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About Love (Part 9 End)

About Love3

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : About Love
Type      : Chaptered
Genre    : Romance, Friendship

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Park Bo Young
– Choi Siwon
– Kim Hyoyeon
– Lee Donghae
– Im YoonA
– Seo JooHyun
– Kim Taeyeon



“Donghae-ya… do you like Hyoyeon?”

Donghae looked at YoonA as soon as he heard the question. “Mwo?” Donghae asked nervously. YoonA smiled, showing his beautiful smile which was totally made Donghae’s heart melted. “Just answer it. Yes or no.” YoonA said.

Donghae silent for a while before he finally opened his mouth and then said. “Ani… I don’t like her. You know who the only girl that I like, right?” Donghae said as he was looking at YoonA.


“Can we talk about anything else? Jebal…”

YoonA sighed to see Donghae like this. “I think Hyoyeon really likes you…”







“Kyuhyun oppa!”  Seohyun ran to Kyuhyun and she held his hand tighty. Kyuhyun felt uncomfortable with it. He tried to release the grip for many times. But Seohyun still held it, even more tight than before. Seemed like the girl really stubborn.

“Oppa, I want…”

“Ehem, could you please let go of my future husband’s arm? It’s really annoying me to see you that close to my namja.” Sooyoung said with an arrogant tone. Luckily she had learned to control her emotion because if she wasn’t, then she was not sure if Seohyun’s face would still fine after meet her hand and her long nails.

Seohyun looked at Sooyoung with disbelief stare. “Mwo? Future husband?”

“I think you’re not deaf to hear what I just said.”

“Cih, so funny. Keep dreaming Soo! Aigoo Kyuhyun oppa, look at her! Seems like she’s full of confident.” Seohyun laughed sardonically.

“Ani, she’s right. I’m going to marry her. So, yeah… you know what I mean, right?” Kyuhyun released Seohyun’s grip and then he held Sooyoung’s hand. “Kajja.” Kyuhyun said with a soft smile on her face.

Sooyoung almost burst to laughter when she saw Seohyun’s expression. So priceless. After taking a second steps, Sooyoung stopped for a while. “Wait a minute oppa!” She said. Kyuhyun looked at her with a question look but Sooyoung just smiled and then she turned around and walked closer to Seohyun.

“What?!” Seohyun looked pissed off.

“Igo.” Sooyoung gave her wedding invitation card to Seohyun. “I told you already right, that I’ll be the one to marry Kyuhyun oppa.” Sooyoung smiled.

“Annyeong Seohyun-ssi!” Sooyoung waved her hand with a big grin on her face, leaving Seohyun who was still standing there like a statue.







(Hyoyeon’s POV)

“Are you going to take the scholarship?”

I look at the scholarship letter on my hand and then look at Taeyeon’s face. “Yeah, I think I am. It’s a good opportunity for me. This good opportunity won’t come twice.”

“Yeah I know. But, how about you and Donghae?” Taeyeon asks carefully, not wanting to hurt my feeling. I give a slight smile to her. “There is nothing between us, so yeah…”

“Hyo… “

“Nan gwenchana Taeyeon-ah. Don’t look at me with those teary eyes.” I giggle.

“Hyo, himnae!” Taeyeon clenches her hand.

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)






(Boyoung’s POV)

I couldn’t blink my eyes at all! Siwon oppa had just proposed me! He said that he want to marry me. I feel so surprised by his sudden propose until I couldn’t say anything. As soon as I got my sense back, I immediately say yes. Of course I would say say, there’s no way I would reject him. Marry him is my dream for this whole time.

“Oppa…” I call Siwon oppa. Siwon oppa, who is sitting next to me, turns his head to face me. “Wae?” He asks as he’s stroking my hair softly.


“For what?”

“For everything. I still couldn’t believe that you had just proposed me. It’s like a dream come true for me.” I smile at him. “You know what, if I remember about our first meeting until the engagement, I found it hard to believe if we end up like this.”

Siwon oppa takes my hand and holds it softly. “Mianhe, for every mistake that I’ve done to you. I was just so stupid to realize that you’re the one for me.” He says.

“Gwenchana oppa. Let’s open a new page for our new life. Can we?” I smile brightly at him. Siwon oppa giggles as he’s ruffling my hair. “Sure, we can.” He replies.

(Boyoung’s POV End)







(Hyoyeon’s POV)


I’ve made a decision to take the scholarship. Like I said to Taeyeon before, this is a great opportunity for me and also for my study. And maybe I can get a better life there. Who knows? 😀

Now I’m packing my stuff because next month I will move to USA. Sad? No, I’m not. This is my own decision, there’s no need to sad about. I don’t tell anything to Donghae about my scholarship. I don’t even think that he will care since all he cares about is just YoonA, nothing else.


“Oh Taeyeon-ah, you’re here.” I smile to her. Taeyeon sits next to me and she begins to help me packing. “Ah, you’re going to leave. How sad…” Taeyeon says with a sad tone.

I smile at her. “Hey, we can still keep in touch through social network.”

“But that’s different.”

“Aigoo… nae chingu really loves me.” I giggle. Taeyeon throws a pillow right on my face, but luckily I could catch it before it hits my face. Suddenly Taeyeon’s face turns into serious, like really serious.

“Wae?” I ask her.

She looks into my eyes. “Don’t you want to tell Donghae about it?” She asks, and success to make me silent. I bow my head, not knowing what to say. “Hyo… no matter what happen, he’s still your friend.” She says again.

“It’s not important if I tell him or not. He won’t care anyway.”


“Ah, I forgot to bring you a drink. You must be thirsty, right? What do you like to drink?”

