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I Just Need You (Part 5)

I Just Need You here cover

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon




“It’s still hard to believe that you’re in relationship with Kyuhyun.” Donghae said as he was looking at Sooyoung. Sooyoung looked up to see Donghae’s face. “Waeyo?” She frowned.

Donghae drank his coffee, “Kyuhyun… he doesn’t seem like your type. You know that he’s…”

“Troublemaker?” Sooyoung cut Donghae’s sentence before he could finish it. Donghae nodded his head. “Yeah, something like that.” He said.

Sooyoung looked at Donghae. “So, do you think I have a type of guy?” Sooyoung asked playfully to Donghae. Donghae giggled. “Yeah, I think so. You used to like nice and kind guy.”

“Just like you.”

“Ne?” Donghae seemed surprised to hear Sooyoung’s statement. But soon he realized that Sooyoung just said that for a joke. Nothing special. The fact that Sooyoung already belong to Kyuhyun made Donghae felt hurt. He couldn’t deny that he still had a feeling for this beautiful girl infront of him.

“Soo?” Donghae called her as he was looking straight into her eyes. Sooyoung just mumbled as a response. “If incase Kyuhyun did something bad to you, you know that you can always count on me.” Donghae said.

Sooyoung smiled softly. “Thank you, oppa. But, you don’t have to worry about that because it will never happen. Kyuhyun oppa really loves me. He wouldn’t do anything that will hurt me. I’m sure of that.” She tried to make sure Donghae.

‘You really love him, do you?’ Donghae drank his coffee with a bitter feeling.







Seyeon was looking seriously at her phone. She really wanted to call Donghae and asked him to hang out together. But she was afraid to do it. She didn’t want if Donghae knew about her feeling toward him because she knew exactly what the answer is. But if she didn’t call him, she wasn’t sure if she could hold her feeling for any longer. She miss him too much.

“Call him!”

Sooyoung’s voice from her back made Seyeon almost dropped her phone. “Ya! You scared me!” She looked at Sooyoung with an annoyed stared. Sooyoung just giggled. “Mianhe.” She apologized. Sooyoung took a seat next to Seyeon. The classroom was still empty. There were only the two of them at that time.

“Just call him. I know how much you miss him.” Sooyoung persuaded her bestfriend, Seyeon. Meanwhile, Seyeon just kept looking at her phone. “I don’t know, Soo.” She said with a weak tone.


Seyeon sighed heavily as she looked at Sooyoung’s face. “He likes you, remember?”

Sooyoung became silent after she heard it. She could see hopeless and sadness in Seyeon’s eyes. She didn’t want to make her bestfriend feel hurt. But, that wasn’t only about her, it was also about Donghae’s feeling. And we can’t force people’s feeling. Sooyoung knew that for sure.

Sooyoung put both of her hand on Seyeon’s shoulder. “Don’t give up! Okay, Donghae might still likes me now, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t changes, right? If you try harder, I’m sure you can win his heart. It just the matter of time.”

Seyeon gave a small smile. “Arasso. Eventhough hard, but I won’t give up. I love him and I will fight for this feeling.” Seyeon said certainly, making Sooyoung smiled happily. Sooyoung glad to see that Seyeon decided to not give up her feeling so easily. Sooyoung prayed in her heart. She hoped the best for Seyeon.


Sooyoung turned her head to face Seyeon. “Wae?” She asked. Seyeon bit her lower lip. “Have you told to Kyuhyun about your condition?” Seyeon asked carefully. She knew exactly that this topic is really sensitive to Sooyoung.

Sooyoung shook her head. “Not yet. But I will… soon.”

“ I pray the best for you.” Seyeon said and then she hugged Sooyoung.

“Gomawo Seyeon-ah…”







Kyuhyun just got home after spent his time with his friends at the club. He wasn’t drunk. Ever since he had a relationship with Sooyoung, he never drink until he’s drunk. Because he always remember that Sooyoung hates drunker. Yeah, Sooyoung really changed him into a very good person.

Kyuhyun walked pass the living room. There were his father, his stepmother and also his stepbrother, Donghae. Kyuhyun knew exactly that they were there, but he just walked pass them like he didn’t see them. Kyuhyun’s action brought his father’s anger.

“Cho Kyuhyun!” Mr.Cho called him with his firm tone. Kyuhyun stopped his step and turned his body to face his father. A heavy sighed came out from his mouth. “Wae?” He asked with a cold tone.

