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About Love (Part 7)

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Bo Young
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Lee Donghae


“Siwon op…”


Boyoung screamed out loud like there was no tomorrow. A drunk man was holding her arms tightly. So tight until it left some bruises on her arms. The drunk man pulled her body and he hugged her as he was trying to kiss her. Boyoung panicked because she knew that the drunk man wanted to rape her.

“Let me go!” She screamed. The drunk man just laughed like a crazy person. “No, I won’t! You have no idea how happy I am to meet you here. You’re like an oasis for me.” He said.

Boyoung couldn’t help but cry now. She was too tired to scream, beside she realized that it was useless since no one there to help her. Now, she only hope that Siwon would come soon and he would help her. But for now, she needed an idea to escape as soon as possible.

Boyoung bit the man’s hand, making the man moaned in pain. As soon as the man release his grip, Boyoung ran away from him. She tried to run as fast as she could. But unfortunately, Boyoung wasn’t a good runner. The drunk man could chased her easily. He grabbed her hand and dragged her to the dark alley.


Boyoung’s cheek turned to red because of the slapped. The man was very angry at her. He pushed Boyoung’s body to the wall. Boyoung couldn’t do anything to defend herself. Yeah, of course she couldn’t! The man had a big body and also big power, but her? She was only a girl with no power to against him.



For the second time Boyoung had to feel a pain on her cheek, plus her lips was bleeding because of the slapped. Boyoung cried and begged didn’t effect much. The man seemed like he had lost his mind and control.

He kissed her roughly and started to unbutton her dress, or we could say, torn her dress one by one.

“Andwae! Jebal andwae!!!”



“Don’t be noisy! Just enjoy this game, honey. I promise you that it will be awesome. Trust me! I’m professional.” The man said with a smirk on his face. And then he started to make some marks on her body. Boyoung’s tears was kept falling from her eyes. She kept hoping that that was only a nightmare and someone would wake her up soon.

But sadly… that was real…


(Hyoyeon’s POV)

That’s it! I can take it anymore. Today, I have to meet Donghae no matter what happen! I can’t just pretend like nothing has happened between us.

I drag my feet to Donghae’s class. His class is on the 3rd floor. As I’m walking, I keep thinking about us, Donghae and I. Donghae is still avoiding me, and I have no idea how to make everything back to normal again. I’m too confused.

I see Donghae comes out from his class, looks like his class is just over. I walk faster than before toward him. And this time I don’t bother to call him, because I know if he sees me, then he will pretend like he doesn’t see me. See, I know you so well, Donghae-ya…

I keep following him behind, until we’re in the campus’s terrace. It’s raining outside. I see that Donghae stops there. Maybe he doesn’t bring umbrella.

I clench my hands. ‘Hwaiting Hyo-ya!’

“Donghae-ya…” I call him as I touch his shoulder. Donghae froze for a while before he turns out his body.

“Hyo…” He says.

I look into his eyes. “We need to talk.”

“Ehm… mianhe, but I have…”

“Geumanhe! Stop acting like this to me. Jebal…”

Donghae becomes silent. I keep clenching my hands, and now even more hard than before. I keep telling myself to not crying infront of him. I don’t want him to see my weak side. I’m Hyoyeon. People always knows me as a cheerful girl. There’s no way I cry infront of public like this.

“Is my feeling become a burden for you?” I ask while I’m looking at him. He seems shocked with my sudden question.


“Just say it!”

“…aniyo. It’s just…” Donghae stops talking and looks down, a sign that his confused and feel bad at the same time. He looks up and looks at me right into my eyes. “It’s just… everything became awkward since I knew that you like me. I just feel clumsy, you know.” He answers.

To be honest, my heart feels pain when he said that. Doesn’t that mean that he doesn’t like me?

“Geure… just forget about it! Just forget that I’ve ever said that to you. Mianhe. Jeongmal Mianhe.” I bow to him, making Donghae surprised because I never did that to him before. And without waiting for any longer, I run away from there, not even care about the rains which is totally make me wet.

I keep running… and running… this is all I can do for now. At least, I’m not crying infront of him now. That’s good, right Hyo? You’re a strong girl. Yeah, I am.


Should I forget you now?


“Aah! Appo…” I moan in pain when the rock on the ground success to make my knees bleeding.Yeah, I just fell down on the ground. What a shameful situation! Broken heart and now bleeding knees? Great! What’s next?!

I feel weak, I don’t have any strengths to stand up. Feels like all of my strengths has just flew away. The dark sky is still pouring me with these cold water. My body start to tremble now.



“Donghae-ya, what do you think you’re doing? Put me down!” I say in panic tone. Why? That’s because Donghae is carrying me like a bridal style! Can you believe it?!

“You’re bleeding Hyo.”

“But I can walk by myself.” I still refuse his help. Donghae doesn’t care, he’s still carrying me and now he carrying me to the campus’s clinic. Both of us are wet because of the rain. While Donghae is carrying me to the clinic, I watch his awesome face. I wanna make him mine, I really want to. I love him, I love him so much. But why don’t you love me, Hae? Is YoonA still in your heart?

