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I Just Need You (Part 2)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon



“When will you tell him the truth?”

Sooyoung turned her head to face her sister, then she lay down next to her sister. Sooyoung sighed weakly before she answer Soojin’s question. “Mollayo. I… I don’t know how to tell him.” Sooyoung said with a low tone.

Soojin looked at Sooyoung with her mournful. “But he has to know, Soo. Sooner or later.”

“But I don’t wanna hurt him.” Sooyoung eyes started to teary. Soojin immediately hugged her. “But still… he needs to know. It will hurt him for sure. But at least, he knows it from you. It much better.” Soojin said. Sooyoung hugged back her sister. Tears started to fall from her eyes, but her hand immediately wiped it.






Sooyoung was walking down the street with the violin on her hand. She just went from orchestra rehearsal.  She enjoyed the cold evening air in Seoul. The sun accompany every step that she took. Sooyoung took a seat on the bench at the park near the street. The park was full of old trees, made the area looked more natural and also fresh. There wasn’t a lot of people at the park. Just some couples and also some teenagers.

The tall girl took out her phone from her bag. She found some message from her friends and also from Kyuhyun. “What a protective guy.” Sooyoung mumbled as soon as she read Kyuhyun’s message.

Sooyoung heard a beautiful melody vaguely. She took her violins bag and walked toward the sound. She could see some people there, watching a violinist showed his ability. Sooyoung joined the crowded around her. Her smile appeared on her beautiful face when she heard the beautiful melody which was so flawless and wonderful. It’s hard to describe.

The violinist was facing his back to Sooyoung, so she couldn’t see his face. But as soon as the violinist turned his body around, Sooyoung felt surprised. The violinist also showed the same reaction like her when their eyes met.

“Donghae oppa…”






There was silent situation between Sooyoung and Donghae. Both of them still close their mouth, unwilling to open the conversation first. It’s been 3 years since the last time they met. Donghae was Sooyoung’s sunbae when she was still in Senior High School and Donghae was also her boyfriend. But they had to break up because Donghae already graduated and he moved to Busan. They lost contact after that, and Sooyoung never heard any news about Donghae since he moved out.

But now, seeing him next to her and sitting side by side makes the memories appeared in Sooyoung’s mind. Donghae smiled as he looked at Sooyoung next to him. He still couldn’t believe that the girl who was sitting next to him was Sooyoung, his ex-girlfriend.

“You still look the same. Nothing change from you.” Donghae open his mouth. Sooyoung smiled. “Neodo, Donghae-ya.”

“You used to call me Oppa.” Donghae looked at Sooyoung. “I prefer you to call me like that again.” He continued.

“Ne oppa…” Sooyoung finally said.

“Since when you’re back to Seoul? We lost contact after you moved out.”

“I’m back almost a year ago. Yeah I know, sorry for that.” Donghae said with a calm tone.

“You’re back here for work or else?”

Donghae looked down the ground as he was sighed. “Marriage.” He replied shortly. Sooyoung looked at Donghae with a smile on her face. She was about to congratulate him when she saw Donghae sad expression. That expression made her confused.

“Chukkae oppa… but why do you look so… emm… sad about it?” Sooyoung asked carefully, not wanting to hurt Donghae’s feeling.

Donghae giggled. “Haha, i think you misunderstand this. I’m not the one who’s getting married, but my mom.” Donghae said.

“Oh, mianhe.” Sooyoung smiled shyly. “But…” Sooyoung wanted to ask about Donghae’s father but seemed like Donghae could read her mind.

“My dad? He passed away.”

“Mianhe. I’m so sorry to hear that…”

Donghae looked at her with a small smile on his face. “Gwenchana. I accept it well now.” He said. Sooyoung nodded her head. Now she understands why Donghae looked sad when he told her about the marriage thing. Seemed like he didn’t like to know that his mom would getting marriage. Sooyoung knew how much Donghae loved his father.

“Everything we’ll be okay.” Sooyoung said with a soft tone, making Donghae smiled. “You still like to use that sentence, hah?” Donghae giggled. “Yeah, I hope everything we’ll be okay.” Donghae continued.






Kyuhyun was busy playing with his PSP while listening to the music through his ipod, when his father came into his room. Kyuhyun took a glance for a while before he was back to his PSP. His father walked closer to him and sat at the edge of his bed. Kyuhyun still ignored him, like there was nobody there.

“There’s a dinner tonight. I’d like you to meet my friend.” His father said. Kyuhyun laughed sardonically. “Not your friend, but your girlfriend, right?” He said while his attention was still on PSP.