“Is that the way you treat your family? Where’s your manner?” Mr.Cho asked with an angry tone. Minsun stroke her husband’s back, trying to calm him. She knew exactly if this continue, then another fight between father and son would show up. “Calm down, honey.” She said with a soft tone. Kyuhyun chuckled as he turned his body around, ready to walk out.

“Ya Cho Kyuhyun!” Mr.Cho screamed. His face was red, showing that he was really angry. Minsun kept trying to calm her husband, while Donghae just sat there with his blankly stare. He had no idea how to react to Kyuhyun.




Kyuhyun entered his room. He threw his body on his comfy bed. His eyes kept staring at the plafond, like there was something interesting there. Kyuhyun’s mind wandered to his memories when he was kid, when his mother still alive. He lived happily with both of his parents. He had a great father and kind mother. His life was perfect. But now, all he can feel is just pain. There’s no longer perfect life for him. And he blame his father for that.

“Eomma, I hate them. I hate appa and his new family.” Kyuhyun mumbled as he was staring at his mother picture.

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, hoped that his old memories would come in his mind and accompany him to pass the night.








Sooyoung looked gorgeous with her soft pink dress with a detail on her waist. Her soft pink dress showing her shoulder skin which makes her look sexy and feminine at the same time. Sooyoung’s long and brown hair beautifully loosed on her back. Kyuhyun even couldn’t take off his eyes from Sooyoung when he first saw her. Kyuhyun also looked handsome and stunning with his black tuxedo. He just let his brown hair messy and it makes him look more awesome.

They were in a restaurant in Namsan Tower. The restaurant located at the top of Namsan Tower building. The restaurant is private and expensive. Only people with a lot money to waste can go and eat there. And yeah, Kyuhyun is one of those people.

Sooyoung felt impress with the thing that Kyuhyun did for her. Kyuhyun is always full of surprised and mystery, which is make Sooyoung’s day always colorful whenever he’s around her. They had a little chatting while they were eating. Sooyoung with a bunch of her funny joke and Kyuhyun with a bunch of his evil joke. It was all perfect for Sooyoung before Kyuhyun took out a little box from his tuxedo pocket.

Sooyoung put down her spoon and fork. Her attention was fully paid to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun smiled as he opened the box. Sooyoung gasped in surprised when she saw a ring with a beautiful diamond on it. She looked at Kyuhyun. “Oppa… it’s…”

“For you Sooyoung-ah…”

“But… I’m not ready to marry yet.” Sooyoung said with a low tone. Kyuhyun just stared at her with no expression and soon he burst to laugh as he saw Sooyoung’s expression.

“Ya! Don’t think too far! I’m not proposing you. This is just a little present for you.” Kyuhyun explained.

“Oh.” Sooyoung nodded her head. She felt a little bit embarrassed because she already misunderstood Kyuhyun’s present. Kyuhyun took Sooyoung’s hand and he put on the ring on her ring finger.

“This is also a sign that you already belong to Cho Kyuhyun. Don’t ever take out this ring, arasso!” Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung with a big smile on his face. “Sooner or later, I’ll change this ring with our wedding ring. Just wait for it.” Kyuhyun said. He was caressing Sooyoung’s hand.

Sooyoung looked down. She bit her lips as she remembered about her condition. “Kyuhyun oppa…” Sooyoung called him softly.

“Ne?” Kyuhyun looked at her, waiting for what she was going to say.

“I have something to tell you. It’s about my condition.” Sooyoung finally decided to tell him the truth. She just didn’t want to keep it from him for any longer. Kyuhyun frowned when he heard Sooyoung’s sentence. And suddenly, a fear appeared inside him. He didn’t know why he felt like that.

Sooyoung’s eyes looked at him straight to his eyes. “I’m sick.”

“Jinjja? Geure, let’s go home so you can have a rest.” Kyuhyun said as he ready to stood up from his seat. But Sooyoung immediately grabbed his wrist. “You don’t understand. I’m sick, oppa. Neomu appayo…” Sooyoung’s eyes started to teary.

“What do you mean I don’t understand? I definitely understand. That’s why I ask you to go home now.”

“I have a gastric cancer. It’s very severe.”

“Mwo?!” Kyuhyun looked at her with a disbelief stare. “Ani! Ani!” Kyuhyun shook his head. “Don’t play a joke, Soo! It’s not funny anymore. You’re fine. You’re definitely fine!”

