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I Just Need You (Part 3)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon


“Soo? Are you sick?” Kyuhyun looked at her, waiting for her answer. Sooyoung confused, but she immediately covered her nervous look and pretend like usual.

“Yes. There’s something wrong with my digestion, so I have to drink medicine.” Sooyoung lied. Kyuhyun nodded. “You should watch your food from now on.” He said with a concern.

“Arasso oppa.” Sooyoung smiled.  Deep inside her heart she felt really bad for lying to Kyuhyun. But she didn’t have any choice. She did this for Kyuhyun’s good sake. She didn’t want to hurt his feeling. ‘I will tell you, oppa. But not now… Mianhe…’


Seyeon smiled happily to meet Donghae again after few years. She couldn’t hide her happiness. Yeah, she loved this guy so much. She even had that feeling when Donghae was still Sooyoung’s boyfriend. Sooyoung didn’t know that part. Seyeon kept that as her little secret.

“Waeyo?” Donghae smiled as he was looking at her. Seyeon gasped. “Ani.” She answered nervously.

“I’m just happy to meet you again…” She mumbled. Donghae smiled. “Nado. It’s been a long time, ne?”

Donghae drank his cappuccino. “Sooyoung…” He stopped for a while before he continued his sentence. “She became prettier. But her behavior is still the same Sooyoung.” Donghae said as he was smiling. Seyeon became silent when she heard what Donghae just said.

Again, this young lady had to experienced the pain inside her heart. Seyeon could see clearly that Donghae still had the same feeling for Sooyoung. She could tell it by looking at his expression when he talked about Sooyoung. Seyeon clenched her hand as she was trying her best to hide the pain inside her heart.

“Ne, she became so much pretty now.” Seyeon said. She looked at Donghae. “Oppa, do… do you still have the same feeling for her?” She asked with a low tone.

‘Please say no, please say no…’ Seyeon kept begging in her heart.

Donghae put his cappuccino on the table. He smiled softly. “Is it too clear?” He asked shyly.

Seyeon looked at him with her sad stare. “So?”

“Ne, my feeling for her is still the same…”

Only one word came out from Donghae’s mouth, but it could destroy Seyeon feeling so easily. Seyeon held his emotion as she was holding her cup tightly. There was nothing she could do beside smile widely like nothing happen. Yeah, one side love is really a trouble.


“He still likes you.” Seyeon mumbled as she was staring blanky at the pool in front of her. Sooyoung who was eating her burger turned her head to face Seyeon. “Ne?” Sooyoung felt confused.

“Donghae oppa… his feeling for you is still the same, Soo-ya…”

Sooyoung almost choked her burger because of shocked. Now, she understand why Seyeon seemed really gloomy today. That was all because of Donghae. Seyeon seemed really hopeless and Sooyoung felt guilt to see her bestfriend like that.

“But it doesn’t matter, because I don’t love him.” Replied Sooyoung. Her eyes was still stuck on Seyeon. Seyeon bowed her head. “You don’t love him, but he does love you…”


“I’m going now.” Seyeon stood up from her seat. She took her bag and her books. She was about to walk away before Sooyoung pulled her hand. “Seyeon-ah, nan…”

“Gwenchana. Don’t feel guilty at all! This isn’t your fault.” Seyeon smiled. Eventhough that she was smiling like nothing happen, but Sooyoung knew how was she felt. Seyeon looked at her watch on her right hand. “My class will start soon, I have to go now.” She said, making Sooyoung release her grip from her hand.

Sooyoung watched Seyeon as she walked away. The tall girl felt bad. She had no idea that Donghae still had that feeling for her.

‘Ani, this isn’t right! Donghae can’t love me!’




Everyone seemed busy in Cho Kyuhyun’s house. They were busy preparing for the wedding of Mr.Cho. The wedding party will be held soon and those people were hired to make everything perfect for the wedding party. Kyuhyun just stared at the crowded in his house with a blankly stared. He hated this situation. He was planning to run away on the wedding party day, but again, his father threat made him changed his mind. No, he didn’t afraid of his father. He was just too tired to have fight with him. Ever since this guy knew Sooyoung, his behavior has changed. If he used to like fight to solve any problem, but now he didn’t like it at all. Somehow he likes peace. Funny isn’t to know that Cho Kyuhyun could changed just because an ordinary girl named Choi Sooyoung?

Kyuhyun sighed heavily. He remembered his mom. He missed her so much, until sometimes he felt like he wanted to go with her. He couldn’t describe how he felt about his father. Anger, disappoint, sadness, all mixed into one. He felt like his father betrayed his mom with this marriage. Oh wait! He forgot something…

He forgot that his father never loved his mom. Their marriage was a fake. It was all for the sake of company. There was no love. There was no faith. The marriage of his father and his mother was nothing.

“Shit!” He growled as he ruffled his brown hair.