“Yeah, if you said so. She’s my girlfriend and soon will be your mom.”

Kyuhyun froze. He looked at his father with his cold stare. “Don’t ever think that I’ll accept her as my mom. Until the last breathe of mine, I won’t accept her as my mom. Remember that!”


Mr.Cho’s right hand landed on Kyuhyun’s cheek, made Kyuhyun’s cheek as red as tomato. “Watch your mouth Cho Kyuhyun!” Mr.Cho said with an angry tone. Kyuhyun just silent like there wasn’t anything happen before.

Mr.Cho stood up. He stared at his soon sharply. “I don’t want to hear any excuses. You’re going to meet your future mom and her son tonight. Prepare yourself and be polite to them.” Mr.Cho said before he walked out from the room, leaving Kyuhyun behind with all of his anger.


Kyuhyun’s PSP broke into pieces. Kyuhyun was so angry until he slammed his lovely PSP to the wall in front of him.








Seyeon looked at Sooyoung with disbelief stare. “You… you met Donghae oppa?” She stammered. Sooyoung nodded her head. “Ne, I met him yesterday in the park. He was playing his violin.” Sooyoung answered.

“Ah, he’s still playing violin.” Seyeon mumbled with a smile on her face. Then the black hair girl looked at her friend. “What did you guys talk about?”

Sooyoung drank her cappuccino. “Some stuff. But mostly about our old memories.”

Seyeon stared at her cappuccino cup. She wanted to ask something to Sooyoung, but she was confused rather she should ask it or not. Sooyoung who seemed realize about it decided to ask Seyeon. “Waeyo? There’s anything you want to ask?” Sooyoung asked.

Seyeon looked at her with a doubt. “Emm… neo… Donghae oppa joahe?” Seyeon looked down as she was holding her cup tightly. Sooyoung smiled, showing her angelic side. “Aniyo. Donghae oppa and I are past. Beside, I already have Kyuhyun oppa. There’s no way I can fall in love with someone else. And also… I know that my friend likes him so much.” Sooyoung winked, making Seyeon blushed like tomato. “Soo-ya!”

“Hahaha… arasso. Don’t be panic, ok! I won’t tell it to anyone.” Sooyoung laughed. “Seyeon-ah…”


“I have Donghae’s oppa phone number. Would you like to have it?” Sooyoung winked her eyes again, trying to tease Seyeon.

“Soo-ya!” Seyeon whined.









Kyuhyun walked into his dining room lazily. He didn’t want to meet his future mom and her son. But he had no choice. Like it or not, he should meet his future mom and also his future brother. As soon as he stepped into the dining room, he saw a middle aged woman and also a guy around his aged sitting on the dining table. Kyuhyun cleared his throat, giving a sign that he was there.

“Oh Kyuhyun-ah, neo wasso.” His father got up from his seat and walked closer to Kyuhyun.

“Be good and don’t ever think to ruin this dinner.” His father whispered into his ear. Kyuhyun just silent, didn’t want to talk back to his dad. His father brought him to the dining table.

“This is Kyuhyun. My only son.” Mr.Cho introduced Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun put his cold expression. He didn’t even smile a little. Minsun, his future mom, offered her hand to shake Kyuhyun’s hand. Seeing no sign from Kyuhyun, making Mr.Cho cleared his throat. Kyuhyun knew that he had no choice but to be good guy for that night. Or else his father would ground him again.

“Kyuhyun.” Kyuhyun introduced himself as he was shaking hand with Minsun.

“Lee Minsun.” The middle aged woman said with a smile on her face. “Jagi-ya, come here.” Minsun called his son. His son came closer to them. His expression not far from Kyuhyun. Cold. But at least, we could still see his warm side.

The guy offered his hand to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked at his face for a while before he took the hand and shook it. “Lee Donghae.” The guy said.

“Cho Kyuhyun.”




The dinner were so awkward. How hard Mr.Cho tried to make Kyuhyun accept his future wife, but it just didn’t work well. Kyuhyun was still as cold and quiet like a statue. He didn’t even care with any topic that his father and his future mom talked about. The same situation also goes to Donghae. The guy who usually kind and loves to smile seemed like just lost his true personality. Donghae became so quiet. He just talked when he needed to answer some question.

“We’re going to marry soon. We already choose the date. What do you guys think about it? Donghae-ya, Kyuhyun-ah?” Asked Mr.Cho as he was looking at Kyuhyun and Donghae. Donghae gave a small smile. “That’s good. I’m ok with anything.” Donghae said. Eventhough he didn’t like about the marriage thing, but seeing his mom happy made Donghae couldn’t do anything except to support this marriage.

