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I Just Need You (Part 1)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon


The violins sounded wonderful for anyone who heard it.  The girl who was playing the violins seemed really love what she was doing. Her eyes were closed while a beautiful smile appeared on her lips. She was enjoying the tones that came out from her lovely violins.


The sound of the open door made the girl almost jumped from her chair. She turned her head to see who was coming through the door. She saw one of her bestfriend there, standing with a panic face.

“There you are! Sooyoung, you have to stop him!” Seyeon said with a panic tone.

Sooyoung sighed heavily. “Ah, not again! Where’s he now?” Sooyoung asked as she put her violins in her violins bag.

“He’s in the warehouse.”

Without taking anymore time, Sooyoung carried her violins bag and immediately ran into the warehouse.



Sooyoung immediately stopped her step when she saw with her own eyes the fighting in front of her. It wasn’t really a fight, actually. Because the only one who was busy hiitting someone was only Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was hitting someone face like there was no tomorrow. His cold expression full of anger as he kept beating the unknown guy. Oh no, Sooyoung knew that guy! He’s one of the bad guy in this campus.

“Geumanhe!” Sooyoung shouted, but Kyuhyun ignored her and kept continue to beat the guy’s face. Kyuhyun’s friends, Eunhyuk, Jonghyun and Lee Joon were there too. But they didn’t do anything to stop him. They just stood there and watched everything that Kyuhyun did to that guy.

“YA KYUHYUN OPPA!” Sooyoung couldn’t hide her anger anymore. Kyuhyun’s punch restrained in the air and he immediately turned his face to face Sooyoung. Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun with her disappointed face. “Geumanhe oppa…” She said with a weak tone.

Kyuhyun felt like his oxygen was disappeared when he saw Sooyoung’s disappointed face. “Soo-ya…” He released his grip from the guy’s collar and then he walked closer to Sooyoung, trying to approarch her. Right before Kyuhyun touch her hand, Sooyoung already walked away leaving Kyuhyun behind.

“Soo-ya!” Kyuhyun shouted as he was trying to chase her.

Eunhyuk, Jonghyun and also Lee Joon just looked at the couple without trying to do anything.

“Definitely changes when it comes to Sooyoung.” Jonghyun said. Eunhyuk and Lee Joon nodded their heads, agreed with Jonghyun’s statement.

“Yeah, Sooyoung is his weakness. He’ll do anything for her and he only want to hear what Sooyoung’s says.” Added Eunhyuk.

“Love totally changes anything.”


“Soo-ya!” Kyuhyun grabbed her wrist and turned Sooyoung’s body to face him. “Please don’t mad at me like this.” Kyuhyun said as he was still holding Sooyoung’s wrist. Sooyoung tried to release her hand from Kyuhyun’s grip.

“You did it again. You promised me that you won’t fight ever again. But now…” Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun with her disappointed face. She sighed heavily before she continued her sentence. “And you want me to stay next to you? Seriously, I can’t resist this.”

Sooyoung was about to go when Kyuhyun hugged her from behind. Good thing that the place was deserted. So, no one would see them like that.

“Jebal…” Kyuhyun whispered into Sooyoung’s ear. There was a sadness in his deep voice. Sooyoung closed her eyes and then sighed heavily. She hates to admit it, but she couldn’t see Kyuhyun like this. She can’t mad at him. And that was really frustrating!

“Arasso… I’ll forgive you again.”Sooyoung turned her body to face Kyuhyun. She could see a small smile appeared on Kyuhyun’s face. “But please oppa, please try to control your emotion. I don’t want you to get trouble again.” Sooyoung said in a soft tone as her fingers caressing Kyuhyun’s cheek. Kyuhyun smiled softly as he held Sooyoung’s hand. “I’ll try. I’ll do anything you ask me to.” Kyuhyun said.

Cho Kyuhyun, arrogant, cold, smart, rich and playboy. That are some words to describe him. But it was all before he met Sooyoung, the girl who already changed him. Ever since he met Sooyoung, his behavior changed a bit especially when Sooyoung became his girlfriend. Sooyoung is like a drug for Kyuhyun and he really addicted to her. Kyuhyun who always been cold to people would be so nice and warm when he’s with Sooyoung.

Sooyoung is like a major needed for Kyuhyun. He would be panic and frustrated if he couldn’t meet Sooyoung or hear her voice. For Kyuhyun, Sooyoung is everything that he needed.



“Aigoo, uri dongsaeng neomu yeppeo.” Soojin praised her sister. She closed the door, then walked closer to Sooyoung. Sooyoung was busy doing her simple make up, just smiled to Soojin.

Soojin helped Sooyoung to braid her long brown hair. “Have a date with Kyuhyun again?” Soojin asked as she was looking Sooyoung’s face through the mirror in front of them. Sooyoung smiled. “Yeah, you can call it like that.” She answered.

“Don’t you afraid if he takes you to weird places again? Just like that day.”

