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I Just Need You (Part 9)

I Just Need You

Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Soojin
– Choi Siwon


Sooyoung was so panic when Kyuhyun came to the hospital with his wounded hand. Kyuhyun just gave her a small smile when she asked him what happened to his left hand.

“Oppa, tell me, what happened to your hand?!” Sooyoung asked with a worried tone as she touched Kyuhyun’s left hand softly.

“It’s okay, Soo. Beside, it’s already treated. See?” Kyuhyun showed his bandage. But eventhough he said that he was fine, but Sooyoung still felt worry about him. She stroked Kyuhyun’s left hand softly, like his hand was a fragile thing. Kyuhyun smiled softly. He kissed Sooyoung’s forehead. “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.” He whispered into her ear.

“So, when will you be able to discharge from the hospital?” Kyuhyun asked.

Sooyoung smiled widely. “Tomorrow!” She answered with an excited tone. Kyuhyun frowned. “Mwo? How can you discharge tomorrow?” He stared at her, while Sooyoung just shrugged with her innocent face. “You must be really whiny, so they decided to just let you out from here.” Kyuhyun said with a playful tone. Sooyoung hit his shoulder. “Yak! I’m not a whiny girl.” She pouted.

Kyuhyun laughed as his hand was stroking Sooyoung’s head. He kept memorizing Sooyoung’s face. He didn’t want to forget Sooyoung’s face, not even a little. He wanted to keep her face inside his mind forever. He didn’t know if he still had enough time to be with her. He was afraid… He was afraid to lose her…

Sooyoung held Kyuhyun’s hands, making Kyuhyun back from his thought. “Don’t be afraid, I’m still here…” Sooyoung said with a soft tone as she was smiling to her boyfriend. Kyuhyun kissed both of Sooyoung’s hand, trying to show her how much he loves her, eventhough it wasn’t enough. His love for her was so big. So big until it couldn’t be describe by the words only.



“You should eat this too!” Donghae put some vegetables on Seyeon’s plate. Seyeon just smiled a bit. She was so happy to get an attention from Donghae. Ever since the day when she tried to commit suicide, she decided to accept herself the way she was. Also, Donghae presence by her side was really helpful. Donghae always treated her nicely and he always tried to make her feels comfortable.

Siwon just walked into the dining room. The handsome guy smiled happily, showing his dimple to see Seyeon’s happiness that was shown on her face. He took a  seat in front of Donghae and Seyeon.

“She will be fat if you keep telling her to eat.” Siwon tried to make a joke. Seyeon pouted. “Oppa, I won’t be fat! That’s for sure!”

Donghae and Siwon smiled to see her reaction. Yeah, seems like the old Seyeon is back. They really hope that they will see the bright, cheerful and playful Seyeon soon.




“Where have you been all day?” Minsun asked to her son, Donghae, as soon as he walked into the room. Donghae stopped his step and he walked toward his mom. He sat on the sofa next to his mom. “Where have you been jagiya? Today is a holiday and you’ve been gone since early in the morning.” She asked again.

“I went to Seyeon’s house. I was with her for all day.” Donghae answered. As soon as Minsun heard Seyeon’s name came out from her son mouth, her smile disappeared from her face. Her expression turned into gloomy. Donghae seemed realize with it. “Wae eomma?” He asked as he was looking at Minsun’s face.

Minsun looked at her soon face with a serious look. “You went to her house again?”

“Ne. Is there something wrong with that?” Donghae frowned.

“Hae-ya, you don’t love her, right?” Minsun asked with a worried tone, making Donghae felt confused because of that. Minsun was shaking Donghae’s hand. “Donghae-ya!”

“What’s wrong eomma?”

Minsun sighed heavily. “You don’t have to come to her house everyday. You don’t have to blame yourself. She became like this isn’t because of you. So you don’t have to__“

“Eomma!” Donghae cut her sentence before she could finish it. “Why are you acting like this? It’s not like you, mom.” Donghae looked at his mom with a disappointed face. Minsun bowed her head. “Mianhe. I just want the best for you. She’s… you know, her condition___”

“Eomma.” Donghae touched Minsun’s hands and he held it tight. “I can’t just let her alone. She needs me. She needs me to stay by her side. I want to stay by her side and heal her wounds. And I don’t mind with her condition. I accept her whatever happened to her.”

“But she’s not a virgin anymore. She’s a victim of rape, Donghae. Rape!”

