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About Love (Part 4)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Park Boyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Siwon
– Seo Joo Hyun
– Im YoonA
– Hwang Tiffany


“What are you doing here?” Asked a cold voice to Sooyoung, making Sooyoung back to reality. Sooyoung turned her head and saw Kyuhyun was looking at her coldly with his sharp eyes. And somehow, the conversation with Jessica and Yuri came again to her mind.

‘No Kiss No Love!’

“What are you doing?” Kyuhyun asked when Sooyoung touched his face and caressing it softly. “Oppa…”


Kyuhyun’s eyes grew bigger as he felt something soft was pressing his lips. That was Sooyoung’s lips! Yeah, Sooyoung kissed him!

Sooyoung broke their kiss and then she bowed her head. In her heart, she kept cursing herself. ‘Babo Sooyoung! Why did you kiss him? Now you look like a girl without self-esteem!’ Sooyoung cursed herself. While Sooyoung was still busy with her thought, Kyuhyun just looked at her with no expression. To tell the truth, he was still surprised about the sudden kiss. And finally, without saying anything he just walked out from his room, leaving Sooyoung behind.

“Kyu oppa…” she mumbled as she watched his back.

Donghae was looking at the house in front of him. He didn’t understand why did he come to that house. He was in the bad mood. And thanks to his girlfriend, YoonA, who was success to made him felt that way.



“What are you doing here? Why don’t you just come in?” Hyoyeon asked as she was walking closer to where Donghae stood. Hyoyeon looked at Donghae’s face. “Neo gwenchana?” She asked carefully. Donghae shook his head. “Ani.” He answered.

“What happen with YoonA?”

Donghae looked at the blonde girl in front of him with a surprised look. “How do you know that it’s all about YoonA?” Hyoyeon smiled. “I don’t know. Maybe because I know you so well, Donghae-ya.” Hyoyeon said.

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Kajja! Let’s have a talk inside!”

‘Hyo-ya, why do I always feel comfortable whenever I’m around you? And I don’t understand why did my feet bring me here when I need something to make me calm.’ Donghae said in his heart.

(Boyoung’s POV)

“Boyoung-ah, why are you still here?” My mom asks. I look at her with a question look. “What do you mean, mom? I don’t get it.” I look at her, waiting for her answer.

“This is Saturday night, jagiya. Why don’t you have a date with Siwon?”

Have a date with Siwon? Hearing his name brings the pain back in my heart. My heart is still hurt because of his statement few days ago. When he said that he didn’t love me and the girl named Tiffany is his girlfriend.



“What’s wrong?” My mom asks with a soft tone while her hand stroked my hair softly. I bit my lips and give her a small smile. “Ani, eomma. It just that… ehm… I don’t feel like have a date now.” My mom looks at me, maybe she feels weird with my answer just now. “And also, Siwon oppa is busy with his works now. No time for date.” I add as i smile widely to my mom, just want to make sure that I’m definitely fine.



“Oh, glad that to her that.” My mom says in relieved. “I thought you and Siwon are fighting now.” Added my mom again.

“Ah ani… we’re good eomma.”

Huh, once again I have to lie to my mother about my relationship with Siwon. But how could I tell my parents that the engaged should be canceled, because Siwon oppa doesn’t love me and he already has a girlfriend? Ottohke? I don’t have any courage to tell them the truth.

(Boyoung’s POV End)


Sooyoung was walking alone when suddenly someone pulled her hand and dragged her to the corner of the University’s park.

“Ya! What the hell are you doing, Changmin?!”

Changmin was still holding Sooyoung’s hand. He stared at her with his sharp eyes. Sooyoung stared at him back. She didn’t feel afraid at all, eventhough Changmin was still holding her hand tight. Maybe if other girl, they would freak out if they’re facing this kind of situation.

“Is it true that you and Kyuhyun are officially fiancée now?” The tall guy, Changmin, was looking at Sooyoung deeply.

“Ne, that’s true.”

“Wae?! You know that I love you, right?” Changmin couldn’t hold his emotion anymore when he heard Sooyoung’s answer. Everyone, including Sooyoung knew how much he loves her. He’s been in love with her for years. But Sooyoung never gave him any response. And he kept waiting for her to open his heart for him, because he believed that someday, Sooyoung would look at him. But now, what he gets?! Nothing! He got nothing after waiting for her love for years.

