Chapters · KyuYoung (Kyuhyun SooYoung)

About Love (Part 3)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Park Boyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Siwon
– Seo Joo Hyun
– Im YoonA
– Hwang Tiffany


Kyuhyun and Sooyoung’s engagement party had just finished well. Cho and Choi family were really happy and greatful because they could pair their childrens up, just like what they wanted. Sooyoung was also felt the same way, she was extremely happy because finally she could make Kyuhyun to be hers. If Sooyoung felt extremely happy, then it was really different with Kyuhyun. He didn’t feel happy at all!

Sooyoung looked at the guy next to her secretly. She knew exactly that the guy, who was sitting next to her, wasn’t enjoyed the party. He didn’t even say anything during the party. And even now, when they were sitting side by side in the car, on their way to go home.

Kyuhyun kept looking at the window, like there’s something interesting outside the window. He seemed like he was thinking about something.

And again, Sooyoung could only take a glance at her fiancée secretly. ‘I know you hate this. Mianhe, but I can’t let you go. I know that I’m so selfish, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I love you so much, Kyuhyun-ah…’

Kyuhyun who was just realized that Sooyoung was looking at him, turned his head to face her. He looked at her with his sharp and cold eyes, making the beautiful girl felt a little bit nervous and afraid at the same time.

“Wae?” Kyuhyun asked with his cold tone.


Kyuhyun turned his head again as soon as he heard Sooyoung’s answer. Sooyoung could only sigh heavily to see his fiancée attitude. And like it or not, she should accept that…

Her Fiance… Doesn’t Like Her!



“Kyuhyun oppa?” Asked someone to Kyuhyun, making the tall guy turned his body. It was Seohyun. She smiled widely to Kyuhyun while she was walking closer to him. “I knew it was you.” Seohyun smiled.

“Are you here alone?” She asked again.


Seohyun offered her hand to Kyuhyun. “Chukkae for your engaged.” She said. “I’m so sorry because I couldn’t come to your special day.”


“Hmm, Are you busy today? I want to treat you for lunch. Yeah, it’s my apology because I didn’t come to your engagement party.”

Kyuhyun seemed thinking for a while. To be honest, he didn’t want to accept Seohyun’s offer. He knew that Seohyun likes him. He just didn’t want to give any hope to her if in the end he couldn’t accept her feeling.

“Jebal oppa…” Seohyun’s said with a hopeful face.


Seohyun smiled widely when she heard Kyuhyun’s answer. In her heart, she kept wondering if Kyuhyun was starting to like her. Yeah, she knew that she was kinda stupid because she kept hoping like that. But once again, that was all because of love. So, there’s nothing wrong about it. Eventhough Kyuhyun already engaged with Sooyoung, but it doesn’t mean that Seohyun can’t take him away from Sooyoung. Especially when Seohyun knew something important…

Kyuhyun was never love Sooyoung!


(Boyoung’s POV)

I can’t help but thinking about that girl. I wonder who she is. And what’s her relationship with Siwon oppa? Why does Siwon oppa treat her nicely? Waeyo?!
Should I ask about that girl to Siwon oppa?

Aish! Don’t be such a babo, Park Boyoung! There’s no way Siwon oppa will answer your stupid question. In fact, that will only make him hates you even more.


“Ne eomma. Waeyo?”

“Here!” My mom hands me a bundle. “Give this to Siwon’s mother.” She says when I’m taking the bundle from her hands. “Jigeum?” I ask while I’m looking at my mother. I hope that I don’t have to give this bundle by myself, because I don’t want to meet Siwon oppa now. Because if I come to his house to give this to his mother, there’s a big possibility for me to meet him there.


Great! Now, like it or not I should come to his house. Ah, I hope he’s not home when I’m there.


“Ne?” I look at my mom with a question look.

“You seem not excited to go to Siwon’s house. Aren’t like you usually.”

I just smile sadly. Yeah, you’re right mom. I’m not excited today and it’s all because of that girl. That mysterious girl. But what can I say? I don’t want to give any burden to you. It’s my problem and I’m the one who should solve it.

