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I Just Need You (Part 6)




Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life
Poster  : http://ssoopuding.wordpress.com/

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Choi Soojin
– Jin Seyeon




“Soojin noona!” Kyuhyun ran to Soojin with a panicked face. He was really worried about Sooyoung’s condition because from what he heard on the phone, he knew exactly that Sooyoung’s disease was getting bad.

Soojin smiled weakly. “Her condition was suddenly dropped. But she’s fine now. Go and see her inside.” Soojin said. Kyuhyun looked at Soojin, seemed like there was something he wanted to talk about. Soojin realized that and she asked it to Kyuhyun. “Waeyo Kyuhyun-ah?” She asked.

“Why don’t they do the operation? I’m sure it will make her much better or even will heal her disease. If it’s about the cost then i…”

“Aniyo. It isn’t about that.” Soojin immediately denied what Kyuhyun thought at first. She’s right anyway that this isn’t about the money at all. Eventhough their family weren’t that rich, but they could still pay any treatment and even an operation for Sooyoung.

Soojin looked at Kyuhyun’s face before she continued her sentence. “It’s all about Sooyoung condition itself. The operation won’t do much. Beside, she already done it before and now it’s coming back. The disease even more severe than before.”

Kyuhyun gasped in surprise. “Chakkamanyo! What do you mean by she done it before?” Kyuhyun asked as he was looking at Soojin waiting for her answer.

Soojin seemed surprised. “You don’t know that Sooyoung ever had this disease once she was in high school?”

Kyuhyun just shook his head. In his heart, he felt dumb because he didn’t know anything about Sooyoung’s condition. “She once had this disease?” He asked with a low tone.

Soojin nodded her head. “Yeah, she had it. We knew it too late until the doctor couldn’t do anything accept to do an operation. They took out almost all of the contents inside her stomach. Her opportunity to life was so low, only 30 percent.” Soojin sighed heavily. Telling this to Kyuhyun also brought all her memories back.

Kyuhyun speechless. He never knew that Sooyoung had this horrible experience. Suddenly he felt mad. Yeah, he mad at God. Sooyoung didn’t deserve to be in this situation. Kyuhyun knew for sure. He didn’t understand why God gave this horrible disease to her. God is not fair for him.

Donghae who followed Kyuhyun from their house until the hospital, also felt surprise. He even felt more surprise than Kyuhyun. Of course he was. Because for this whole time he just found that about Sooyoung’s disease. If Soojin said that Sooyoung once had the disease when she was in high school, that means when they were still in relationship.

“What the hell is it, Soo? Why didn’t you tell me?”







Seyeon looked at her watch for the several times. 10 pm. It’s already late for the concert. The concert was started a hour ago, but still no sign from Donghae presence. Seyeon heart full of disappointed. She thought she could spend her birthday with Donghae, but now she had to bury her dream deep down.

‘I shouldn’t expect too much from him…’ Seyeon said in her heart as she was biting her lower lips. Her eyes already red and teary, but she immediately wiped it right before her tears fall down from her eyes. She stared blankly at two concert tickets on her right hand. A sad smile appearded on her face.


A piece of the tickets concert fell down onto the ground. Seyeon decided to leave the place. Everything was over for her. Now, she knows exactly what Donghae’s felt for her.  She’s nothing for him…

Seyeon took a last glance at the corner of the road before she walked away.

“It’s over…” she mumbled.






Seyeon walked with her head down. She kept cursing herself to be so full herself when Donghae accept her invitation to watch the concert together. She knew that she shouldn’t expect much for that. Seyeon didn’t realize that someone was watching her from her back. A creepy smirk appeared on his face when he noticed that Seyeon wasn’t focus to around.

Right when Seyeon passed a dark alley, the stranger pulled her hand and dragged her to the dark alley. Seyeon screamed like there was no tomorrow. But unfortunately, there was no one on the road. Seyeon panicked like a hell. She kept trying to defense herself. The stranger put a knife on her neck.

“Once again you scream, then I will cut your beautiful neck!” The guy said with his cold tone. Seyeon froze like a statue. She knew exactly that the guy wasn’t lie, he really meant it.

Seyeon could only silent when the guy brought her into an abandoned building.  “Jebal… don’t hurt me. You can take away all of my money, but please don’t hurt me.” Seyeon begged. The guy laughed sardonically. “I don’t need your money. I just need your body.” He said as his eyes was staring at Seyeon from head to toe.