“But I don’t love you.” Sooyoung said.

Changmin looked at Sooyoung sadly. There was sorrow in his eyes. He didn’t say anything instead he just looked at the brunette girl in front of him with his disappointed face.

“Now, could you please let me go? I have something better to do.” Sooyoung said as she release her hand from Changmin’s grip. But, before Sooyoung could go any far, Changmin immediately pulled her hand again and he slammed Sooyoung’s slim body to the wall. “Argh…” Sooyoung moaned.

Changmin put both of his hands on the wall behind Sooyoung. So that he could locked her body. Sooyoung began to feel afraid, because the guy in front of him wasn’t like Changmin she used to know. She never saw this hidden side of Changmin.

“Cancel the engagement!” He said coldly. Sooyoung shook her head in fear. “Sirheo! I love him. I love Kyuhyun. So you better leave me alone!”




“Stay away from my fiancée!”

Sooyoung looked at the person in front of her with disbelief stare. “Kyuhyun oppa…” She mumbled.

Changmin wiped the blood on his lips. He looked at Kyuhyun coldly. “She’s mine.” He said. Kyuhyun gave him a smirk. “Are you sure? Because from what I knew, she’s my fiancée and she loves me. Not you!”

“YA!” Changmin was about to hit Kyuhyun. Sooyoung closed her eyes in fear, she was afraid about what would happen next. But before Changmin could hit Kyuhyun’s face, Kyuhyun grabbed his hand and he kicked his stomach until Changmin fell on the ground. Changmin moaned in pain. Kyuhyun came near him and he grabbed his collar. “Neo, I warn you to never ever come near my fiancée again. If you still come near her, I’ll make sure you’ll get more than this.” Kyuhyun said coldly as he was looking at him with his sharp eyes.

Changmin couldn’t do anything, he was too weak. He could only watch in silent when Kyuhyun grabbed Sooyoung’s hand and brought her away from there.

(Sooyoung’s POV)

Am I dreaming now? Was it true that Kyuhyun oppa just helped me back there? Gosh, it feels like a dream for me!

I turn my head and look at Kyuhyun oppa who was walking next to me. My eyes look down and see that he’s still holding my hand. This is the first time he’s holding my hand since we’re dating. Does it mean a good sign? Well, I hope so…


“Ah, ne. Gomawo. If you weren’t there, I don’t know what will happen to me. Jeongmal gomawo Kyuhyun oppa…” I thanked him. He looked at me with his beautiful eyes. “No need to thank me. You’re my fiancée, it’s my job to protect you.” He answers, making me gasp in surprised. “Did… did you just… did you just say that I’m your fiancée?” I stammer.


I stop my step and look at him with disbelief stare. Kyuhyun turns his body to face me. “Waeyo? There’s something wrong?” He ask.

“You just say that I’m your fiancée.”

“Ne. You’re my fiancée. Look Sooyoung, I know that the beginning of our relationship wasn’t great at all. But now, since we’re engaged, sooner or later we’re going to married, right? So I think… it’s time for me to learn how to love you as much as you love me.”

I can only look at his in surprised. I still don’t believe about what I just heard just now.

“Soo-ya… can you please teach me how to love you?”

His final sentence was success to bring out the tears from my eyes. I don’t bother to answer his question, instead I just hug him tightly. I guess without I answer his question he already knew what my answer is.

Kyuhyun hugs me back. “I take it as a yes…” He smiles.

(Sooyoung’s POV End)

“Let’s break up, Donghae-ya…”

“Mwo?” Donghae looked at the girl in front of him with his disbelief face. He couldn’t believe about what just he heard from the girl’s mouth. YoonA’s eyes showed that she was really sorry for Donghae. She didn’t want to hurt his feeling, but she didn’t have another choice. She knew that she had to say it. For their own sake.

“But… why? Did I do something wrong?”

“Ani Hae-ya… you didn’t do anything wrong. But… I just realize that I can’t lie to myself again. I…”

“You never love me, don’t you?”

YoonA gasped in surprise. “Ani Donghae-ya! How could you say that?” Donghae smile sadly while his eyes kept looking at YoonA. “Because that’s the truth…” He said.

Tears was falling from YoonA’s eyes. “Mianhe…” she said almost like a whisper. “Mianhe because I hurt your feeling… jeongmal mianheyo…” YoonA bowed her body and after that, she walked out from the place, leaving Donghae behind. Donghae could only sighed heavily as he watched the girl, whom he loved the most, was going far from him. Without Donghae realized, his cheek was already wet because of his tears.