(Hyoyeon’s POV End)







(Sooyoung’s POV)

I really impressed with the whole scene that I’m seeing right now. White roses, white curtain, white dress, and so many things on white. I look at the girl who’s wearing a white wedding dress with amazed. She looks so beautiful in that dress. I bet every girl will look good in wedding dress.

Right now, Kyuhyun oppa and I are in his friend’s wedding party, Choi Siwon and Park BoYoung. I pretty impressed with everything here. “I’ll make sure that our wedding will be more awesome than this.” He whispers through my ears. I can’t help but blushing when he said that.

“And also… you will look more awesome with your wedding dress. I can’t wait to see you with your wedding dress.” He says again.

Oh god! I’ve never knew before that Kyuhyun oppa such a good teaser. Now I can feel that my face is blushing even more. Omo, I need a fresh air, I need a fresh air!

“How about if we marry tomorrow?”


(Sooyoung’s POV End)







(Donghae’s POV)

Eunhyuk comes and throw himself on the floor right next to me. “Ahh… we’ve lost one of our greatest dancer again. First Kai and now her. Aish, it’s not fair!” He grumbles.

I stare at him with a question look. “Her? Who?” I ask. Eunhyuk seems surprised with my question. Aigoo.. there’s something wrong with it?

“Neo molla?” He asks while looking into my face. I just shake my head as the answer.

“Yah! Neo jinjja molla? Aish, what kind of friend are you? Omo! Hyoyeon, she moved to USA yesterday.”

“Mworago? She moved? Wae?”

“She got a scholarship. There’s a school dance in USA that really interesting with her. So they offered her a scholarship and she took it.” Explained Eunhyuk.

I became silent after I heard it. So… she’s gone now?

Why do I feel like there’s something missing in me?

Hyoyeon-ah, will we meet again?

(Donghae’s POV End)







(Boyoung’s POV)

Park Boyoung, ah ani, from now on it’s officially Choi Boyoung 😀

I can’t stop smiling and still can’t believe that a couple hours ago I’m officially Mrs.Choi. I feel extremely happy until I can’t even describe it. I feel a pair of arms hug me from behind. No need to turn around, I know that it’s Siwon oppa.

“What are you doing here?”

“Admiring the beautiful night.” I answer with a smile on my face. “Look oppa, the sky looks so bright with those stars above.”

“Hmm… yeah, I know. But I think there’s something more beautiful than those stars.”



“Oppa!” I his arms softly. “Since when you become such a teaser like this? Seriously oppa, it doesn’t suit you. I prefer the cold and cool Choi Siwon.”

“Hahaha… you should be happy to see my teaser side, because for my entire life, you’re the only person that have seen it.”

“Arasso, I’m so lucky then…”

God, I feel so lucky. I hope Siwon oppa and I will be together forever…

(Boyoung’s POV End)







_One Year Later_

The dance move of the brunette girl could make anyone who see it feel amazed. How could they’re not? The dance moves was so flawless, so perfect.

“Hyoyeon!” Called Tiffany.

The brunette girl was actually Hyoyeon. She dyed her hair into brown as soon as she arrived in USA. Hyoyeon stopped her dance and smiled to see her bestfriend.

“What brings you here?” She asked.

“Hey, I heard that you’re going to join the dance competition this year. And I also heard that you got a partner from Korea.”

“Yup, that’s correct!”

“Who’s your patner then? Is he cute?”

Hyoyeon grabbed her towel and her mineral water. “I don’t know. Mr.Smith didn’t tell me his name. But, I’ll find out today. Today is our first rehearsal.” Hyoyeon said.

“Well, good luck then! I’m sure that you’ll get a first place. You’re an awesome dancer Hyo.”

“Haha, thank you sweetheart.” Hyoyeon smiled.








‘Where’s he?’ Hyoyeon mumbled as she looked at her watch. She took a seat with a cross leg on the floor.

“I’m sorry I’m late. It just that…. Hyoyeon-ah?”

Hyoyeon gasped as she heard that voice. The voice was so familiar for her because it belonged to someone that she always think of. Slowly, Hyoyeon turned her gaze to the door. “Donghae-ya…”

“Finally I found you…”




-The End-



Failed ending! Mianhe TT__TT
It’s just that… i don’t know how to make a good ending. So sorry for let you down guys.
I promise that i’ll make a good one next time. And for this story, maybe i will make an afterstory since the ending is not that clear :p
Just wait for it! 😀

Please give me your last comment on this story. Thank you 😀

See you on the next story! 😀




8 tanggapan untuk “About Love (Part 9 End)

  1. ya ampun…. skrg kyu sm siwon udh jago ngegombal XD. klo inget gmn sikap mereka pertama kali, bikin gak nyangka mereka bs ngomong kyk gitu ke soo & boyoung skrg
    ini gmn ceritanya pernikahan kyuyoung? o_O ada di AS kan?
    huwah.. hyo sm hae ketemu lg di USA, ini sih namanya takdir XD
    bener2 ditunggu ASnya… biar gak terlalu ngegantung ceritanya hahha

    1. Yup, semuanya ada di Afterstory. keunde, aku jg masih blom tahu kpn publish-nya. jgnkan publish, buat aja blom *gubrak* -___-

      Bagian HyoHae-nya emang sengaja dibuat gitu, biar pada penasaran 😀 kkk, gomawo atas komennya ya 🙂 sering2 mampir ke blog ini ya chingu ^^

  2. aduh endingnya ngegantung bangeeeet. need after story 🙂
    tapi bagus kok akhirnya siyoung nikah. kerus kyuyoung jadi nikahkan?
    nah tinggal hyohae nih. 🙂

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