Mr.Cho smiled with satisfaction when he heard Donghae’s answer. Since the first time he met Donghae, he already knew that Donghae is a nice guy and he isn’t a typical guy who likes to troublesome people around him. But now the only problem left is only Kyuhyun, his own son. Mr.Cho looked at Kyuhyun, waiting for his answer.


Kyuhyun dropped his spoon harsly on the table. He looked at his father coldy. “Eventhough I say that I don’t like this marriage thing, but you won’t listen, right?” Kyuhyun said with a cold tone.

Minsun and Donghae were speechless. Minsun bowed her head. She never knew that Kyuhyun hates her this much. Donghae looked at his mom with a worry stare. He knew that his mom must be really upset now. And he hated it!

“Cho Kyuhyun!” Mr.Cho growled.

“I’m done here.” Kyuhyun stood up from his seat and without even bother to ask permission, he left the dining room.


“Geumanhe. Just let him be alone for now. He needs time to accept everything.” Minsun said with a soft tone as she was trying her best to hide her sadness. She stroke Mr.Cho’s hand, trying to make him calm.

“Mianhe Minsun-ah, mianhe Donghae-ya. Kyuhyun turned into like that  ever since his mother passed away. I hope you can understand.”

“Gwenchana ahjussi. I understand that.” Replied Donghae.

And finally, they decided to continue the dinner without Kyuhyun. The situation became much better around them. Both Donghae and his mom were trying to understand Kyuhyun’s feeling.








“Kyuhyun oppa.” Sooyoung said as soon as she opened her house door. She felt a little bit surprise to see Kyuhyun was in front of her house at this time. Kyuhyun smiled at his girlfriend. Eventhough he was smiling like nothing happen, but Sooyoung could feel the difference in Kyuhyun’s smile. Like there was something bad happen. Sooyoung let Kyuhyun entered her house. They sat in the living room.

“What’s wrong oppa?” Sooyoung asked with a soft tone as she was holding Kyuhyun’s hand. Kyuhyun shook his head. “Nothing.” He answered.

“You won’t come here at this time if there isn’t something wrong.” Sooyoung said again. She was looking at Kyuhyun’s face, trying to convice him to tell his problem.

Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung. “Can’t I come to see my girlfriend?”

“Sure, you can Oppa. Keunde, I feel like there’s something wrong with you tonight. You can tell me anything.” Sooyoung stroked Kyuhyun’s hand.

Kyuhyun sighed, and then he leaned his body on the sofa. “It’s about my dad and his… future wife. I was having dinner with them and… they were talking about the stupid marriage thing. I hate it Soo! Nan jeongmal sirheo!” Kyuhyun covered his face with both of his hand. He felt so desperate.

Sooyoung stroked his back. “I know that it must be really hard for you. But, why don’t you try to accept her as your mom… emm… or as your father’s wife.”

“I can’t! I never can.”

“You haven’t try it yet.” Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun. “Oppa, I know that you never want anyone to replace your mom’s place. But, you have to realize that everyone needs love, including your father. And trying to accept your future mom is not bad and it doesn’t mean that she can replace your mom’s place. Your mom ‘s place will always be number one. Just try to give your future mom a little bit space in your heart.” Sooyoung gave him an advice.

Kyuhyun silent after he heard what Sooyoung was talking. He ended up hugging Sooyoung’s body. He put his chin on Sooyoung’s shoulder. “ I don’t know Soo… it’s hard for me…” Kyuhyun said weakly. He tightened his hug. Sooyoung hugged Kyuhyun back. She knew that Kyuhyun must be really in a hard time now.

‘Soo-ya, thanks for coming into my life. You make my life better. I don’t know what will happen if you’re not here with me…’

“Soo, have you drunk your medicine?” Soojin, who just came out from her room, asked. She didn’t know that Kyuhyun was there.

Sooyoung panicked!

“Medicine?” He looked at Sooyoung. “Are you sick?” He asked again. Sooyoung could see that his face showed a worry expression.

“Omo Kyuhyun-ah, you’re here.” Soojin said surprisely. She looked at her dongsaeng with a sorry stare. She knew that she shouldn’t have to say it front of Kyuhyun. But that wasn’t her mistake because she didn’t know that Kyuhyun was there.




-To Be Continued-



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  1. ya ampun… jd kyuhae bakalan adek kakak?! entah mau setuju sama sikap kyu atau gmn. tp kata2 nasehat soo ada benernya jg.
    kirain pas awal baca part ini, udh mikir antara soo sakit atau jgn2 krn ada hae. tp ternyata… kyknya krn soo sakit TT__TT

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