“Aniyo.” I smile to her. “Eomma, I think I should go now before it’s late.”

“Ne, be careful ok.”



“Aigoo Boyoung-ah, jeongmal gomawo for this.”

“Ne ahjumma.” I smile to Mrs.Choi.

Right before I want to go home, Siwon’s mother calls me and ask me to wake Siwon up. Huh, I think fate doesn’t want me to run away from Siwon oppa. I finally go upstairs to his room. I put my hand on the door knob, and open it slowly. I step my feet inside his room. His room is so big and comfortable. There are a lot of books on the bookshelf which is placed in the corner of his room. I look around at his room and my eyes stop at the king size bed.

There he is. My Siwon is sleeping peacefully on his bed. I step closer to his bed. I can’t help but smile when I see his sleeping face. He looks so calm, peaceful, and… warm. Without I can control, my finger start to explore his awesome face. Seriously, I can’t stop loving him how hard I’ve tried. He’s like a drug for me. And I’m addicted with him.

I feel shock when someone push my hand away. It’s Siwon!

“What are you doing here?” He looks at me coldly. I swallow my saliva with difficulty. His sharp and cold eyes feels like stabbing me with no mercy. “I… I’m here… hmm… your mother told me to wake you up.” I stammer while I’m bowing my head. I’m too afraid to face him.

“I’m awake. You can go now.” He says with a cold tone.

Again, why do you always use that tone to me, oppa? Aren’t you tired talking to me in that way? Who am I to you, oppa? Am I just a speck of dust for you?

(Boyoung’s POV End)


(Hyoyeon’s POV)

I see him there. He’s sitting under the tree. But, why does he look so upset? Is there something bothering him?

I walk closer to where Donghae sit. Once I’m closer to him, Donghae turns his face and he gives me a small smile. Donghae moves his body a little, so I can sit next to him.

“Gwenchana?” I ask while I’m looking at his face.

“Ani.” He answers.

“What’s wrong, Donghae-ya?”

“It’s about YoonA. I think she’s hiding something from me.”

Ah, it’s about her again. No wonder you look so depress Donghae-ya.

“Hiding something?” I look at Donghae, waiting for his answer. Donghae sighs and nods his head. Once he starts to talking, I can hear that his voice full of sadness. And to be honest, hearing his sadness voice also makes me hurt. It’s like I also can feel the sadness inside him.

“I think she doesn’t love me anymore.. Ah, ani… the truth is… she never love me…”

“Mwo?” My eyes grow bigger when I hear his statement. “She accepted me because she’s pity me, not because she loves me.” Donghae smile sadly. “Don’t think something like that Donghae-ya! That’s must be only your thought. I know that YoonA also love you as much as you do. It just…”

“Aniyo Hyo. That’s the truth.”

There’s a silent situation between us, right after Donghae’s statement. Neither me and Donghae don’t have something to talk about. We’re busy with own mind. But then, Donghae’s question makes me jolt.


“Have you ever loved someone whom never love you back?” He asks. I feel nervous to answer his question. Donghae turns his head to face me. I realize that I have to answer it, cuz he’s waiting for my answer. “Have you?” He asks again.

“Ani. I haven’t.” I lie to him.

I lied Donghae-ya… the truth is I also feel the same way like you now. Loving someone that would never love you back. But the differences between us is YoonA might love you someday. I bet that, because you’re a very good person. But me? I’m not sure that you will love me…’

“What love has to be so cruel like this, Hyo?” Donghae mumbles.


(Hyoyeon’s POV End)



Siwon was driving Boyoung home. No, that wasn’t because he wanted to. But that was because his mother told him to drive his fiancée home. Without Siwon knowing, the girl who was sitting next to him was having a battle with her own heart. Yeah, Boyoung was confused if she should ask Siwon about the mysterious girl or not.

Siwon’s car turned at the corner of Boyoung’s house, making the girl realize that her time was about to end. And finally, after having discussion with her heart, she decided to ask bout the girl.