Can I stop the time now? I just want to stay in this position a little bit longer. I just want to feel his warm for a little bit longer. Can i?

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)



Sooyoung pouted her lips. Kyuhyun was success to ruin her good mood. They were in Nami Island. They parents made family party there. But Sooyoung’s mood was totally crush since the arrived there, and that was all because of Kyuhyun.

First, Kyuhyun didn’t want to go to the beach with her, with a reason that he was still tired. Second, Kyuhyun didn’t want to accompany her to travel around the Nami Island and visit some famous places. Whereas, Sooyoung already made a plan list for their vacation, but it seemed that everything would be ruined.

“Soo-ya, what happen to you? Don’t pout your face like that. You should be happy since this is your first time to have a vacation with Kyuhyun and his family.” Sooyoung’s mom said as she was stroking Sooyoung’s brown hair.

“How can I feel happy? Kyuhyun oppa doesn’t seem to enjoy this. He ruined my mood with his cold act. He didn’t want to accompany me to the beach, he didn’t even want to accompany me to travel around this island! Annoying right?”

Sooyoung’s mom laughed. “Aigoo… don’t act like a little kid Soo. Maybe Kyuhyun just tired.”

Sooyoung looked at her mom with a disbelief stare. “Eomma, you defend him? Omo, who is your child actually?” Sooyoung pouted.


Kyuhyun sat on the bench at the hotel’s park. He looked at the sea infront of him. So blue and calm… The handsome guy closed his eyes and enjoying the wind which was caressing his face. The blowing wind made his hair mess, and that even made him look more handsome.


The voice of Sooyoung made him open his eyes. He turned his head and found Sooyoung was sitting next to him. “Let’s go to the beach!” She said with a cheerful tone. Her smile disappeared when she heard Kyuhyun’s answer. “Sirheo.”

“Mwo? Wae?! We come here for vacation. Kajja oppa!”


“Geure! If you don’t want to go to the beach with me, then I can go alone!”

After said that Sooyoung walked away, while Kyuhyun was still sitting there. He sighed heavily. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to accompany her. But he had phobia of beach, and he was too embarrassed to tell Sooyoung about it. But then, Kyuhyun decided to go to the beach. Even he couldn’t swim or play water, at least he could watch his fiancée.



Kyuhyun watched Sooyoung quietly not far from her. How hard he tried to defeat his fear of sea, he just couldn’t. Seemed like the fear was totally control him. Sooyoung who was realized that Kyuhyun was there, watching her, smile widely.

‘Ah, I know that you won’t let me alone.’ The girl said in her heart

Sooyoung walked closer to Kyuhyun who was standing on the coast. “Oppa, kajja!” She pulled Kyuhyun’s hand, but Kyuhyun immediately released her grip.

“Ani, I don’t wanna go there. I just want to stay here.” He said.

Sooyoung pouted her lips. “Gosh, oppa! We’re here at the beautiful beach, and all you wanna do is just standing here?!”

Kyuhyun sighed. “Ok, I’m going to play along with you. But before that, let’s go to the restaurant, I’m hungry.” Kyuhyun finally said, making Sooyoung smile in happiness.



“Ok, kajja kajja!”

‘Aish, you’re going to regret this Cho Kyuhyun babo!’ Said Kyuhyun to himself.


(Siwon’s POV)

“She got trauma because of that incident. But don’t worry, therapy will recover her. She’s gonna be fine.” The doctor says to me. I sigh in relief, because I was afraid if something bad happen to her. To be honest, I feel bad for her. I know she became like this because of me. If only I came to the park…

Gosh, you’re jerk Choi Siwon!

“You said that she had sexual harassment, right? That means she…”

“Ani Siwon-ssi, she’s still sacred. Someone came at the right time and saved her.” The doctor explain to me.  I nod my head, understand for what he just said. I look at Boyoung who’s still sleeping peacefully on the bed. The doctor had no choice but to give her sedative injection.

“I hope you can look after her and also keep her feelings, she’s a bit sensitive because of that incident. Try to make her feel comfortable. In that way, you’ll help her a lot to recover.”

“I understand.” I answer to the doctor.

‘Boyoung-ah, mianhe…’

(Siwon’s POV End)



Hyoyeon walked carefully, her knees was still hurt because of that incident. Sadly for Hyoyeon, her next class was in 3rd floor which means that she had to go upstairs, like it or not. Hyoyeon sighed as she was staring at the stairs in front of her.

“Oh god…” She mumbled.

Hyoyeon was ready to climb the stairs when suddenly someone held her hand and helped her to go upstairs. Hyoyeon turned her head and immediately felt surprised when she saw the person who was helping her.


Donghae smiled, making Hyoyeon’s heart was beating so fast.

“Gomawo.” Thanked Hyoyeon.

“Ne, Cheonma.”

Hyoyeon was about to walked away when suddenly Donghae called her. “Hyo…”


Donghae bit his lips, he looked doubt to say it to her. “…Emm… can we… start all over again?” He asked with a doubt tone. Hyoyeon became silent. She looked at him, waiting for Donghae to continue his sentence.

