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I Just Need You (Part 4)


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon



“The cancer had spread all over her stomach. We can’t only depend on the medicine anymore.” Said Jung Uisa as she was looking at Sooyoung’s family, Mr.Choi and Soojin. Soojin eyes started to teary because of her tears.

“So, what can we do now for Sooyoung’s good sake?” Mr.Choi asked with a weak tone. It’s hard for him to accept this news. Jung Uisa sighed before she answered the question. “For now, we don’t have any choice except stick on the treatment and also medicine, eventhough medicine can’t cure the disease but at least it can hold up the disease.” She said.

“Can’t we just do the operation?” Asked Mr.Choi again as he was looking the doctor with his hopeful eyes. But soon as he heard the answer his face became more gloomy than before.

“Not now. Her condition isn’t ready to have the operation. Beside, it’s gonna be her second time to have the operation. And…” Jung Uisa stopped talking for a while as she was looking at Soojin and Mr.Choi. She justify her glasses. “I’m not sure if this operation will be success like before.”

“Appa…” Sojin cried. Mr.Choi held her hand and mumbled, “She’s gonna be fine… ne, she’s gonna be fine.” He kept saying that to make Soojin calm, or maybe to make himself calm. This all feels like a nightmare for him. Hearing that his daughter on the situation between life or death makes him suffer too.







“Omo Sooyoung-ah, you looked so pale!” Seyeon looked at Sooyoung with her surprised look. She just got a phone call from Sooyoung and Sooyoung told her that she had been hospitalized. Seyeon felt worried and she immediately went to the hospital after asked about the hospital location.

Sooyoung just smiled weakly to see how worry her bestfriend was. Sooyoung looked at Seyeon who was busy peeling an apple for her. “You have to eat more vegetable. Look how thin you are. Aigoo…” Seyeon mumbled as she was peeling an apple and then gave it to Sooyoung.

“What kind of illness do you have?” Asked Seyeon, making Sooyoung frozed in silent. Sooyoung chewed her apple slowly.

“Soo?” Asked Seyeon again. Seyeon looked at Sooyoung with a curious stared.

“There’s something wrong with my digestion.” Sooyoung finally answered. Seyeon nodded her head, but suddenly after she remembered something, she became worry.

“Digestion problem? Emm… Well, this may not be as severe as before, right?” Seyeon asked carefully. To be honest, she felt really worry. She was afraid if there was something bad happen to Sooyoung again just like before. Yeah, Seyeon knew about Sooyoung disease when there  were still in Senior High. She was so happy like there was no tomorrow when the doctor said that Sooyoung is one hundred percent cured from her illness. But now, somehow she felt worry again.

“Soo-ya!” She called as she was looking at Sooyoung, impatient to hear her answer. But as soon as she saw Sooyoung’s gloomy expression, she knew that something bad was actually happening.

“This is same as before or even more bad than before.” Sooyoung answered with a weak tone. Seyeon shook her head. “Andwae! This may not be happening. That must be wrong! The doctor said that you already recover. The disease is gone.”

“Gone doesn’t mean can’t back, right?” Sooyoung looked at Seyeon deeply. “It’s back now.”

Seyeon became silent after she heard Sooyoung’s statement. She couldn’t believe that Sooyoung had to experience those hard moment again. Then she remembered about Kyuhyun. Seeing that Kyuhyun was no where to be seen there made Seyeon could take a conclusion that Kyuhyun didn’t know anything about this.

“Kyuhyun… he doesn’t know anything about this, does he?” Seyeon asked.

“Not yet. I’ll make sure to tell him about this. But not now. I need time.”

Seyeon sighed heavily. “Until when Soo? He needs to know about this. He has to.”

“I know. But, I don’t want to make him suffer.”

“Soo-ya, he will know about this, sooner or later. And at that time, like it or not he must be feel suffer.” Seyeon said again. She was trying hard to persuade Sooyoung, so she would tell her actual condition to Kyuhyun. But Sooyoung seemed still enjoy her situation. For her, it’s the best if Kyuhyun doesn’t know about her disease.

“Seyeon-ah, would you like to do me a favor?”

Seyeon took a glance at Sooyoung. “Mwoya?” She asked.

“Please don’t tell anything to Kyuhyun. I know that you must be feel sad about what I’m doing now. But… I think it’s the best for now. I hope you understand.” Sooyoung said with a sad tone. Seyeon could see that Sooyoung’s eyes were teary and also she could feel Sooyoung’s hopeless. Eventhough she disagree, but she had no choice but to nod her head and agree with Sooyoung’s requested.








