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I Just Need You (Part 8)

I Just Need You


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Soojin
– Choi Siwon



“Hueeek! Cough cough!”

Sooyoung’s body fell down onto the floor. Her face looked pale with a sweat that cover her face. She gripped her stomach so tight. “Argh…” She moaned weakly. Slowly, tears fell down from her eyes. Sooyoung bit her lower lip. “God, please help me… I’m in pain… jebal…” Sooyoung whispered.


Her body collapsed on the cold floor and she lost her consciousness.

“Help me Kyuhyun-ah…”






“Mianhe, but the cancer had spread faster than we thought. The medicine can’t help anymore, not even for reduce her pain.”

Soojin held her father’s hand tight. She knew exactly how broken her father’s heart is, because she also felt the same. Mr.Choi took a breath, trying to calm himself. He knew before that this time would come. But how hard he had tried, he never ready for it.

“How much time does she have?” Mr.Choi asked with quivering voice.

“Appa!” Soojin squeezes Mr.Choi’s hand. “Don’t ask something like that, Appa!”

“But we have to know how much time left!” Mr.Choi almost shout. He stared at his oldest daughter. “I… I just want to know how much time left for Sooyoung. I want to prepare myself for the worse, can’t I?” Tears fell down from Mr.Choi’s eyes. Soojin silent like a statue as her tears was falling from her eyes. She squeezed her hand. She didn’t want to hear the doctor’s statement about Sooyoung’s condition. She was afraid to know.

Mr.Choi was looking straight at the doctor. “Uisanim, how much time left for my daughter?”

The doctor looked at Mr.Choi. That was a hard question for any doctor to answer. Not because they don’t know the answer, but it’s because they don’t want to kill their patient’s or the family’s hope. But as a doctor, they have to tell the truth to their patient or their family, eventhough it’s hard.

“Around 5 or 4 months…”

“Oh god!”






Sooyoung opened her eyes slowly. The first thing that she saw was the white plafond and the white wall. Without asking, she knew where she was for sure. ‘Hospital again…’ She said to herself. Eversince she had the cancer, hospital is like her second home. She hates it, but that for sure. She can’t deny it. She turned her head to her left side. She could see a large window there that showing a beautiful park of the hospital. She smiled a bit when she saw that her favorite flower was there too. The red roses looked so bright and beautiful among the others plant.

‘Where will I go after I die?’

‘What will happen to me when I die?’

Suddenly those questions appeared from her mind. She started to feel afraid about death. Sooyoung’s body trembled as tears fell down from her eyes. She covered her mouth to reduce her sobbed. She felt hard to breathe, like something gripped her lungs. The faces of her family, bestfriend and Kyuhyun kept appearing in her brain. Her happy moments with them. Her laugh, her happiness, until her sadness. Those memories kept playing like a movie.

And for the first time in her life, she felt angry at God. She felt like God isn’t fair to her. God doesn’t love her. Sooyoung… she doesn’t want to leave…

‘Do you hate me that much until you gave this disease to me? We already lost eomma, please don’t make them lose me also. Jebal…’

Sooyoung kept sobbing hard. “I don’t want to leave my family and my friends behind. I don’t want to leave Kyuhyun oppa. Please let me stay here for any longer. I beg you…”






The shades of the pink room seemed bleak, just like the girl who was sitting weakly on the floor. That girl, Seyeon was leaning her back onto the wall while her eyes kept looking at the view outside the window. She had been discharged from the hospital since two days ago. And ever since then Seyeon only locked herself in her bedroom. She didn’t talk, she didn’t eat. All she did was looking blankly at the view outside her window. Her condition made her family felt even more worried. In the middle of the night, Seyeon would cry and scream. That’s why Mrs.Jin or Siwon would accompany her until she fell asleep.

Donghae was still trying hard to get close to Seyeon again, because everytime he came to her house, Seyeon wouldn’t want to meet him. Seeing the fragile Seyeon made Donghae’s heart ache everytime he saw her.

Donghae stood in front of Seyeon’s room. He prepared himself before he meet Seyeon. He glance at a bouquet of flower on his hand as he took a deep breath. Yeah, he ready to meet Seyeon again. And this time Donghae hoped that Seyeon won’t reject him just like the last time he came.

Slowly, Donghae opened the door which caused a little sound heard. He stepped his foot in Seyeon’s room, but then he realized that the room was empty. No one there.

“Seyeon-ah?” Donghae called her, but no answer from her. Donghae was looking around at Seyeon’s room. When he was about to get out from the room, he heard a sob vaguely. Donghae frowned as he was walking toward the sound. The sound came from the closet near Seyeon’s bed. With a little doubt Donghae opened the closet.

“Seyeon-ah!” Donghae looked surprised when he found Seyeon inside the closet. She was hugging her knee while crying. Donghae pulled  her hand, but as soon as Donghae touched her hand, Seyeon immediately screamed.


“Seyeon-ah, look at me! It’s me Donghae!”