Sooyoung laughed when she remembered how panic she was when Kyuhyun took her to the night club. That was their first date and Sooyoung had no idea that Kyuhyun would take her there. For her whole life, she has never been to such place like that. That was why she was afraid and felt awkward, especially when saw how Kyuhyun and his friends acted there. Dancing like there’s no tomorrow, drinking alcohol, until… yeah… making out. And Sooyoung promised to herself that it was her first and last time to go there.

“Kyuhyun promised that he won’t ever take me to such a place like that anymore. Beside, this time is my turn to choose the place.” Sooyoung said.

Soojin looked at her sister with a curious face. “Ok. So, where will you take him?” Asked Soojin while her hands still braid Sooyoung’s hair.

“Oh, wait a minute! Don’t you want to go to the orphan house today?” Soojin looked at Sooyoung, but not long after that her eyes wide in surprise. “Omo, don’t tell me that you’re going to bring him there!” Soojin said loudly while Sooyoung grinned widely.

“Wow, you can definitely read my mind, sis.”



Kyuhyun was came out from his room. He dragged his foot to the dining room, to had breakfast. But Kyuhyun immediately stopped his step when he saw that his father was there too, eating breakfast peacefully. Kyuhyun sighed and he was about to walk away when his father noticed him and called him.

“Where are you going?” Asked his father.

“None of your business.” Kyuhyun answered coldly, making his father angry because of that.

“YA CHO KYUHYUN! Show some respect! I’m your father!” Kyuhyun’s father said with an angry tone as he was looking at Kyuhyun with his red face. Kyuhyun looked at his father with no expression. Having fight with his father is like a routine everytime they meet.

“Where are you going?” Asked his father again, but this time in soft tone.

“Hang out with friends.” He said.

“Ehm, let’s have breakfast together.”

“No, thanks. I’m late.” Kyuhyun said and after that he walked out from the dining room, leaving his father behind with a disappointed face.

Ever since Kyuhyun’s mother passed away, Kyuhyun and his father relationship became awkward until like just now. Always fight when they meet. Kyuhyun always thinks that his father never care about him and his mother. His father didn’t even care when Kyuhyun’s mom sick and finally passed away. All he cares about is his business and money. That’s all! That’s why Kyuhyun hates him so much.

“Shit!” Kyuhyun hit the steering wheel. His beautiful morning was ruined, and thanks to his father for that. Now, Kyuhyun was definitely in bad mood.

Suddenly his phone rang, showing a girl photo on the wallpaper. A small but beautiful smile appeared on Kyuhyun’s face. The call was from Sooyoung.

“Yoboseyo.” He answered the phone.

“Oppa, neo oddiya? I’m waiting for you now.”

“Mian, I was a bit late. But I’m on my way to your house now.”

“Ok, arasso. Drive carefully. Annyeong!”

Kyuhyun stared at Sooyoung’s picture on his phone. He couldn’t help but smile when she remembered that girl is belong to him now. Kyuhyun always confused about how Sooyoung will be a major influence on him. Just like now, his mood which was ruined, now becomes better just because he just got a call from Sooyoung. Weird huh?

“I had no idea how you can change my mood so fast like this, Soo. You don’t know how happy I am just because I could hear your voice.” Kyuhyun mumbled.


Kyuhyun speechless to see where he is now. “Are you sure that we’re in the right place?” Kyuhyun asked as he was staring at the orphan house. Sooyoung smiled to see Kyuhyun’s reaction. She knew exactly that Kyuhyun would act like this. “Yeah, we’re absolutely in the right place. Wae?” Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun’s face.

“But this is orphan house.”

Sooyoung showed her innocent face. “Yes, I know. That’s an orphan house. Wae? Where do you think we’re going? Mall? Restaurant?”

“So, those foods are for them?” Asked Kyuhyun without answer Sooyoung’s question. Sooyoung nodded her head. “Yup!” Sooyoung said with a cheerful tone. “Kajja!” Added her again before she get out from Kyuhyun’s car. Kyuhyun had no choice but also to follow Sooyoung.


“Sooyoung eonnie!!”

“Sooyoung noona!!”

The orphan kids ran toward Sooyoung. Sooyoung bend down her knee so the kids could hug her easier. She was so close with those kids because she often go there. Sooyoung’s family is a contributor  for the orphan house. The kids seemed so happy to her coming. While Sooyoung was still busy with the kids, Kyuhyun just stood behind her awkwardly. He wasn’t familiar with this kind of situation.

Kyuhyun cleared his throat, trying to tell Sooyoung that he was still there. Sooyoung who was realized it immediately introduce Kyuhyun to the kids. “Dongsaengdeul, I’m going to introduce you with the handsome guy beside me.” Sooyoung smiled to the kids. “His name is Cho Kyuhyun. You can call him Kyuhyun oppa or Kyuhyun hyung.” Added her again.