The guy hit Seyeon’s face. Her lips was bleeding because of that. Seyeon tears fell down even more that before. That wasn’t because she was hurt, that was because she was afraid about what the guy would do to her.

Seyeon tried to get up from the floor. Once again she tried to defense herself. But once again, she had to receive another punch from the guy. The guy grabbed her hand and he injected something into Seyeon’s body.

“Arrrgh!” Seyeon screamed in pain.

Not long after that, Seyeon felt like her body started to weak until finally she couldn’t move her body at all. She still awake, but her body couldn’t move at all. Her tears kept falling from her eyes. The stranger just smiled as he whispered into her ears. “Don’t be afraid. You will back to normal soon. But for now, let’s have fun together.” He said. Seyeon tears fell down on her cheeks as the stranger began to touch her body

And that happened. Seyeon life crushed right on her birthday…






Sooyoung smiled. “I’m okay, oppa…” She said, trying to calm Kyuhyun, while Kyuhyun just stared at her with a stare that even Sooyoung didn’t know what was that mean. “Wae?” She finally asked. Kyuhyun didn’t answer, instead he kissed her forehead and he laid his head on Sooyoung’s stomach.

“Manni appo?” He asked with a low tone. Sooyoung smiled weakly as she was stroking Kyuhyun’s hair. “Yeah.” She answered. “But it’s better because you are here.” She added. Kyuhyun smiled to hear his girlfriend answer. “Then, it means that I’m your painkiller?”

Sooyoung giggled. “Yeah, you can call yourself like that. Sooyoung’s painkiller.”

There was a silent between them before Kyuhyun finally said something. “I’ll do anything to make you feel better. I promise, Soo. You will be fine.”

“Arasso…” Sooyoung said as a response while her right hand was stroking Kyuhyun’s head.

Donghae was watching through the glass on the door. He didn’t want to ruin Sooyoung and Kyuhyun moment if he went in. He just hoped the best for Sooyoung.

“Donghae?” A girl voice made Donghae turned his gaze from Sooyoung and Kyuhyun. He turned his head and found Soojin was standing in front of him. “Omo, it’s really you!”

Donghae smiled. “Long time no see. How are you?”

“Great. You?”

“As you see now. I’m great too.”

Soojin turned her gaze to Sooyoung’s room and then Donghae. Her happy face changed into gloomy. “I guess you already know it.”

Donghae sighed as he nodded his head. “Yeah, I know it. But, I didn’t expect that she had it since a long time ago. You know… I feel like a jerk. She was sick and I didn’t know it.” Donghae spoke up all his thought.

Soojin patted his shoulder. “Aniya, don’t say that! You know that it wasn’t your fault. Sooyoung didn’t want to be a burden for you. She knew exactly if you know about it, then you will give up your dream. You will prefer to stay by her side.”

“Soojin-ah, of course I’ll prefer to stay by her side.”

“Yeah, and that’s why she didn’t want you to know. She doesn’t want to be a burden for anyone.”

Donghae silent. He clenched his hand. A heavy sighed came out from his mouth. “She’s too nice.” Donghae said.

Soojin smiled sadly. “That’s my sister.”

“Oh, and by the way, how do you know that Sooyoung is here?” Soojin asked with a curious tone.

“I followed my brother.”

“Brother?” Soojin asked with a confused, because from what she knew Donghae didn’t have any brother. He only had a sister, but his sister passed away a couple years ago.

“Kyuhyun. He’s my stepbrother.”

“Mworagoyo? How can he…”

“Long story. I tell you when I have time. I gotta go now. See you soon.” Donghae smiled before he walked away from there, leaving Soojin behind. Soojin stared at his back with a blankly stared.

“Kyuhyun is Donghae stepbrother? Wow!”






“Hold her hand, please!” The doctor told the nurses, and the nurses immediately obeyed it. It needed two nurses to hold Seyeon’s hands. The doctor finally was able to inject some sedative into her body and not long after that, Seyeon became more relax until she finally loss of consciousness.

Seyeon was found by two pedestrians in the dark alley. Her condition was terrible. Her clothes torn and also dirty, not forget to mention that there was some bruises on her face. At that time, Seyeon just silent like statue. But when the two pedestrian came closer and tried to help her, She screamed so hard with tears falling down from her eyes before she finally passed out. Then, the pedestrian brought her to the nearest hospital to get an treatment.