Sooyoung stood up from her seat and she hugged Kyuhyun. “Mianhe oppa… I should’ve have told you earlier. Jeongmal mianhe…” Sooyoung hugged him tight. Kyuhyun just stood there like a statue. He still couldn’t believe about what he just heard. He kept telling himself that Sooyoung was just joking. But soon as he heard Sooyoung’s sob, he knew that it was real. It was fact…

“Andwae Soo!” Kyuhyun hugged Sooyoung so tight, like he would lose her if he let go of his hugged. He didn’t even care when they both became an attention of people there. Kyuhyun kept wrapping his hands around Sooyoung’s body while his head on her neck, smelling her sweet scent.

“Andwae Soo… andwae…” Kyuhyun said weakly.

“Mianhe oppa…”







“Yoboseyo… em… Donghae oppa? Choneun Seyeon.”

“Arayo. Wae geureyo, Seyeon-ah?”

Seyeon bit her lower lip. “Hmm… do you have free time tomorrow? Well, I have 2 tickets for Classic Concert. I know that you like Classic music. So… yeah, em… maybe you want to go with me?” Seyeon held her phone so tight. She was waiting for Donghae’s answer. Her heart was beating so fast as she was waiting for the answer.

Donghae silent for a while before he finally answered it. “Sure, that would be great! You want me to pick you up?”

“Aniyo, gwenchana. Let’s meet in front of the Concert Hall. I’ll message the address.”

“Ok. See you tomorrow.”


“ASSA!” Seyeon jumped on her bed like a little kid. She was extremely happy because she could go to a concert with Donghae. Tomorrow is actually Seyeon’s birthday. She wanted to celebrate it with Donghae. Actually, Seyeon didn’t like Classic Music. She always falls asleep whenever she heard classic music. But this time she tried to like classic music. Yeah, that’s all because of Donghae. Because that guy really loves Classic Music. Seyeon even worked really hard to get the tickets for the concert which is quite expensive. But it doesn’t matter for her as long as she could go with Donghae.

“Ah, finally my dream soon to be come true!” Seyeon said happily as she hugged her rabbit doll. Her mind started to imagine about the date tomorrow. Haha yeah, she calls it a date, eventhough for Donghae it just an usual hang out, nothing special.







Kyuhyun stared blankly at his picture with Sooyoung. She looked great and healthy. Until now, Kyuhyun still hard to believe that Sooyoung has a danger illness like Gastric Cancer.

“This is not fair. Why it has to be you, Soo? You’re a good person.” Kyuhyun mumbled. Kyuhyun hates by the fact that he couldn’t do anything to heal her illness. Kyuhyun felt like he was useless. A heavy sigh came out from Kyuhyun’s mouth. He covered his face with both of his hand. “Andwae… I won’t let anything happen to you…” Kyuhyun talked to himself.

The ring from his phone made his thought back to reality. Kyuhyun’s immediately pick up the phone when he saw Sooyoung’s name on his screen phone.

“Yoboseyo Soo-ya?” Kyuhyun frowned when he heard the voice. It wasn’t Sooyoung’s voice, instead It was her sister, Soojin’s voice. “Noona, Sooyoung gwenchana?” Kyuhyun voice became worry.

“Her disease recurrence.”







Donghae was ready to go to the concert. He checked his look for the last time before he went out from his room. Donghae’s eyebrows wrinkled when he saw Kyuhyun ran panic with a phone on his ear, seemed like he was talking with someone.

“Arasso Soojin noona. Just send me the hospital address and her room number.” Kyuhyun said before he ended his phone. Donghae who just heard Soojin’s name immediately knew that it must be something to do with Sooyoung. Suddenly he forgot about his plan to Seyeon and he decided to follow Kyuhyun secretly.

Meanwhile, Seyeon was already infront of the concert hall with a happy heart. She wore her best dress just because she wanted to impress Donghae. She kept checking her reflection to the glass near her. She was afraid if her make up might ruined because of the wind. She kept smiling like a crazy girl as she remembered that she would spend her birthday with someone she loved.

She just didn’t know that her plan was already ruined…

‘Please come quickly oppa…’




-To Be Continued-



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  1. oh my god!!! gak tau knp makin deg degan baca ini X-( mgkn efek krn soo udh ksh tau kyu ttg penyakitnya, ditambah perasaan seyeon yg msh nungguin donghae, pdhl dia kyknya gak dtg T__T
    tp bikin penasaran gmn soo nanti… mau tau gmn lbh over perhatiannya kyu ke soo nantinya. semoga keliatan romantic.. tp jgn lupa happy end TToTT

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