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About Love (Part 6)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Drama, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Park Boyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Siwon
– Seo Joo Hyun
– Hwang Tiffany
– Lee Eunhyuk



(Hyoyeon’s POV)

Since that time, the day when I confessed my feeling to Donghae, he always avoids me. If we meet, Donghae will act like he doesn’t see me. I know that he’s trying to avoid me. But why? If he doesn’t like me, he can just say that. He doesn’t have to avoid me like this. It hurts…

Just like today, when we met at the library. I smiled to him, but he just walked away like he didn’t see me or I could say like didn’t know me. He’s acting like I’m a stranger to him.

Is my feeling a burden for you, Donghae?

“Aish! Where’s Donghae?” Eunhyuk oppa asks as he’s trying to call Donghae through the phone. I just shake my head, I don’t know where he is. Maybe he won’t come because of me? Yeah, I think he’s avoiding me again.

“Maybe he won’t come…” I mumble sadly.

“Wae? The competition will start soon. We have to practice more.”

“That was just my thought.”

Eunhyuk oppa walks closer to me and then he takes a seat right next to me. He looks at me deeply. “Wae?” I ask him. He smiles to me, showing his famous gummy smile. “I’m the one who should ask you that. What happen between you and Donghae? You both seems really weird these days. And for some reasons, I see that both of you are acting like stranger to the each other.”

I sigh, “I don’t, but he does.” I answer with a weak tone while my eyes keep staring the floor, not daring to look at Eunhyuk oppa. I just don’t want him to see me being weak like this. Especially with my red eyes.

Eunhyuk oppa still looks at me deeply. “Did something big happen between you two?” He asks again.

I sigh heavily. “Yeah, something really big…”

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)





Sooyoung couldn’t help but yawn in the middle of her class. She was too tired to read the formulas on the whiteboard, while Mr.Kim, her teacher, kept writing his awesome formula on the board. She didn’t even care that the formulas on the board was success to make her students sleepy and bored.

“Aigoo, I’m sleepy…” Sooyoung said after she yawned for the uncounted time. Yuri who was sitting next to Sooyoung also nodded her head, agreed with Sooyoung’s statement. “Nado.” Yuri said.

“This is boring… I miss my bed…” Added Yuri.

Right after Yuri said that, the bell rang, which meant that time to go home.

“Ah finally! Thanks god!” Sooyoung smiled happily like there was no tomorrow. Not only her actually, but almost all of the students in the class also did the same thing as her.

“Are you going home alone?”

“Ne. I think Kyuhyun oppa is already home since he doesn’t have any class this evening.”

Sooyoung and Yuri walked toward the class door. They were talking to each other when Yuri suddenly stopped talking. She gave a sign to Sooyoung, making the tall girl confused. Sooyoung looked at Yuri with a question look. “Look who is here!” Yuri smiled as she pointed her chin to Sooyoung’s back. Sooyoung turned her body and she saw Kyuhyun there!

“Kyuhyun oppa?” Sooyoung mumbled with disbelief tone. Yuri just smiled to see her bestfriend reaction. “I guess he couldn’t let you go home by yourself, especially at this time.”

“Go!” Told Yuri as she pushed Sooyoung’s body softly.

“Oppa, you’re here…”

“Ne. Kajja!” Kyuhyun grabbed Sooyoung’s hand and held it. Sooyoung’s heart was beating so fast as soon as Kyuhyun’s hand touched hers. She could feel that her face was blushing, almost like a tomato.

“Why are you here oppa? If I’m not wrong, you don’t have any class this evening, right?” Sooyoung asked.

“To pick you up, of course.” He replied shortly. Sooyoung smiled secretly. She knew that Kyuhyun must be worry about her, that was why he came to pick her up. There was no way he would let her go home by herself. And to knew that fact, Sooyoung couldn’t help but feel extremely happy.





(Boyoung’s POV)

Knock knock knock

“Come in.” Says the voice from inside the room. I open the door, then walk into the room. As soon as I step in Siwon’s oppa office room, he looks at me with his sharp eyes.

“Wae?” He asks with his cold tone, just like usual. You know what, I’m kinda use to his cold tone. So maybe I will miss it if I don’t hear it again someday. I walk closer to his desk and sit in front of him.

“Here is it…” I say while I put the lunch box on his desk. He just looked at me with no expression. “I know you’re busy, so you must be don’t have time to eat, right?” I say with a soft tone while I’m smiling to him. I keep begging in my heart that he will accept the lunch box. ‘Jebal… please for this time…’

Slowly, his hand touch the lunch box. I can’t hide my smile when I finally see him takes the lunch box.

“Gomawo.” He thanked me.