The doctor said that Seyeon just had an sexual harassment and it made her traumatized. Her parents were so shocked when they got a call from the hospital and the staff of the hospital told them about what happened with Seyeon. Her mother even passed out when she knew that her daughter wasn’t virgin anymore because of the sexual harassment.

“Yeobo… uri precious daughter…” Mrs. Jin sobbed as she watched her daughter from outside the room. Mr.Jin could only hugged his wife and trying to calm her, eventhough his heart was also hurt like a hell.

“Appa, eomma!”

Both Mr & Mrs Jin turned their head when they heard someone was calling them. It was Siwon, their son. Siwon was actually their nephew, but when his parents passed away because of car accident, Mr. & Mrs. Jin decided to adopt him as their son. Siwon was ten years old at that time, while Seyeon was 6 years old.

“Siwon-ah!” Mrs.Jin ran to Siwon and hugged him. “Seyeon… uri Seyeon… she… she had an sexual harassment…”

Siwon hugged his mom. His eyes started to teary. He really loves his sister and he always being a protector for Seyeon ever since they were kids. Siwon could only blamed himself for not being there to protect Seyeon. He cursed himself for being so busy with his work until he forgot his job to protect his sister.

“Mianhe eomma… I’m failed as a brother…”

“Aniya. It’s not your fault. We never expect that uri Seyeon would become a victim.” Mr.Jin patted Siwon’s shoulder.

“Where is she? May I see her?” Siwon asked. Mr.Jin patted his back softly. “She needs some rest. We can meet her later.” He answered. Siwon nodded his head. He brought his steps toward Seyeon’s room. He could only watch her sister from outside the room because she still rest. Siwon looked at her with his sad stare. It never crossed on his mind that he would see her cheerful sister became like this. It felt like a dream to him.







Donghae kept trying to call Seyeon. Yeah, as soon as he got home, he remembered that he had a plan with Seyeon. Donghae tried to call her at that time, but she didn’t pick up. He tries again this morning, hopefully that Seyeon would pick up the phone, so he can ask an apologize to her.

Once again a heavy sigh came out from Donghae’s mouth when Seyeon didn’t pick up her phone again. A lot of bad thought came on his mind.

‘Is she okay? Or maybe is she mad at me because I didn’t show up?’ Donghae stared at his phone. He sent a message for the third times. The message is still the same as before

To : Jin Seyeon

Seyeon-ah, jeongmal mianhe for not coming to the concert. Something happened and I completely forgot that I had a plan with you. I hope you can forgive me. I’ll treat you when we meet again. I swear J


Donghae put his handphone on the table. He walked toward the bathroom, ready to take a shower. But before he step his feet in the bathroom, his phone rang. Donghae immediately pick it up as soon as he saw Seyeon’s name on his phone screen.

“Yoboseyo, Seyeon-ah?”


Donghae silent as he knew it wasn’t Seyeon whom he talked to. “Emm ne? Nuguya?” Donghae asked with a confused tone.

“I’m Choi Siwon, Seyeon’s brother.”

Donghae sat on the edge of his bed. He became more confused to know that Seyeon’s brother was calling him. It must be there’s something important that made the guy named Siwon called him. Suddenly Donghae became so much worry about Seyeon.

“Is Seyeon alright?” Donghae asked.

“Were you with Seyeon last night?” Siwon asked without answer Donghae’s question.

“I supposed to go to a concert with her, but then I didn’t come because there was something important that I need to do. What happen? Is she alright?”

“Seyeon… she’s in the hospital now.”

“What happened to her?”

“She became a victim of sexual harassment last night.”

“Mworagoyo?!” Donghae’s heart was beating so fast when he heard what Siwon just said.

‘Seyeon was a victim of sexual harassment? How could that happen? Oh gosh, if only I came to the concert then it wouldn’t happen to her. I’m completely a bastard!’


-To Be Continued-



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  1. kirain mslh bakalan lbh bnyk di penyakit soo. tp skrg malah tambah dgn seyeon yg kena pelecehan seksual T^T makin bnyk mslh yg dtg. pengen nyalahin hae tp jg kasian sama hae. gak tau knp jd mikir gitu .__.v
    skrg jd ada dua wanita yg prlu diselamatkan *o*

    1. chapter kali ini memang full of problem. sesuai dengan sang author yang sedang galau *curcol*
      Yah, kita ngga bisa nyalahin donghae juga. Toh, dia bener2 lupa klo punya janji ama seyeon.
      klo udh gini pd galau semua.

      gomawo atas komennya 🙂

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