“Oh, Is Kyuhyun oppa your namjachingu, eonnie?” Asked one of the children with her innocent face. Sooyoung laughed. “Haha, ne. He’s my namjachingu. So handsome, isn’t he?” Sooyoung took a glance at Kyuhyun and so did he. Sooyoung almost burst in laugh when she realized that Kyuhyun’s face was a little bit blushing.

‘Haha, I never knew before that a cold guy like Kyuhyun will be blushing like this.’ Sooyoung said in her heart.

They finally spent their times with the orphan kids. Kyuhyun who was at first felt awkward, now becomes more comfortable around the kids. He even played with them and taught them math. Sooyoung saw all the scene with a happy heart. She was glad to see that Kyuhyun already changed his bad behavior a bit.

“Eunjung-ah, you look sleepy. Let’s take a nap.” Sooyoung said to a little girl named Eunjung. Sooyoung took the Barbie from Eunjung’s hand. Sooyoung was about to take the girl to the bedroom, but Eunjung refused it by saying, “Sooyoung eonnie, I want a piggy back from Kyuhyun oppa.” The little girl said shyly.

Kyuhyun who happened to hear it just looked at Sooyoung. He felt surprise by Eunjung requested. “Kyuhyun oppa, you heard it right? What are you waiting for? Come on, Eunjung is really sleepy.” Sooyoung said as she was smiling.

Kyuhyun pointed his index finger. “Naneun?” He asked.

Sooyoung nodded. “Of course you are! Is there another Cho Kyuhyun here?” She said with a playful tone. Kyuhyun wanted to refuse it. But seeing Sooyoung’s hopeful face and also Eunjung’s puppy eyes made him weak.

“Aish jinjja!” Kyuhyun grouse as he was walking toward Eunjung and Sooyoung. He bend down his knee. “Come on!” Kyuhyun said again. Eunjung smiled happily and she jumped on Kyuhyun’s back.

“Gomawo Kyuhyun oppa…” Eunjung said shyly as she leaned her head on Kyuhyun’s back. “Mmm… ne, cheonmaneyo.”

Sooyoung laughed in silent. Kyuhyun looked like a young father with Eunjung on his back.



Kyuhyun and Sooyoung sat on the bench in front of Han River. They just got back from the orphan house. Sooyoung ate the cold noodle on her hand while she was staring at the Han River. She couldn’t help but smile when she remembered the moments that she spent together with Kyuhyun in the orphan house. She could see the other side of Kyuhyun there. The good, fun and lovely guy. Totally different from the usual Kyuhyun.

“Why are you smiling like that? Is there something funny?” Kyuhyun asked before he drank his coffee latte.

“Ani oppa. I just remembered our moments at the orphan house just now. That was fun, wasn’t it?” Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun with a smile on her face. “I’m happy to see how you get along very well with them.” Added her again.

Kyuhyun smiled softly. “Yeah, they’re nice.”

“I know.” Replied Sooyoung.

Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung deeply. He swears to god how he really in love with this beautiful girl. Sooyoung is so special. She’s different with the other girls. And Kyuhyun realized how lucky he was because he had a chance to meet someone like her.


“Ne?” Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun ruffled Sooyoung’s bangs. “Gomawo for today.” He said. Sooyoung smiled, “Cheonmaneyo.”

“Soo-ya?” Called Kyuhyun again, making Sooyoung turned her head.


Kyuhyun kissed Sooyoung gently, there was no passion in it. They both smiled in their kisses.

“Thanks for coming to my life. I hope we can continue like this. Forever…” Kyuhyun said. Sooyoung froze for a while after Kyuhyun said that sentence. She bit her lower lips and trying hard to smile. “Ne, I hope so.” She finally replied.

‘There’s no forever oppa… Eventhough I hope we can be like this forever, but the fact is we can’t. Mianhe…’ Sooyoung said in her heart as she was secretly looking at Kyuhyun.

-To Be Continued-

So, here is it! the first chapter of this story. I’m so sorry i let you guys down. I just lost my ability to write fanfic. Seriously, this chapter is boring and kind of… well… cheesy? LOL
But i still hope that you can enjoy this. Please give me comment about this first chapter, i’d like to know what your thinking about this story. Maybe you can give me some advices 🙂

Ok then, see ya on the next chapter! :DD



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10 tanggapan untuk “I Just Need You (Part 1)

  1. there’s no matter. Wih, Soo eon have a secret? What is that? Ah, pkoknya ya aku mau KYUYOUNG bersatu! Daebak! Next part, soon, oke?

  2. there’s no matter. Wih, Soo eon have a secret? What is that? Ah, pkoknya ya aku mau KYUYOUNG bersatu! Daebak! Next part, soon, oke? 🙂

  3. what happen with soo? why she talk can’t live with kyu forever? really soo you changes kyu became good person.. hope finally don’t sad end, fighting for the next part.. keep guard your felling for write the next next part..
    I enjoyed read the fanfic ^^

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