“I guess this is a goodbye. I should start to forget you…”

“I’m going to marry…”


“Mianhe Siwon-ah…”

Siwon giggled. “Nice joke.” He said. Tiffany, the girl who was sitting in front of him, just looked at him with her sad face. And that makes Siwon realize that everything she just said wasn’t joke. It was true…

“You…” Siwon couldn’t say anything. It just too much for him to handle. “Mianhe. My parents already pair me up with their friends son.” Tiffany said with a sad tone as she was looking at Siwon. While Siwon, he just looked at Tiffany with no expression.

“You can reject it if you don’t want to.”

“I can’t! You know that my daddy isn’t a person who could easily change his mind. He won’t ever change his mind!”

Siwon ruffled his hair frustrated. “So what now? If you don’t want to reject the engaged, then what now?!” Siwon asked with frustrated tone. Tiffany took a deep breathe and then she said, “I wanna break up…”


“Mianhe Siwon-ah, I don’t have another choice. I have to do this. I don’t want to let my parents down. They really want me to marry with John.”

“But how about us?! Don’t you ever think how would I feel?!”

“Mianhe… I hope you can understand.”

“Ani, I won’t understand! This is stupid! This is insane!”

Tiffany cried. “Jebal, don’t be like this! You make me hard to do this.”

Siwon touched Tiffany’s hand and he hold it tight. “Kaja, let’s meet your parents then tell them to cancel the marriage.” Siwon pulled Tiffany’s hand and dragged her to follow him. “Stop Siwon! Please understand me. Please respect my decision! Jebalyo…” Tiffany said. Siwon looked at her. There was sorrow and anger in his eyes. And slowly, he released Tiffany’s hand from his grip.

“Mianhe Siwon-ah…”

“…. So… this is goodbye, huh?” He mumbled sadly.

‘Why does it have to be hurt like this? It’s so hurt…’

-To Be Continued-



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9 tanggapan untuk “About Love (Part 4)

    1. iya chingu, abis capek juga kalau terus bergalau ria XD tapi kyknya ini masih jauh dr ending deh. semoga ngga bosen yah ama cerita ini (:

      gomawo atas komennya ^^

  1. akhirnya ada juga lanjutannya. lanjutin lagi dong ceritanya. jangan lama-lama bikin ga sabar udang aku tungguin. aku mau tau cerita lanjutannya siwon sama booyoung kaya gimana, soalnnya paling nyesek ceritanya. semangat author

  2. huwah… yeay… akhirnya kyu mulai mencoba buat cinta sama soo. kyknya gara2 ciuman soo XD. I love them…
    yah… emg takdir donghae disini tuh sama hyo, bkn sm yoona. sabar ya hae 🙂
    nah kan siwon ngerasain gmn rasanya ditinggalin. emg siwon jodohnya disini sama boyoung. gak sama fanny dulu. lg bernasib sama kyk donghae hahah
    kyknya semua mulai bkln balik kepasangan masing2 nih. yg penting yg bagian kyuyoung dibikin yg paling romantis hahaha. permintaan seorang knights XD

  3. Eh ini jg ad d AFF jg kan? ._.

    Ak bru baca kemaren yg AFF dr reko temen d twitter, cm ak g punya akun AFF 😦

    search google malah nyangkut url.a
    ak komennya d sini aja y, hehe

    i love your story from the start til now. Uhm, maybe it just because i cant make english ff /fti -,

    but believe me, i’m just like kyuyoung not same as i love kyumin or kyuhae and ur story has caught me to be a knight now ._.

    Ai, i know you dont care about that but your stories were became my list awaited ffs 😀

    and i’m sure indo’s author on AFF–esp kyuyoung–didn’t reached 10 or minus of that ._.v

    I’M TO YOU, KAY! \m/

    1. iya, ni yg ada di AFF (:
      gomawo ya udh baca FF ini. I really appreciate it (:
      seneng bgt rsanya klo ada yg suka sama cerita aku. Apalagi smpe jd Knight! 😀 *tebar bunga bareng Kyuyoung*

      Once again, thanks so much for support this story and also for the compliment. Seriously, i really appreciate it 😀

      tetep baca FF ini yaa… smpe ketemu di part selanjutnya ^^

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