And now his feeling becomes worse, like a volcano which was about to explode. He needs someone to calm him. And there is only someone who could make him feel better. Choi Sooyoung. He had to see her now.

“Kyuhyun, where are you going?” Asked Kyuhyun’s father when they met in front of the door.

“Anywhere except here.” Kyuhyun answered coldly, not even bother to see his fathers face. The cold guy just walked out, ignoring his father who was looking at his back. Mr.Cho sighed heavily. Yeah, same like Kyuhyun, he also felt tired about this awkward situation between him and his own son. He’d like to fix it, but he didn’t know how. And finally, he just let it flow like that.



Sooyoung sat weakly on the bathroom floor while her hand was hugging her stomach tightly. She leaned her back on the cold wall behind her. Her face full of sweat and she also looked pale. Sooyoung just threw up right after she ate her lunch. That disease really bothered her digestion. Sooyoung had this disease since she was still in senior high school. But the disease was cured after she had so many treatment. It was happened when she was in Senior High School. But a few months ago, she felt something weird again with her body, especially with her stomach. She would easily throw up after she eat and sometimes she would feel pain in her stomach, like it was stabbed by knife. At first, Sooyoung thought that it was just a simple digestion problem. But day by day she felt that her condition was getting worse. She even lost some weight. Her sister, Soojin, advices her to see the doctor, just to make sure that everything was alright. Sooyoung obeyed it.

“I’m sorry to say this. But… the disease is back, Sooyoung-ssi. You positive have stomach cancer.”

Sooyoung could still remember her conversation with Jung Uisa, her doctor. Until now she still couldn’t believe that the disease that once took her beautiful day was back again. Sooyoung was so happy when Jung uisa said that she was recovered from the disease. But now, hearing that the disease was back make her felt hopeless. She didn’t want to experience those hard times again. She was too tired to feel the pain again.

To be honest, deep inside her heart she really felt like she wanted to give up. But seeing her father and her sister makes her throw away that thought. She didn’t want to disappoint her family. If before she tried to survive for her father, sister and her bestfriend, Seyeon. But now she has one more reason why she should stay strong and try to survive again. It’s Cho Kyuhyun…

Sooyoung stood up slowly when she heard her phone was ringing. Slowly, step by step she walked out from her bathroom and entered her room. She took her phone on the table. She sat at the edge of her bed. Her stomach was still hurt.


“Sooyoung-ah, neo odisseo?” Asked Kyuhyun.

“Argh… I’m at my house of course.” Sooyoung moaned in pain as she felt that her stomach started to hurt even more. She bitted her lower lip, trying to hold her moan.

Kyuhyun frowned when he heard the moaned from Sooyoung’s mouth and also her weak voice made him even more worried. “Gwenchana? Are you sick? You don’t sound well.” Kyuhyun asked with a worry tone.

“Ani, nan gwenchana. It just that… my stomach hurts again.”

“But it’s getting better now.” Added Sooyoung again before Kyuhyun could give any respon.

“Soo-ya, didn’t i tell you to watch your food? Aigoo.. Well, I actually want to see you now. I’m not in a good mood. I feel like I could destroy anything now.”

“Waeyo? Oh beside, shouldn’t you help your father to prepare the wedding now?”

“That’s his wedding not mine.”

“Kyu, don’t be like this, jebal…”

Kyuhyun sighed. “Can we please leave that behind?!”

“Arasso. You said you want to meet me, right? You can come to my house if you want.”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Kyuhyun said before he hang up the phone.


“Hae-ya…” Called Donghae’s mom as she stepped into Donghae’s room. Donghae gave his mom a small smile. His mom took a seat at the edge of his bed.

“Waeyo?” Donghae asked with a soft tone.

His mom held his hand. “Mianhe…” Said Donghae’s mom, making Donghae confused.

“For what?”

Donghae’s mom stared at his son. Donghae could tell that his mother was sad by looking at her expression. “I know that you don’t like this marriage. You must be think that I’m so unfaithful to your father, right? But I’m…”

“Eomma. Listen to me!” Donghae looked at his mom. “I never think something like that about you. I understand your decision. I don’t mind about this marriage. Really, eomma!” Donghae was trying to persuade his mom.

Hearing the statement that came out from his son’s mouth made Miyoung felt relief. She pulled Donghae for a hug. “Gomawo jagiya…” She said as tears was falling from her eyes. The tears wasn’t a tears of sadness, instead it was a tears of happiness. She felt proud to have a very good son like Donghae.

Donghae smiled as he hugged his mom. He stroked his mom back. For Donghae, it doesn’t matter if he unhappy or sad, because the most important for him is his mother happiness. That’s it. And he knew exactly that Mr.Cho is his mother happiness.