Sooyoung took step by step to the park at her campus. She was looking for Kyuhyun. She knew that Kyuhyun liked to spend his spare time at that park if he didn’t have any classes. And Sooyoung’s guessed was right. Kyuhyun was there, sitting on the bench under the tree. Sooyoung smiled widely as soon as her eyes caught his figure. She walked, almost running, toward Kyuhyun.

“Oppa!” She hit Kyuhyun’s shoulder softly. Kyuhyun turned his head and smiled widely when he saw his girlfriend there. Sooyoung took a seat next to her namjachingu.

“So, how is your father? Is he okay now?” Kyuhyun asked. Yeah, this guy only knew that Sooyoung has been absent for 2 days because she was taking care of her father.

Sooyoung smiled. “Ne, much better now.” She answered. Kyuhyun ruffled her hair. “You should have told me that your father was really sick, so I could at least help you.” Kyuhyun said as he was looking at Sooyoung. Sooyoung giggled. “And after that you would join me to take care of him?”

“Yeah, why not? He’s soon going to be my dad also, right?”

Sooyoung widened her eyes. “Mwo?! Yak! Who told you that I will marry you?” She squinted her eyes.

Kyuhyun’s face came closer until their noses almost touched, making Sooyoung felt nervous. “I’ll make sure that you’re only going to be my wife. And I don’t take any answer except yes or I do. Arasso!” His voice turned into so deep and full of command. Sooyoung just silent. No, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to be Kyuhyun’s wife. It just that…

‘Do I still have time to be your wife, Kyuhyun-ah?’







Sooyoung who was just came out from her campus building, turned her head. She was a bit surprised when she saw Donghae there. “Donghae oppa.” She smiled as she walked toward him.

“How are you?” Donghae asked.

“I’m good. You?”

“As you see now.” Donghae smiled.

“Are you here to meet Seyeon? I know where she is. If I’m not wrong she’s in…”

“Soo!” Donghae cut her sentence. “I’m here to meet you.” Donghae stared at her deeply. Sooyoung became silent. “Do you have time? I want to have lunch with you.” Donghae said again. Seemed like he didn’t realized the silent Sooyoung.

“Mianhe, but I can’t. I already had a plan.” Sooyoung refused it. But she immediately spoke up again when she saw Donghae’s gloomy expression. “But, I’m not busy tonight. So, how about if we change our lunch into dinner?”

Donghae smiled. “Sounds great!”

They both continued to talk without realizing that someone had watched them with his sharp eyes from a far. And that guy was Kyuhyun. But Kyuhyun still had no idea that the guy who was talking with his girlfriend was his step brother, Donghae. He couldn’t see Donghae’s face well because Donghae’s back was facing him, so he could only see Sooyoung’s face from where he stood.

Seeing how Sooyoung smiled and reacted to that guy made Kyuhyun angry. He’s so protective about anything to do with his girl, especially when it comes to the guy. Kyuhyun took a very big step toward Sooyoung.

“Soo-ya!” Kyuhyun’s deep voice was success to interrupt  the conversation between Donghae and Sooyoung. Sooyoung and Donghae turned their head to face Kyuhyun. Both, Kyuhyun & Donghae’s eyes widened when they saw each other.



The both guy exclaimed at the same time. Sooyoung just looked at them with a curious stare. She was surprised to know that Kyuhyun and Donghae knew each other. Kyuhyun looked at Donghae with his sharp eyes, like an eagle stares at his victim. It looked obvious that Kyuhyun didn’t like to see Donghae, especially because Donghae knew his girlfriend and they seemed close to each other.

“You guys know each other?” Sooyoung finally asked.

Donghae looked at Sooyoung. “Yes, we do. Kyuhyun is my step brother.”

“Ne?!” Sooyoung looked even more surprised. The tall girl immediately turned her head to face Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun just silent. He took a glance at Donghae before he looked back at Sooyoung and immediately grabbed her hand. “Kajja! We have to go now.” Kyuhyun said, ignoring by the fact that Donghae was there too.


“Come on!” Kyuhyun pulled Sooyoung’s hand softly. Sooyoung had no choice but to follow his steps. But before she left the place, she didn’t forget to take a look at Donghae. “Mianhe.” Sooyoung said without sound. Donghae just nodded his head as a reply. He smiled at her, showing that he was okay.