“GO AWAY!” Seyeon was still revolting. But finally Donghae was able to pull her into his embrace. “Jebal, don’t avoid me. I’m sorry, Seyeon-ah. Please forgive me.” Donghae said with a weak tone. Seyeon was still crying in Donghae’s embrace. She felt weak. “Please go away…” Seyeon mumbled. Donghae shook his head. He looked at Seyeon’s eyes deeply. “Please don’t ask me to leave you, because I won’t leave. Please let me stay by your side.”

Seyeon bowed her head. “I’m disgusting. I’m dirty.”

“Ssshh… don’t ever say that, cause you’re not. You’re not disgusting and you’re not dirty. You’re still the same Seyeon as before.”

Seyeon didn’t answer. She was too tired and she felt weak. She just let Donghae hugged her in his embrace. Somehow she felt warm and safe in his embrace, like she was being protected.

“Please let me stay by your side. I’m begging you, Seyeon-ah…”





Sooyoung stared at her father’s tired face. She blamed herself, because she knew exactly who was the caused of her father tiredness. It’s her…

Mr.Choi smiled weakly to his daughter as his finger was travelling on Sooyoung’s head, caressing her brown long hair. “Soo-“


They both smiled a bit when they both talked at the same time. “You talk first.” Mr.Choi told his daughter. Sooyoung bowed her head as tears started to fall from her big eyes. “How much time left for me?” Her voice was a little bit shaky when she asked the question. Mr.Choi gasped to hear Sooyoung question. His face turned into cold. “What are you talking about, Soo? Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Appa, please don’t hide anything for me anymore. This is about me. About my life. Please let me know.”  Sooyoung looked at her father with a sad stare. Mr.Choi burst into cry and he immediately hugged his daughter tightly.

“I don’t want to lose you, Soo… I don’t want to lose my family again. Jebal, don’t leave appa…” Cried Mr.Choi. Seeing her father reaction made Sooyoung knew exactly about her condition. She ended up crying in her father embrace. “Don’t cry appa. I’m here… Don’t cry…” Sooyoung stroked her father’s back softly. She tried to be strong for her father. Eventhough her heart was ache, but she didn’t want to show it. She wanted to be strong for all people that she loved.

“I don’t want you to leave me, Soo… I love you…”

“I love you too, appa…”

Without Sooyoung and Mr.Choi realized, Kyuhyun was already there, in front of Sooyoung’s room. He saw everything and he also heard the conversation between the father and the daughter. Tears kept falling from Kyuhyun’s eyes. He felt like it was hard for him to breathe. He felt like a fish out of water. He closed the door slowly and he walked away weakly. Kyuhyun leaned his back on the wall. He didn’t have any strength to walk anymore. The handsome guy ended up crying in silent while both of his hand cover his face.






Kyuhyun poured the wine in his glass for the fifth times. There was no emotion on his face, really different with the emotion in his heart. Sad, angry, and afraid… all of the feeling mixed in hsi heart. He was sad to know about Sooyoung’s condition, he was angry at god that gave Sooyoung the disease, and he was also afraid to lose her. A tears dropped from his small eyes as the sign that he couldn’t take the pain anymore. Kyuhyun put his head on the bar table, trying to rest a bit.

Kyuhyun three bestfriends, Eunhyuk, Jonghyun, and Lee Joon could only looked at their bestfriend. They pity him, but they didn’t show it because they knew that Kyuhyun didn’t like being pity by people, not even his bestfriends. They already knew about what happened to Sooyoung and they understood how Kyuhyun felt.

“Wow wow, look who are here!” A guy with a black jacket and a messy black hair came toward Kyuhyun and his friends. The guy looked at Kyuhyun with a mock stare, making his squinty eyes looked even more small.

Eunhyuk stood in front of the guy. “Don’t disturb him. We’re not in the good mood to play with you and your friends.” Eunhyuk looked at him with a serious stare. The guy laughed sardonically. “Wae? Is Cho Kyuhyun afraid of us? Ah! Or maybe he turned into a good boy because his girl. What a poor guy!” The guy laughed.

“YAK TAKESHI! Go away from here before you regret!” This time Lee Joon stood up from his seat with an angry face. The Japanese guy whose name was Takeshi just looked at Lee Joon with a cold stare. “Our problem is not over yet. I’ll take revenge of what you’ve done to me last time. I’ll make you regret!”

“Just go!” A cold and flat voice came out from Kyuhyun’s mouth. His eyes was still looking at the glass of wine on his hand. Takeshi smirked. “What happened with the emotional Cho Kyuhyun? Seems like your stupid girl really changed you, eo?” Takeshi said. He didn’t realize that he just woke up the devil inside Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun threw his glass onto the floor, and without saying anything he punched Takeshi’s face like a mad guy. Within a second, the bar turned into the battlefield. People there were watching without trying to stop the fight or help them. The fight is like an interesting show to watch.

Takeshi took a bottle of wine, he wanted to use it to hit Kyuhyun’s head. He raised his hand and…








Seyeon closed her eyes as she was enjoying the breeze that hit her face. It felt like her face was being caressed by something soft, making her felt a little bit calm. Donghae stood right behind her back. It was his idea to brought her to the beach. Beach is his favorite place. The place which could make him feel calm and relax everytime he feels tired. That’s why he decided to brought Seyeon there.