Donghae looked at his mom with a serious stare. “Imagine if that happen to your own daughter and no one wants to stay by her side and heal her wounds.” Donghae said. Minsun quite after she heard Donghae’s words. She knew that Donghae was right about it. But still, it’s hard for her to accept that her only son choose to stay with someone that wasn’t virgin anymore because of rape.

“Jebal eomma… please understand me. I’m doing this not because I’m forced to do it, but i’m doing this because I want to.”

Seeing the courage on Donghae’s face  made Minsun had no choice, but to accept her son decision. Minsun looked at Donghae’s face. “Are you sure that you won’t regret it?” She asked.

Donghae nodded. “I won’t. The thing that I will regret is if I decide to leave her.” He answered.

Kyuhyun who was without on purpose listening to the conversation between Donghae and Minsun felt relief. Without he realized, he started to care to Donghae’s problem. He knew exactly how hard Donghae was tried to get closer again to Seyeon. And he gave two thumbs up for Donghae’s patience to face Seyeon. Kyuhyun felt glad to know from Sooyoung that Seyeon already get along well with Donghae and slowly she started to back like she used to. Eventhough Kyuhyun wasn’t that close to Seyeon, but he still care for her as a friend.

‘Good for you Donghae-ya, because you have a nice mother like her.’



Kyuhyun was trying to replace his bandage. He had a hard time to do it since he wasn’t that good at it. Suddenly there was a knock on his door. “Come in!” Kyuhyun said. He thought it was one of the maid in his house.


Kyuhyun face turned cold when he knew that the person who came into his room was Minsun, his stepmother. Eversince Minsun became his stepmother, she never came into his room and they even never had a little chat, because everytime Minsun wanted to start a little conversation between them, Kyuhyun would built a big wall between them.

Minsun was still standing in front of the door. She looked at him, waiting for any response that Kyuhyun might gave to her. But seeing no response from Kyuhyun, made her decided to make a move first.

“Seems like you need help.” She walked closer toward Kyuhyun. She sat on the bed right next to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun still silent. He didn’t want to argue with anyone now. He let Minsun took the bandage on his hand. Minsun was replacing his bandage, while Kyuhyun staring at her secretly. He could see his mother figure on her. And suddenly, his heart felt warm…

“What happened to you?” She asked with a soft tone.

“Little fight.” Kyuhyun answered with a low tone. Minsun looked at him with her disbelief stare. No, that wasn’t because she was surprised to hear him had a fight. That was because for the first time Kyuhyun answered her question. For the first time they talked to each other just like a mom and her son. Minsun couldn’t help but feel extremely happy about it. Yeah, it just a simple thing but really meaningful to her.

“Good thing that you don’t have any serious wound. It will be healed in a few days.” Minsun said. She smiled at Kyuhyun while her hand was still busy with the bandage to cover Kyuhyun’s wound. “Ja, it’s finished.”

Kyuhyun just looked at her with no expression. He confused about what should he have to do with her. He felt awkward.

“Okay, take a rest Kyuhyun-ah. The dinner will ready soon.” Minsun cleaned the used bandage and some medicines. She put it on the table not far from Kyuhyun’s bed. “I will go now. Take a rest, Kyuhyun-ah.” Minsun smiled as she was about to open the door.


Minsun froze. She immediately turned her head to see if that person who was talking to her was really Kyuhyun. She was right! That was Kyuhyun who talked. Kyuhyun bowed her head, didn’t want to make an eye contact with her. But even so, she still felt really happy and touched. Minsun smiled happily, “Ne, cheonmaneyo, Kyuhyun-ah.” She answered before she went out from the room with a happy heart.

After Minsun went out from his house, Kyuhyun stared at the door blankly. “Eomma, I don’t know why I feel like this…”





“That’s not wrong, oppa. It’s good.” Sooyoung said as she was watering the plant which placed at her balcony. She put the water on the chair and then she turned her head to face Kyuhyun. Her hand touched Kyuhyun’s face softly. “If you accept her, it doesn’t mean that you betray your mom. I’m sure she will be happy too if you start to accept Minsun ahjumma and also forgive your father.” Sooyoung tried to give understanding to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun still silent. He was looking at the floor, like there was something interesting there. Sooyoung stroked his face. “Kyuhyun oppa, how long will you punish your father? It’s enough oppa. You need to open your heart and try to forgive him.”

Kyuhyun looked at Sooyoung’s eyes. He shook his head. “It’s not that simple.” He said.

“Oppa, you won’t know how much someone means for you before you lose them. I don’t want you to regret.”

