Chapters · KyuYoung (Kyuhyun SooYoung)

About Love (Part 8)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Bo Young
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Lee Donghae
– Im YoonA



“Omo, it’s so delicious…” Sooyoung licked the ice cream on her hand.

She was playing at the beach when suddenly she saw an ice cream vendor. Her shikshin soul appeared, and without told anything to Kyuhyun, she left the beach to chase the ice cream vendor. Sooyoung who just realized that she already gone quite far from the beach, decided to go back.

‘Aigoo, Kyuhyun must be mad at me because I didn’t tell anything to him.’ Sooyoung said in her heart as she was licking her ice cream.

‘Ice cream makes me forget about anything.’ The tall girl giggled.

Sooyoung looked around at the beach. She frowned when she couldn’t find Kyuhyun there. She kept looking around, but the resulted was still the same. Kyuhyun wasn’t there. Sooyoung pouted. “Aish, how dare he left me here!” She said with an annoyed tone.


A very familiar voice called Sooyoung. She knew whose voice that was without have to turn back. There was only one guy who has that kind of deep but calm voice.


Kyuhyun sighed in relief. He walked closer to Sooyoung. Sooyoung could see that Kyuhyun was very messy. His face full of sweat. His hair and also his clothes seemed wet. Kyuhyun even gasping, seemed like he was running all the way here.

‘What happened to him?’  Sooyoung thought.


Sooyoung had not finished her sentence because Kyuhyun already hugged her. “Where have you been? I was looking for you.” He asked with a weak tone, making Sooyoung felt more surprised.

“You were looking for me?” She asked.

“Hm.” Kyuhyun mumbled.

“I bought an ice cream.”

“I was so panicked when I couldn’t find you anywhere. I thought you… I thought you drowned or something…” Kyuhyun tighten his hug. Sooyoung could feel that Kyuhyun’s body was shaking. She patted Kyuhyun’s back softly. “Nan gwenchana oppa. Don’t worry…” She said softly.

A small but beautiful smile appeared on Sooyoung’s face. She felt happy to know that Kyuhyun was worry for her. Wouldn’t that means Kyuhyun loved her so much?








(Boyoung’s POV)

I don’t know what happen to Siwon oppa. But since that incident happened, he changed a lot. A good change. He became so gentle to me and also he always tries to make me feel confortable, like now. He put his jacket on my shoulder. He knows that I’m so cold like hell.

“Kajja, we should go now. It’s late already.” He says.

We’re in the park now, this park is really beautiful and also there is beautiful lake here. Now, we’re sitting on the bench in front of the lake. Siwon oppa brought me here when I said to him that I was so bored. Really changed, doesn’t he? If before he was so cold and careless, now you can see the difference.

I shake my head. “Sirheo, I still wanna stay. The stars looks amazing from down here.” I say. I hug myself because I’m so cold now. Siwon’s oppa jacket can’t throw away the cold. He looked at me for a while and then he put his hand around my shoulder. He pulls me closer to his body.

“Ok, we’ll stay for 10 minutes. Is that enough?” He asks with a soft tone. I smile to him as I’m nodding my head. “Ne. Gomawo..”



“Do you still love the girl named Tiffany?” I ask with a low tone. Siwon oppa seems froze for a while. He doesn’t say anything. I sighed heavily. “Arasso. You don’t have to answer it, I already know your answer. Kajja, let’s go home.” I stand up from my seat.

Siwon oppa grabs my wrist. “Mianhe…” He says full of regret. I feel like I want to cry anytime soon. I look up to the sky and smile sadly. “No need to sorry…”

“So, should we cancel the engagement?”  I mumble.

(Boyoung’s POV End)






(Hyoyeon’s POV)

“Donghae-ya, neo baboya?! How could you being so dumb? You still love her after everything she had done to you?” I shake my head while looking at Donghae with disbelief stare. Donghae just silent, he doesn’t even look at me. All he does just look down his feet, like there’s something more interesting there.

“Ya, why are you so dumb? YoonA, she’s only using you. She doesn’t love you. She’s nothing but trouble!”


I look at Donghae with disbelief stare. Did he just shout at me?

“You… you shouted at me because of YoonA?”

“Don’t you dare insult YoonA in front of me. Yeah I do love her! I love her forever. And just so you know, my love for her will never change!”


Donghae’s right cheek is turning into red. I clench my right hand, which was I used to slap him. I just can’t control myself anymore. My heart is too painful when he said that harsh words to me. How could he say that after everything I had done to him.

“You know I love you, right? But how could you say that to me? I know that I can’t replace YoonA in your heart, but should you tell me that clearly?” I sob.


“I hate you Donghae-ya! I hate you!”

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)






(Sooyoung’s POV)

“Omo, jinjja? Kyuhyun oppa has phobia of sea?” I ask to Cho ahjumma, Kyuhyun’s mom. She nods her head as the answer. “Wae?” I ask again to her.