I blinked my eyes for a few times, feel surprise about the fact that he just thanked me for the first time! “Ne, cheonmaneyo oppa…”

I look at him while I’m still smiling. Nice progress! This is the first time that he accepted my lunch box. Usually, he would reject it and pretend that he already ate. But this time is different, which is totally good!

“Ok then, I better go home now so you can continue your work. Don’t forget to eat that, ok!” I smile to him. Right before open the door, I turn my body to face him. “Oppa?” I call him. He looked at me with his cold expression.


(Boyoung’s POV End)





Donghae was about to sit on the bench at the campus’s garden. But then his foot step stopped immediately when he saw Hyoyeon also sat there. He turned his body and ready to go. Hyoyeon who saw that without waiting for any longer, ran to him and held his wrist.

“Wait Donghae!”

Donghae looked at her awkwardly. “Um… mianhe Hyo-ya, I have to go now.” He released Hyoyeon’s hand from his wrist and immediately walked away, leaving the blonde girl behind. Hyoyeon could only watched his back in silent. She bit her lower lips as tears fell down from her eyes. “Why are you avoiding me, Donghae-ya? You don’t know how hurt is it.”





From : Siwon Oppa

Do you have time tonight?

Boyoung blinked her eyes for a few times, she still couldn’t believe about what she just saw. ‘Did Siwon oppa just send me this message?’ A small but beautiful smile appeared from her lips. Without wait for any longer the tiny girl, Boyoung, immediately pressed the reply button.

To : Siwon Oppa

Yes, of course oppa. Waeyo?


From : Siwon oppa

I have two tickets for Musical Drama from my friend, so I was wondering if you could go out with me. But it’s ok if you can’t.

“Kyaaaa! Siwon oppa asked me to go out tonight!!!” Boyoung screamed in happiness when she read the message from Siwon. Jihyun and Gayoon just laughed to see their bestfriend reaction. “Yeah yeah, we know how happy you are now. But could you please act normal? Remember, we’re still in the café.” Said Jihyun, while Gayoon just laughed. Boyoung’s eyes grew bigger. She just realized that she was still in the café. And yeah, when she turned her face, everyone was looking at her, like she was an interesting object to look at.

“Omo!” Boyoung covered her face with her both hand, felt extremely embarrassed.

Her phone rang again and she took it immediately since she knew that it must be from Siwon again.

From : Siwon oppa

Ok, we’ll meet at the park in Gangnam road tonight at 7 o’clock.

Boyoung smiled happily. She couldn’t hide her happiness. It felt like she was the luckiest girl in the whole world. Yeah, maybe it sounds simple, Siwon ask her to go out. But for Boyoung, it was like a dream come true. Because since they engaged, Siwon never asked her to go out. Not even once!

“Ya, where are you going?” Asked Gayoon when Boyoung stood up from her seat. Boyoung smiled widely. “Siwon oppa just asked me to go out, of course I have to prepare myself.” She answered.

“Yah, don’t say that you want to go to salon just because of that.” Jihyun looked at her, waiting for her answer. Boyoung just giggled. “Hehe, you can read my mind, don’t you?”

“Aigoo aigoo…”

“Hahaha, mianhe chingudeul. I gotta go know. Wish me luck tonight ok!” Boyoung waved her hands while she was still smiling, not even caring to people who started to look at her. There was only one thing in her mind now. Choi Siwon…







Boyoung kept looking at her watch which was wrap around her left wrist. ‘He’s late…’ Boyoung sighed heavily. She wanted to call Siwon, but somehow she felt afraid. She didn’t want to bother him because maybe he was still busy with his work.

“Be patient Boyoung-ah!” Boyoung said to herself as she was looking at the empty park. Yeah, there was only her at that time.

_1 Hour Later_

Boyoung looked around the park, but still no sign from Siwon. ‘Does he forget his own plan?’





Siwon was about to enter his car when someone called him. He turned his face to the voice and his heart started to beat so fast as soon as he notice the girl who was standing not far from him.

“…Tiffany…” He mumbled when he got his voice back. Tiffany just smiled softly to Siwon. And that made him forget about everything, including his plan with Boyoung.





She stared at her phone. No message or miscall from Siwon, whereas Boyoung already sent him message and called him. But he didn’t reply or call her back.

He was late 2 hours from the plan. Boyoung’s eyes started to watery. She was so excited about this before, until she spent a lot of her money to go to beauty shop and bought some things, just to impress Siwon. But now everything seems useless…

Boyoung decided to leave the place, but someone grabbed her wrist. At first Boyoung thought it was Siwon, but…

“Siwon op…”





-To Be Continued-


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  1. hubungan kyuyoung udh makin membaik, tp giliran hubungan HaeHyo yg gak jls & SiYoung yg hampir baik tp gara2 fany nongol malah bikin gak jls jg -___-. HaeWon rada labil nih, musti bnyk bljr dr evil prince hahahah
    ditunggu next partnya 😉

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