“Oppa..” Called Boyoung when they arrived infront of her house. Siwon looked at her with no expression, just like usual. “Huh… I saw you with a girl the other day. Who is she, oppa?”

“That girl? She’s Tiffany… nae yeojachingu!”

“Mworago?” Boyoung’s eyes started to teary. Siwon smiled a little. He stared at Boyoung with his cold eyes. “I think you heard me clearly. Oh, should I repeat it again?” Siwon said. “Ok, listen carefully, SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND. You got it?”

Boyoung immediately wiped her tears which is fell down from her eyes. She bit her lips, hoping it would give her anymore strenght. “But… but I’m… I’m your fiancée, right?” She said almost like a whispered.

“For you. But not for me! I never think you as my fiancée. Now, since you already know the truth. Could you please cancel this stupid engagement?”

Without saying anything, Boyoung immediately get out from Siwon’s car. While Siwon, he just stared at Boyoung’s back with no expression. There was no regret on his face for making Boyoung hurt likethat. Because like everyone knows, he doesn’t care about her. Not even a little…



“Ya! Don’t say that you never had a kiss with Kyuhyun!”


“Mworago?! Yah, you never had a kiss with him?”

“What kinda of relationship is that? Are you guys really dating?”

That was Sooyoung conversation with her bestfriends, Jessica and Yuri, yesterday. Sooyoung couldn’t help but thinking about the conversation again. The conversation was about KISS. And her two bestfriends were totally surprised when they knew that Sooyoung never had a kiss with Kyuhyun. Not even on the cheek!

It’s actually not a surprise if we remember about Sooyoung true relationship with Kyuhyun. And the fact that Kyuhyun doesn’t love her. But still, the tall girl couldn’t help but thinking about it like all the time, since that day.

“Yah, I even already had my kiss with Junhyung oppa.” Said Jessica. Yuri also nodded her head. “Nado, I also had a kiss with Kibum oppa.” Yuri added.

“Is that necessary? I mean… the kiss?” Sooyoung looked at her two bestfriends, waiting for their answer. Jessica and Yuri looked at Sooyoung with a disbelief stare. “Neo micheosseo? Of course that’s important! No kiss no love. Arasso!” Yuri said knowledgeably.

“What are you doing here?” Asked a cold voice to Sooyoung, making Sooyoung back to reality. Sooyoung turned her head and saw Kyuhyun was looking at her coldly with his sharp eyes. And somehow, the conversation with Jessica and Yuri came again to her mind.

‘No Kiss No Love!’

“What are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked when Sooyoung touched his face and caressing it softly. “Oppa…”


-To Be Continued-

6 tanggapan untuk “About Love (Part 3)

  1. akhirnya publish jg part 3 nya. aduh… kpn sih para lelaki ini sadar ketulusan cinta para wanitanya?!?!
    makin kasian sama cinta sepihak mereka. mgkn sikap donghae gak bs d bilang jahat sama hyo, tp si siwon-kyuhyun X-(, bener2 makin tega
    kyknya emg bener yg dilakukan soo ke kyu, hrs d buktikan dgn ciuman hahahaha
    d tunggu part 4 nya 😉

    1. iya, yg paling ngeselin itu si abang Siwon x( Sok bgt mentang2 ganteng + kaya. Klo aku jd boyoung mah, udh ak tinggal dr dlu2 :p

      kkk that’s right chingu! Ciuman itu memang segalanya #plaak *author sableng*

      gomawo udh baca + komen chingu! ^^

  2. akhirnya part 3 nya update
    *tebar kembang*
    siwonnn -_-
    boyoung eonni cantik n unyu2 masih gk mau
    lanjutannya jgn lama2 yah~~
    next partnya dtggu~~

    1. beuuh, bukan sadis lg chingu, tp emang udh jd pria berdarah dingin *apaan sich -__-*
      Klo ak jd boyoung, bukan cm move on, keunde udh ak tendang si siwon ke laut selatan sana xD

      Yaah, tp namanya cinta mau dikata apa chingu? Biarpun sadis tp tetep cinta 🙂
      Gomawo udh komen ^^

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