“When Kyuhyun was 10 years old, he went to the beach with his aunt, his uncle and his cousin. He was playing on the beach with his cousin, when suddenly his cousin asked him to play ball in the water. At first, Kyuhyun refused it since he knew exactly that he couldn’t swim. But after his was being forced by his cousin, he decided to agree. At the end, they both were playing ball in the water. But something bad happened. They were playing to far from the beach and the water flow pulled them without they realized.” Kyuhyun’s mother stops for a while before she continues. “They both were drowning. Good thing that Kyuhyun could save. But sadly, he had to lose his cousin because of that.”

“His cousin pass away?”

“Ne.” Cho ahjumma says with a sad tone, seems like I brought the painful memory back to her.

“Since then Kyuhyun always afraid of beach especially sea.” Cho ahjumma ends her story. I stay silent. Now I understand why he always refuses to go to the beach. It wasn’t because he doesn’t want to accompany me, but that was because of his phobia. Gosh, now I feel bad for Kyuhyun oppa.

Ah, he was wet when at the beach. Don’t tell me that he… he got into water to look for me?

(Sooyoung’s POV End)







Hyoyeon looked at the girl who was sitting not far from her with her angry eyes. That girl, YoonA, was sitting on the bench at the campus yard with a guy. Hyoyeon didn’t know who that guy was, but she only knew that the guy was YoonA’s boyfriend.

Suddenly her anger increased as she watched YoonA and her boyfriend were making out. She clenched her hands. She hated to see how YoonA was being so spoiled in front of her boyfriend.

“And she’s still using Donghae? What a bitch!” Hyoyeon said. Taeyeon who was also there looked at Hyoyeon with disbelief stare. She had never seen Hyoyeon like that before.

“Omo, are you just calling YoonA bitch?”

Hyoyeon didn’t say anything. Her eyes was still looking at the couple. Taeyeon patted Hyoyeon’s shoulder softly. “What’s wrong? You just said that YoonA is using Donghae? What do you mean?” Taeyeon asked.

“You see that she already had a boyfriend, right? But on the other side, she’s still giving Donghae hope, which is totally makes Donghae can’t forget her.”

“I just… I just hate her for making Donghae like that…” Hyoyeon said with weak tone. Taeyeon looked at her friend sadly. She knew that Hyoyeon must be really sad now. She patted Hyoyeon’s shoulder, trying to make her calm.








YoonA was washing her hand on the wastafel, when Hyoyeon came out from the toilet cubicle. YoonA saw Hyoyeon through the mirror in front of her. She smiled sweetly to Hyoyeon. “Annyeong.” She greeted Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon just looked at her with her flat expression, making YoonA confused because she never saw Hyoyeon like that before.

“What’s wrong?” YoonA asked.

“Nappeun yeoja.” Hyoyeon said sardonically.


“How could you using someone who loves you so much?”

YoonA turned her body to face Hyoyeon. “Mworagoyo? Me, using Donghae? I don’t get it. I will never do that to Donghae.”

Hyoyeon smiled sardonically. “Really?” She asked. “You run to Donghae when your boyfriend is not around. You asked Donghae to drive you anywhere when your boyfriend can’t. You asked Donghae to accompany you when your boyfriend is busy. Is that what you call NOT USING DONGHAE?”

“I think that’s not your business. That’s between me and Donghae.”

“Oh god, now you say that it’s not my business after everything you had done to him? Damn, you’re good! Don’t you know that he still loves you so much? What kind of girl that using someone who loves her a lot?”

YoonA looked at Hyoyeon sharply. “I know that you’re jealous of me because Donghae doesn’t love you.” YoonA said, making Hyoyeon felt something hard bumped her heart.

“It’s not my fault if Donghae still loves so much until he wants to do everything for me. And just so you know, I never asked him to do that for me, but he does that because he wants it. You got it!”

The both girls were staring sharply to each other, like they were enemy. YoonA decided to leave first. She walked pass to Hyoyeon and purposely bumped her shoulder, making Hyoyeon almost fell down the floor if she couldn’t control her balance.









Boyoung was on her way home after she went to a park, but unfortunetaly the rains started to fall from the sky. Boyoung had no choice but decided to take shelter at the bus stop. The bus stop was so quite. There was only her at that time. Boyoung sat on the bench. Suddenly, there were some guys came near her and they started to tease her. Boyoung was so panicked because she knew that no one could save her.

“Stay away from me!” Boyoung said as she was sobbing so hard. She had a trauma back there, when someone almost rape her. Boyoung screamed like a crazy girl. “Kyaaa!!!!”

The guys who at first just wanted to tease her began to worry.

“Ya, what happen with this young lady?” Asked one of the guy to his friend as he was looking at Boyoung.


“Kajja! We better go before people see and think that we did something bad to this girl.”

