don’t you live here, Sooyoung-ah?”

“Aniii.. I don’t want to disturb you. Beside, I can live with Siwon oppa.”

“You won’t disturb me Sooyoung. I really want to see you everyday. If you live here that’s gonna be easy right?!” Said Kyuhyun again.


“You don’t want to live with me, your namjachingu?” Asked Kyuhyun with a sad face.

“Aigoo.. of course I want to live with you. It just.. ahh I’ll think about it first.” I give up to him.

His face turns so bright, and he kisses my forehead again.

“Gomawo Sooyoung-ah!” He said happily to me.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)






Sooyoung and Kyuhyun walked side by side at Han River. They smiled happily while they were holding each other hands.

But they had no idea that there was someone who was following them and looking at them with a jealous face.

“So, she’s your girlfriend now? Just because of her you could leave me.” Mumble that person.

“You know what? I won’t let you be with that bitch! Because you are MINE…”Said that person while looking at them sharply.




-To Be Continued-



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