Donghae’s eyes were still looking at Sooyoung and Kyuhyun. He didn’t even notice when Seyeon came.

“Oppa? What are you looking at?” Seyeon asked as she was also looking at the same direction as Donghae’s eyes.

“Sooyoung and Kyuhyun… are they dating?” Donghae asked with a low tone. Seyeon could see that Donghae’s was so nervous to hear her answer. He must be hope that the answer was no. But unfortunately, the fact was opposite.

“Yes, they are.” Seyeon looked at Donghae with a sorry stare. She knew that Donghae must be felt very upset to know this truth. “But, how do you know Kyuhyun?” Asked Seyeon.

“He’s my step brother.” Donghae answered shortly with his gloomy expression.








“How do you Donghae?” Kyuhyun asked, almost like a cop investigated their suspect. Sooyoung knew exactly if Kyuhyun uses that tone to her it means that he’s annoyed.

“Old friends. He’s my sunbae in Senior High.” Sooyoung answered with a calm tone. Kyuhyun took a glance at her. “Only that?” He asked again, seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with Sooyoung’s answered just now.

Sooyoung looked at Kyuhyun. “He also… he’s my ex-boyfriend.” Sooyoung finally said. Kyuhyun braked abruptly, making the car wheel squeal. Good thing that the road was deserted, otherwise it would caused a chaos because of Kyuhyun’s reckless action.

Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung with his sharp eyes, and Sooyoung swore to god that it was the scarier stare that Kyuhyun ever gave her. She gulped nervously. “Oppa…”

“Don’t you dare to meet him again.” Kyuhyun said with his cold tone, making Sooyoung almost shivered. Sooyoung was about to open her mouth and argue, before Kyuhyun continued his sentence. “I hate him so much. You know that, don’t you?” He stared at Sooyoung.

“But, he’s my friend, oppa. Trust me! There’s nothing you should worry about. Donghae oppa and I are only friends now. Our story is over a very long time ago.” Sooyoung tried to convince Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun just silent, not showing his reaction.

“Oppa… you know, I really hate it when you don’t believe me. You’re hurting me by acting like this.”

“Soo, please understand. I just don’t want you to…”

“But we’re only friends!” Sooyoung almost screamed. She looked at Kyuhyun with her tired expression. She really hated it when Kyuhyun became so jealous and childish like that.

Kyuhyun sighed as he ruffled his brown hair, looking desperate. “Arasso, I trust you. I hope you keep your word.” Kyuhyun finally gave up.

Sooyoung smiled sweetly, showing her angelic side. “You can keep my word, oppa…”

“I was so surprised to know that Donghae oppa is your step brother. You never told me about that.”

Kyuhyun took a glance at the girl beside him and then back focus toward the street. “You never asked. Beside, I don’t think that’s important thing.” Kyuhyun back to cold again. Sooyoung just sighed to see his boyfriend act. Yeah, she was kind of use to it.








Donghae looked up from the book he read when he felt someone’s presence in front of him. “What’s wrong Kyuhyun-ah?” He frowned when he knew that Kyuhyun who was standing in front of him. Kyuhyun just looked at him with his cold expression.

“I knew about your relationship with Sooyoung back there. But I must confirm to you that I’m her boyfriend now. She’s mine. So, stay away from her!”

“What the hell are you talking about? We’re friends now.”

Kyuhyun smiled sardonically, “Whatever! Just back off, Donghae-ssi. I know what’s on your mind. Don’t ever try to take her away from me!” Kyuhyun said and after that he walked away from Donghae, leaving Donghae behind. Donghae closed his book and threw it onto the table. He covered his face with both of his hand. And a little heavy sighed came out from his mouth.

‘How can a good girl like you have a boyfriend like him, Soo?’




-To Be Continued-



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  1. soo emg hrs secepatnya ksh tau kyu ttg penyakitnya, krn pasti kyu lbh keliatan depresi klo telat diksh tau -__-
    suka sih sama protectivenya kyu, tp gak sampe gak percaya gitu sama soo X-( untung soo sabar & mgkn bener kali ya kata hae, soo kok bisa dpt pacar kyk kyu XD. tp tetep couple yg cocok bgt. perbedaan kan bagus

    1. Iya, perbedaan emang bs jadi pelengkap. Si Kyu itu emang keterlaluan protektif-nya. Tp wajar lah ya, pacarnya cakep + baik bgt kyk Soo eonnie. Thanks commentnya chingu ^__^

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