“Jebaal… don’t hurt me…” Boyoung said with her weak tone. She was hugging herself so tight. She didn’t realize that the guys already left. “Oppa… Siwon oppa…”








(Kyuhyun’s POV)

I was looking at the beach scenery from my balcony, when suddenly I feel a pair of arms hugs me from behind.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you have phobia of sea? If I knew it, I wouldn’t force you to accompany me to go there. Now I feel bad.” Says Sooyoung while she’s still hugging me from behind. I hold her hands and stroked it softly. “Gwenchana, don’t feel bad about it. Beside, I think it’s time for me to erase my phobia. I can’t be like this forever, right?”

Sooyoung release the hug and she holds both of my cheek and caressing softly. “Gomawo oppa.” She smiles softly.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me now, but without I can control, my face come closer to Sooyoung’s and I kiss her right on her lips. Sooyoung seems surprise at first, but then she starts to enjoy the kiss. She put both of her hands around my neck, while I put both of my hands around her waist. And slowly she kisses me back.

Now, i think i should say what i have to say for this whole time.

“Sooyoung-ah, saranghae…”

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)







Siwon felt panic. Boyoung’s mom just called him and she said that Boyoung was missing. Siwon was totally afraid if something bad happen to Boyoung again, especially Boyoung was still having trauma of that incident.



Boyoung was still crying hard there. The rains was still fell down from the sky. There was no one there and that made Boyoung felt more lonely. “Siwon oppa…” She sobbed.

“Agasshi, neo gwenchanayo?” Asked a girl to Boyoung. Boyoung didn’t answer it, she was still busy crying.

The blonde girl took a seat next to Boyoung. She touched Boyoung shoulder slowly and she could feel that Boyoung was tremble. She felt worry to the girl in front of her.

“Agasshi, are you okay?” She asked again.

“Siwon oppa… I want Siwon oppa…” Said Boyoung with a weak tone. Tears was still falling from her eyes.


The blonde girl felt confused. She wanted to help Boyoung but she didn’t know what to do. It was her first time to be in this kind of situation. Good thing that Booyoung’s phone was ringing. The blonde girl took the phone which was fell down the floor. A small smile appeared on the girl’s face when she saw the ID caller on the phone screen.

Siwon oppa calling…

“Hey, your oppa is calling now.” She said. She pressed the green button and put it on her right ear. “Yoboseyo…”







(Siwon’s POV)

“Thanks for taking care of her.” I thanked the blonde girl in front of me. The girl smiles and nods her head. “Ne, cheonmaneyo Siwon-ssi.”

“Hmm, what’s your name?”

“My name is Kim Hyoyeon.”

“Oh, nice to meet you Hyoyeon-ssi. And once again, thank you so much.”

“Ne, cheonmaneyo.”




Watching her peaceful face when she sleeps, making me feel relief. I was so worry like crazy when I heard that she was missing. My heart felt hurt when I found her in a mess condition at the bus stop. Hyoyeon said that it seemed like some guys had teased her, that was why Boyoung was crying like that. It must be brought her trauma back.

“Don’t go anywhere alone. You made me worry like crazy when I couldn’t find you.” I whisper as i’m stroking her hair.

“Oppa…” Boyoung slowly opens her eyes. Her face is still pale. Boyoung gets up from her laying position. She comes closer to me and hugs me tightly. “Oppa, I’m afraid…” She says.

I hug her back, trying to make her calm. Seeing her weak side, make me feel like I should protect her forever. From now on, I promise to myself that I will always protect her, no matter what happen.


Boyoung looks at me with her teary eyes.


I kiss her lips softly, not wanting to hurt her. At first, i just paste my lips on hers.  But then, when i feel like she starts to enjoy the kiss, i kiss her deeper. Without any instruction Boyoung put her arms around my neck. So with that way makes our position comfortable. I pull out my lips when i feel like we run out oxygen. Boyoung’s face is blushing, make me want to pinch her blushing cheek.

“Oppa?” Boyoung mumbles.


She looks up right into my eyes. “Saranghae…” She says with a low tone. I smile to her. If usual, i would feel weird and uncomfortable whenever she said that. But this time is different. “I love you too…” I say. Boyoung looks at me with her surprise expression. I give my best smile to her before i finally pull her for another kiss.

(Siwon’s POV End)




-To Be Continued-

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  1. aaa akhirnya yang ke 8 muncul. tapi part hyohaenya masih kurang. itu si hae sumpah ya padahal kyuyoung sama siyoung udah ada kejelasannya. aaaaa nextnya ditunggu thor. makin penasaran

  2. yeay… makin membaik hubungan KyuYoung & Siwon-Boyoung. yg cowoknya udh pd berani nyium ceweknya *o*. salut pd kalian yg berubah XD
    tp gak salut sm donghae yg msh mempertahankan hatinya buat yoona. kasian hyoyeon X-(

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