Kyuhyun pull Sooyoung into his embrace. He hugged her tightly. He smelled the fresh scent from Sooyoung’s body. “I will regret if I lose you, Soo-ya…” He whispered with a sad tone. Sooyoung smiled sadly as she patted Kyuhyun’s back.

“I’m still here oppa… Let’s spend our precious time together! So, until that time comes, we won’t regret anything.”


The two best friend, Seyeon and Sooyoung were lying down on Seyeon’s bed. It’s been a long time since the last time they did something like that. Lying on the bed while talking to each other. They miss that time.

“Christmas will come soon. I hope I can celebrate it with all people that I loved. I want to make good memories before my time is over.” Sooyoung sighed heavily as she was staring at plafon above. “Maybe this will be the last Christmas for me…”

Seyeon immediately hugged her. “Jebal… don’t say something like that, Soo…” Seyeon sobbed. “You’ll be fine Soo.”

“This won’t be your last Christmas…”



Seyeon was sitting alone on the bench at the backyard. Her eyes was staring blankly above the dark sky, looking at the stars above. She was thinking about what Sooyoung said to her. When she said that it would be her last Christmas. Seyeon’s heart felt hurt when she heard that. She could see the hopeless in Sooyoung’s eyes when she said that.  She knew exactly that Sooyoung must be really tired with all of this. Deep inside in her heart, she was wondering what is it feels like when you already know that your time in this world will end soon and you’re going to leave people that you loved behind.

“Neomu apayo…” Seyeon started to sob. She covered her face with both of her hands.

“Seyeon? what’s wrong with you?” Donghae ran to her. He felt worry to see her sobbing like that. Seyeon was crying even more hard than before. Donghae tried to take off her hands from her face. “Hey, what’s wrong, Yeon?” He asked with a soft tone, and then he pulled her into his embrace, trying to comfort her with the warm from his body.

Seyeon squeezed Donghae’s jacket. “Soo… Sooyoung said that… this will be her last Christmas…hiks.. I… I don’t want to lose her. Naega sirheo…” Seyeon cried so hard. Donghae became silent after he heard that. He also felt hurt and he didn’t want to lose Sooyoung. Donghae hold his tears. He should be strong for Seyeon.

“We can’t do anything about it. All we have to do is to create a lot of memories with her.”  Donghae said with a sad tone. He hugged Seyeon more tight than before.


Sooyoung was reading book in the living room when Kyuhyun came into the room. He took a seat next to his girlfriend. Sooyoung smiled softly to greet Kyuhyun. “Ah, neo wasseo. You look tired.” Sooyoung touched Kyuhyun’s face with both of her hands. Kyuhyun held Sooyoung’s hand. He felt warm everytime Sooyoung’s hand touch him. Feels like the touch from heaven.

“Nan gwenchana.” Kyuhyun said and then he kissed Sooyoung’s lips.

“So, what brings you here? Aren’t we supposed to meet tonight at Jin hye’s party?” Sooyoung asked as she was looking at Kyuhyun’s face. Kyuhyun smiled. “I have a great plan for us.” His face looks so bright when he said that to her, making Sooyoung felt curious.

“Mwonde?” Sooyoung couldn’t hide her curious.

“Let’s go to the trip this weekend.”

“Ne? Eoddi?”

“Nami-do.” Kyuhyun smiled. “My family just opened a resort there. I’ve never been there before, so I’d like to go there together with you.”

“Can I bring some of my friends there?” Sooyoung asked. Hopefully that Kyuhyun will agree. Kyuhyun silent. “Please…” Sooyoung cupped both of her hands.

Kyuhyun smiled as he ruffled Sooyoung’s hair with his right hand. “Of course you can. They are Seyeon and Donghae, right?”

“Eh eottohke arasso?” Sooyoung asked with her innocent face. Kyuhyun laughed as his hand was ruffling Sooyoung’s hair again. “I can easily read your mind.” He giggled.



The four of them already arrived at Cho Family resort in Nami Island. The four of them, including Kyuhyun, really admire the architecture of the resort and also the scenery around the resort which is really breathtaking. They walked into their room. Kyuhyun already reserve the largest and most expensive room for them. Sooyoung and Seyeon really excited as soon as they stepped into the room.

“There are 2 bedrooms here. You girls can sleep together, while Donghae and I will sleep together. Or maybe you want to sleep with me, Soo?” Kyuhyun asked with a naughty tone as he grinned at her. Sooyoung threw the pillow on his face. “Your wish!”