“I Just want us to be like we used to. We were close to each other. I’m sorry because I don’t have the same feeling as you right now. But… maybe… maybe that feeling will appear someday.” Donghae finished his sentence. The brown haired guy looked at Hyoyeon’s expression.


“Friends?” Donghae offered his right hand to Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon stared at Donghae’s face, then a beautiful smile appeared on her face. She took Donghae’s hand and shook it. “Friends!” She said.


(Sooyoung’s POV)

“Kyuhyun oppa babo!”

I kicked the stone in front of me. I hate him! I hate Kyuhyun oppa! You know what? He lied to me. He said that we would play at the beach after we have lunch, keunde after we had lunch he didn’t want to go with reason that he’s full.

What kind of reason is that? Babo!

It’s ok, with or without him I can still play at the beach by myself!

Just wait for my revenge, Kyu babo!

(Sooyoung’s POV)


Kyuhyun giggled to see his fiancée acted. He followed Sooyoung secretly. He could see that Sooyoung was really mad at him, but somehow Kyuhyun found that it was cute. Yeah, Sooyoung angry face looked cute and funny for him.

The tall guy watched his girl secretly. He watched Sooyoung who was playing at the beach. She looked happy when the waves chased her and later the waves wet her feet. Seeing her beautiful face was smiling, making Kyuhyun also smiled without he realized.

Kyuhyun took his phone from his pocket. It was his mom who was calling him.

“Yoboseyo eomma?”

“Kyuhyun-ah, neo eodisseo?”

“Ah, I’m at the beach with Sooyoung.” He said, making his mom surprised and felt worry to him.

“Mwo? You’re at the beach now? Gwenchana, Kyuhyun-ah?”

“Ne eomma, nan gwenchana. I’m not playing with the water, I’m just standing at the coast, watching Sooyoung.”

Kyuhyun’s mother was still talking. Kyuhyun heard it as he was looking around, trying to find Sooyoung. He froze as soon as he realized that Sooyoung wasn’t there anymore!

Kyuhyun panicked! His eyes was busy trying to find Sooyoung. He didn’t even care that his mom was still talking on the phone. Right now, the only thing that he cares was Sooyoung! Kyuhyun turned his head around. He yelled Sooyoung’s name over and over again, but still no response. Kyuhyun became more panicked, any bad thought appeard in his mind.

‘Could it be that Sooyoung is…  ANDWAE!’

Kyuhyun began to search her again. His foot brought him closer to the water. Kyuhyun stopped his steps when he realized that he was close enough to the water. The fear came again to him. He looked at the sea with a blank stare.

‘Come on Kyuhyun! Don’t be a coward, she needs you!’

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, trying to fill himself with courage. And slowly his foot steps walked closer to the water…



The scream of a girl was heard. The girl was none other than Boyoung. She scream in fear, her body full of sweat and she kept looking around. Boyoung’s mother who was there to accompany her daughter felt confused. She hugged her only daughter tightly. “Don’t be scared, eomma is here.” Said Mrs.Park.

“Eom..eomma… i’m scared…” Boyoung sobbed.

Siwon who was watching the whole scene felt really bad. He felt like a jerk, because of him a nice girl like Boyoung had to experience something bad like that. Siwon came into the room.

“Ah, Siwon-ah.” Mrs.Park said.

Siwon bowed his body, and then he looked at Boyoung who was still crying in Mrs.Park arms. Mrs.Park smiled, looked like she should leave them two. The two of them needed time for alone.

“I’m going to leave you both here. Siwon, please take care of her, ok.”

“Ne ahjumma.”

Now, there were only the two of them. Boyoung still sobbed as she was hugging her own body. She looked fragile. Siwon couldn’t help but pull her into his arm. “Oppa…” Boyoung said weakly. Siwon kept hugging her. “Mianhe…” He said full of regret.

“Hiks…Hiks… i’m scared oppa…”

“Mianhe, i should have come to the park. Jeongmal mianhe…” Siwon lifted Boyoung’s chin. “Look at me, from now on i’ll protect you no matter what happen. And i won’t let anything bad happen to you again. You can keep my words.” He said. Boyoung looked at him with her teary eyes and then she hugged him again. “Saranghe oppa…”

Siwon became silent when he heard that words from Boyoung’s mouth. His heart was still fill with another girl, Tiffany. He still couldn’t forget her, but in the other side, he didn’t want to hurt Boyoung’s feeling anymore.

“Arrasso…” He finally said.

-To Be Continued-



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  1. aduh… malah donghae-hyoyeon yg belun ada kemajuan X-(. ms cm teman?!
    sedih boyoung diperlakuin kyk gitu walaupun ada yg berhasil nyelametin. siwon hrs tanggung jawab TT__TT
    ini lg?! pasangan KyuYoung?! soo pake ilang & kyu msh ngendaliin traumanya sama laut buat nyari soo. jgn bilang klo soo tenggelam? ·___· aduh.. gak bgt X-(

  2. haduh donghae beneran nih bikin gemeeees.
    kasian booyoung.
    si soo kemana? *ayocarisoobersama
    finaly ada lanjutannya. nextnya cepetan ya thooooor.

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