The beach wasn’t that crowded, because that day wasn’t a weekend or holiday.  There were some people there, but the people were far from them. Donghae purposely pick a quite spot for them both. Because he knew well that Seyeon didn’t like crowded. She likes peace and silent.

Seyeon was wearing a blue dress with a little belt wrapped around her stomach, and also a white cardigan. Her face was still no emotion, but at least she wanted to go outside. She opened her eyes when Donghae said  that the sunset was about to begin. Seyeon always loves sunset.

“Neomu areumdawo.” Donghae said. Seyeon kept staring at the sunset without bother to reply Donghae statement. They were watching the sunset until the sunset was gone, leaving a dark sky as a sign that night was coming.

Donghae realized that Seyeon was a little bit shaking because of the cold wind. He decided to take his jacket in the car for Seyeon and also a cup of coffee to make their  body warm.

“Chakkamanyo, I will get something in the car. Don’t go anywhere, arasso.” Donghae said and then he left Seyeon for a moment.

While Donghae went to his car, Seyeon took off her brown flat shoes and she walked slowly toward the water. She walked step by step until the water touched her feet. She stopped for a moment as soon as she felt the water under her feet. “Mianhe… nan neomu himdeuro…” She whispered weakly. Seyeon continued her stepped. She walked and walked until the water reached her waist, and then her chest until the water reached her neck.

She closed her eyes and then she whispered, “I’m ready to go…”




Donghae just came back from his car with a jacket on his shoulder and two cups of coffee on both of his hand. He started to panic when he couldn’t find Seyeon there. Instead, he only found her brown flat shoes on the sand.

“Seyeon-ah!” Donghae shouted with a panic tone. His eyes were looking around, trying to find Seyeon. He dropped  the cups on the sand when he saw Seyeon’s head appeared from under the water. “ANDWAE!” Donghae ran so fast to catch her.

Donghae tried so hard to catch and rescue Seyeon, eventhough that the wave kept hitting him. Seyeon, she already couldn’t breathe because the water already filled her mouth. Donghae became more panic when he couldn’t see Seyeon. Not even her head.

Seyeon submit herself to the God. She won’t regret about what she was doing. She knew she was wrong by doing it, but she couldn’t bear the pain anymore. ‘God will understand my decision’ That what she thought in her mind. She felt hard to breathe and her vision started to blurry. She was about to close her eyes before finally she felt someone pulled her body and….

Everything became dark…

“Seyeon-ah, jebal ireonna! Ireonna!” Donghae patted Seyeon’s cheek. Seeing no sign from Seyeon, Donghae decided to give her a CPR. He put Seyeon’s head on the sand. Donghae was clamping Seyeon’s nose using his fingers, and then he gave a breathe from mouth to mouth. His hand was also busy pressing Seyeon’s chest. Donghae was trying his best to do the CPR to safe Seyeon’s life.

“Hana dul set, hana dul set. Please open your eyes!” Donghae kept saying that while his hand kept pressing Seyeon’s chest and then he gave his breath to Seyeon. He did that over and over again until finally Seyeon coughed, which was a good sign.


Slowly, Seyeon opened her eyes. She looked pale and also she was shivering. “Donghae oppa…” Her voice sounded weak.

Donghae immediately hugged her with all of his heart. He was afraid to lose her. He couldn’t imagine if he was too late to save Seyeon, maybe he won’t ever forgive himself.

“What were you thinking? Jebal Seyeon-ah, don’t ever try to do that again. I beg you…” A tears fell down from Donghae’s eyes. “I won’t leave you. So please don’t leave me too…” Said Donghae again. Seyeon touched Donghae’s face with her shaking hand. “Mianhe…” She said almost like a whispered.

Donghae was carrying Seyeon’s body bridal style, then he brought her to his car. Seyeon felt warm in Donghae embrace. She could feel that Donghae’s heart was still beating so fast, seemed like he was still shocked about what just happened.

“Donghae oppa… mianhe, geurigo gomawo…” Seyeon said as she leaned her head to Donghae’s chest.



-To Be Continued-

Sorry for the lame story 😦
I know that this story is getting boring each chapter. But i still hope that you still want to read it 🙂 I’m having exam this week, so i wrote this chapter in m spare time before the exam. Please leave some comment or suggestion, so i can improve on the next chapter. And also, i’d like to say thanks to people that support this FF by comment since chapter 1 until now. Please keep supporting this FF till the end. Thanks everyone. See you on the next chapter! 😀

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  1. akhh makin stress baca ini. keadaan soo memburuk, seyeon nyoba bunuh diri, kyu kayaknya kepukul jg di bar. makin banyak yg celaka -___-”
    please jgn pisahkan 2 couple ini dgn cara apapun ToT. asli baca baru sampe part ini aja udh nguras emosi, jgn tambah dgn kenyataan buruk nanti. yakin 2 cewek ini bakalan sembuh *optimis* *miracle buat author nulis happy ending*

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