Sooyoung pulled Seyeon’s hand. “Let’s go to see the bedrooms and then we can choose the best bedroom here for us.”

Donghae and Kyuhyun smiled softly to see the happy faces from their girls. There’s nothing more happier in this world when you can make people whom you loved feel happy.

“Gomawo for brought me and Seyeon here.” Donghae said. Kyuhyun turned his face to face Donghae. “Don’t thank me, but thank to Sooyoung. She’s the one that brought you here.” Kyuhyun answered. Eventhough their relationship is getting better than before, but Kyuhyun still acted a little bit cold to Donghae. That wasn’t because he still hates him, but that was because he felt a little bit awkward if he change his acts to Donghae.

Donghae smiled. He knew that Kyuhyun didn’t hate him anymore. Kyuhyun acted like that just because he didn’t know how to express his feeling to him. Kyuhyun was about to go, but then Donghae’s sentence makes him stopped his stepped.

“Gomawo for being nice to eomma. You know, she feels so happy because of that. Eventhough you only talked a little to her, but that was really meaningful to her. Nae eomma, ah ani, uri eomma neomu haengbokhae…” Donghae said. Kyuhyun became silent after he heard that. He didn’t know why, but deep inside his heart, he felt happy to hear Donghae’s statement. But Kyuhyun is still Kyuhyun, the cold and silent guy. He didn’t say anything and then he just walked away like nothing happen.


“Kajja, let’s go to the Winter Sonata statue!” Sooyoung pulled Kyuhyun’s hand. Sooyoung thought that the statue is the best place which they should go first.

“Ah, the statue. I’ve never been there. The statue is really famous here, especially among the people who loves watching drama.” Donghae said with a smile on his face. He seemed excited to go to see the statue. Seyeon didn’t say anything, she was trying to calm herself because ever since they walked out from the resort, Donghae kept holding her hand. He didn’t want to let go, not even for a second. That makes Seyeon felt nervous and also felt special at the same time.

“Yeah, people who loves watching drama just like you.” Kyuhyun said while he was showing his smirk.

“Yak! I don’t like watching drama!”

“Yes, you do, oppa. You love Full house so much, right?” Sooyoung giggled.

“Yak, Sooyoung-ah! Why are you become so evil like your namjachingu, eo?”  Donghae showed his pity face, making the three of them laughed. “Stop laughing! I’m not a clown, ara!”

They spent their time walking around the Nami Island. They took some pictures with the Winter Sonata statue.  There are also some painters near the Winter Sonata statue. Sooyoung really excited with that. She asked the painter to paint her together with Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun could only agree eventhough he didn’t like it. But he just couldn’t refuse what Sooyoung wanted. They also enjoyed some musical performance there.

“Wanna ride a bike?” Donghae asked Seyeon because he knew that from the started Seyeon always stared at some couple who were riding bike. Seyeon seemed surprised. “Kajja!” Donghae held her hand and they walked toward the rent bike place.


Seyeon wanted to rent the couple bike, but Donghae refused and he prefer to rent the normal bike. “I want to give a ride.” That’s what he said when Seyeon asked to him. Seyeon could only hide her blushing face.

“Hey, hold on to me.” Donghae said as he pulled Seyeon’s right hand and then he put her hand on his waist. Seyeon’s heart was beating so fast. With a little hesitate, she decided to put her left hand on Donghae’s waist also. Donghae smiled. “Hold on tight, I don’t want you to fall.” He said.

“Emm… ne oppa.” Seyeon answered with a shy tone.

Donghae turned his head to face Seyeon, “Ready?” He asked. Seyeon nodded her head as the response. “Let’s start it!” Donghae winked to Seyeon, making the girl almost fell down from the bike. Seyeon could only took  a deep breath and sighed to erase her nervous.

‘Oppa… Nan neomu saranghae…’

-To Be Continued-

Seems like no one interesting with this story anymore 😦
I know that this story is getting worse and boring each chapter. I’m so sorry for that. I promise that i will finish this story soon 🙂

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  1. awalnya mau nyebut ini part paling bahagia, tp kalo dipikir2 nggak jg krn msh ada kerisauan perasaan soo & kyu dgn penyakit soo. apalg sikap soo yg selalu pesimis & kyu jg sedikit berpikiran sama -__-” shrsnya kyu lbh yakin soo sembuh. tp di part ini jg mulai semakin keliatan hubungan hae & seyeon semakin membaik ^^

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