Today is the wedding of Mr.Cho and Mrs.Lee. Since the day before, people were busy preparing the wedding. Even Mr.Cho and Mrs.Lee also took care of their wedding preparation. They just wanted to make sure that everything will be perfect, eventhough there’s no something perfect in this world. But still, they just wanted this happy day to be memorized forever. Kyuhyun was still acted like usual, not caring about this wedding at all. He even spent almost all of his time outside the house, hanging out with his friend or go out with Sooyoung. Mr.Cho just silent and didn’t do anything. He didn’t want to create another fight with his son, especially when his special day was about to come.

Sooyoung was doing her make up. Kyuhyun asked her to accompany him to the wedding or else he didn’t want to attend the wedding. She looked awesome with her white dress and also with her natural make up. She let her hair loose with a beautiful hair clip that Kyuhyun gave her. One touch left and then Sooyoung was ready to go. But suddenly, the pain came again. Sooyoung gripped her stomach.

“Argh…” She moaned in pain.

‘Please not now…. Jebalyo…’

Sooyoung tried to walk to take her medicine, but the pain became worse until Sooyoung lost her balance and she fell down the floor.

“Argh… appo…” Sooyoung moaned. She couldn’t describe how hurt it was. She just let her moaned came out from her mouth, hopefully that it would reduce her pain. But sadly, it seemed useless because the pain was still there. “Soojin eonnie! Eonnie jebalyo…”


Soojin came into Sooyoung’s room with a panic. “Omo, Sooyoung-ah!” Soojin immediately ran to her sister who was already laying on the floor.

“Neomu appayo eonnie… I can’t take it…” Sooyoung said weakly.

“Be strong, Soo! I’ll take you to the hospital.”


Kyuhyun was acting like a mad guy. How come he wasn’t? He couldn’t contact Sooyoung. Kyuhyun was already in front of Sooyoung’s house to pick her up. But seemed like there wasn’t anyone inside the house, plus the cars inside the garage was also gone.

“Where is she?” Kyuhyun mumbled as he tried to call her again.

But still, no respon. Kyuhyun was about to walk away when his phone vibrated. He immediately answered the call as soon as he knew that the caller was Sooyoung, the girl that he has been waiting for.

“Soo-ya, where are you?” Kyuhyun asked.

“I’m in the hospital. My father is sick, so I have to take him here. I can’t leave him now since Soojin eonnie isn’t here. Mianhe, but I can’t accompany you to attend the wedding.”

Kyuhyun sighed. He actually felt disappointed, but he understood well that Sooyoung should stay there to accompany her father. “It’s ok. You should take care of him.” Kyuhyun finally said.

“Thanks oppa.”

“What hospital? I’ll go there after the wedding thing.”

“Gwenchana, you don’t have to come here. Appa just need to spend his infusion and after that he can go home. Beside, you better stay with your family. It’s rude to leave their party. You’re his son, so you should stay there.”

“Aish jinjja! Why do you always make me to do something hard like that, huh?” Kyuhyun asked with frustrate tone. Sooyoung giggled. “It’s not that hard, you just make it look hard.” She answered. Kyuhyun gave up. He knew that he would never win over this girl. This girl is his weakness. “Arasso Sooyoung eomma. Don’t be such a fussy like this, please.”

“Yak oppa!” Sooyoung nagged.

Kyuhyun laughed to hear Sooyoung’s childish tone. He loves it when Sooyoung started to nag. He found it really cute. “Kekeke, ok. I’ll hang up now. See you soon.”



Sooyoung sighed heavily. She put her phone on the table next to her. Soojin just looked at her little sister with a sad stare.

“Tired of this lie?” Soojin asked. Sooyoung turned her head to face her sister. “I’ll tell him soon, eonnie. Trust me. Beside, I don’t want to keep this lie for any longer.” Sooyoung said.

Not long after that Mr.Choi entered the room. “How’s your feel, honey?” He asked while his hand was stroking Sooyoung’s hair. Sooyoung smiled weakly. “Much better than just now.”

Mr.Choi smiled, then he kissed his daughter forehead. He felt proud to have a strong and steadfast daughter like Sooyoung. It reminded him about Sooyoung’s mom. She was also a strong and steadfast woman. Yeah, Sooyoung was like a copied of her mother. Her eyes, her smile, her attitude, almost all the part of her looked like her mother. Mr.Choi stared at his lovely daughter. He never expected that he would experience this kind of situation again. He hates it! He didn’t want to lose his lovely family again. Not after he lost Sooyoung’s mom.


Sooyoung suddenly moaned and it followed with the threw up, making Soojin and Mr.Choi felt panicked. Soojin pressed the button near Sooyoung’s bed to call the nurse.

“Soo-ya, please be strong!”


-To Be Continued-



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  1. akh… ternyata sakit kanker perut TT___TT gak tega dgn keadaan soo yg kyk gini. soo hrs kuat demi kyu & keluarganya. demi kyu spya kyu bisa jd lbh baik sikapnya & gak tega kyu jd sedih nti

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