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I Just Need You (Part 10 – End)

I Just Need You


Author : Cho Haneul (Kyula88)
Title       : I Just Need You
Type      : Chaptered
Genre   : Drama, Romance, Life

Cast :
– Choi Sooyoung
– Cho Kyuhyun
– Lee Donghae
– Jin Seyeon
– Choi Soojin
– Choi Siwon




Sooyoung was gripping her stomach tightly. Her face was covered by sweat and her face looked so pale as well. She moaned with a low voice, she didn’t want to make her friends felt worry about her. The worse thing was the medicine that she took wasn’t working anymore to her body. Sooyoung immediately changed her expression when Seyeon came out from the bathroom.

“Gwenchana?” Seyeon asked as she laid her body next to Sooyoung. Sooyoung smiled widely. “Gwenchana. I’m just a little bit tired. We had great great time today. Ah, naneun haengbokhae!” Sooyoung said with a happy smile on her face while her eyes was staring at the plafon above.

“Hmm, nado. Naneun neomu haengbokhae.”

“How was it feel when the guy that you loved the most gave you ride and you can hug his body from behind?” Sooyoung looked at Seyeon with a grin on her face. “It feels good, right?” Sooyoung winked at Seyeon.

“Yak! Don’t say something like that!”

“Aigoo… aigoo… Seyeon is blushing now. Neomu kyeopta!”





Kyuhyun giggled to hear the conversation between Sooyoung and Seyeon. He was standing in front of the girls room. He was about to come into the room and check Sooyoung’s condition, but when he knew that the girls were having great time, he decided to not bother them. He felt happy to hear Sooyoung’s laugh, felt like something warm was wrapping his heart.

“Ya, what are you doing here?” Donghae tapped Kyuhyun’s shoulder. “Yak, you’re peeking them, aren’t you?” Donghae looked at Kyuhyun’s face with a suspicious expression.

Kyuhyun hit Donghae’s head. “Yak, I’m not a pervert! Aish jinjja!” He mumbled with an annoyed face, making Donghae laughed because he could tease Kyuhyun.

“Haha. Kajja! Let’s have some coffee.” Donghae embraced Kyuhyun’s shoulder as they were walking together to the kitchen.






The hotel room where the four of them stay in, looked so dark and silent. It was already midnight and all of them, except Sooyoung were already sleeping. Sooyoung couldn’t sleep at all because her stomach was still hurt even more than before. She got up from the bed slowly. “Ahh…” She moaned a bit.

Sooyoung walked out from her room with Seyeon. She walked slowly and was trying to not make a sound that will make everyone awake. But she couldn’t take the pain anymore. She was so in pain until she couldn’t stand anymore. She ended up fell down onto the floor, while her hands kept gripping her stomach.

“Appo…” She sobbed.

On the other hand, Kyuhyun awakened from his sleep. He turned around and saw that Donghae was still sleeping peacefully. He didn’t know why, but his heart felt worry, like there was something bad happening. He decided to take a drink. He walked out from the room without make any sound. As soon as he stepped his foot in the living room, he could hear someone was moaning in pain. The room was dark, so he couldn’t see around him well. He turned on the lamp table beside him. There, he saw Sooyoung was sitting on the floor while she was gripping her stomach. Her face looked so pale.

“Sooyoung!” Kyuhyun ran to her with a panicked face.

“Oppa…” Sooyoung stared at her boyfriend with a weak stare.

“Kaja, we have to go to the hospital.” Kyuhyun said as he was about to lift her body. But then Sooyoung held his hand. “Andwae oppa… I don’t need hospital.” She said weakly.

Kyuhyun shook his head. “Soo-ya, you’re in pain. We need to see the doctor.” Kyuhyun said again.

Sooyoung refused. “It’s not necessary, oppa. It happens a lot. I already drank my medicine. Geokjonghajima.” Sooyoung tried to smile.

Kyuhyun’s face looked so worry. He wiped the sweat on Sooyoung’s face. “Arasso, I won’t take you to the hospital.” He said and after that he lift her body like a bridal style. Kyuhyun laid Sooyoung’s body on the sofa in the living room and then he also laid his body there. He hugged Sooyoung’s body from behind.

“I wish I could heal your pain, Soo…” Kyuhyun mumbled.

Sooyoung stroked his hand. “Your presence are more enough for me, oppa. Your hug makes the pain disappear.”

“Haha, arasso. Then I will hug you tight like this whenever the pain comes.” Kyuhyun kissed Sooyoung’s head. Tears fell down from his eyes. Kyuhyun closed his eyes tight. His heart felt miserable. It was hard to describe.






Seyeon and Donghae walked along together around the river at Nami do. As they were walking side by side, their hands were touching each other. Both, Donghae and Seyeon felt something warm inside their heart when their hands were touching. Donghae grabbed Seyeon’s hand and he was holding it tight. Seyeon seemed surprise, but she just silent and enjoy the warm of Donghae’s hand. Donghae smiled in silent. He was so happy because he could hold Seyeon’s hand.

“Hah, nan haengbokhae…” Donghae smiled.

Seyeon turned her head to face Donghae. “Eo, nado. Jinjja haengbokhae. I’m so happy that we can go here together and spend our time here.”

“Actually, that’s not a reason why I’m happy.” Donghae stopped his step and he stood right in front Seyeon. Seyeon looked at him a curious stare, waiting for him to continue his sentence. “I’m happy because you’re here… next to me…”


“Seyeon-ah, uri… emm… Would you like to go out with me?”

Seyeon felt really happy about it, but then she remembered about her condition. Reminding about it makes her lost her confident. She felt like she didn’t deserve to be next Donghae. She knew exactly that Donghae could get a better girl than her. “Oppa… naega…”

“Hush! I don’t want you to talk about it again. I like you just the way you are. My feeling for you is for sure, it’s not a sympathy only. I don’t mind about what happened to you. For me, you’re still the same Seyeon like before. Nothing changes.” Donghae said as he was looking into her eyes. Seyeon could see the honesty inside his eyes. “So, Seyeon-ah… would you like to try it with me?”

Seyeon silent for a while, making Donghae felt nervous. She tried to find a lie on his face, but all she found was the honesty, the truth. “Ne, oppa…” She finally answered.

Just one simple word, but it was really meaningful for Donghae. He couldn’t hide his happiness. He pulled her into his embrace. “Gomawo Seyeon-ah. I can’t promise you that you will always be happy with me, but at least I will always try to make you happy when you’re with me.”

“Ehm, I trust you, oppa…”







Sooyoung was staring at the calendar on the wall. That day was December 25, which is Christmas day. According to the doctor, she only has time until December 26, which means tomorrow. She felt worry, but she tried to prepare herself for anything that will happen even for the worse.

She walked toward the mirror. She looked at her reflection. She was wearing a white dress with a red blazer. She tied her long brown hair. Sooyoung looked gorgeous at that night. She smiled to herself. “This going to be a great Christmas ever, Soo…” She said to herself.

“Are you ready, Soo?” Soojin came into the room. She looked as gorgeous as Sooyoung with her green dress. “Omo, uri dongsaeng neomu yeppo.”

Sooyoung smiled. “Aigoo, my sister is so nice. You look awesome as well, eonnie.”

“Kajja! Everyone is here. Time to party.” Soojin said with an excited tone.

Sooyoung and Soojin walked into the room where everyone is there. Sooyoung’s father made a little Christmas party in their house. Kyuhyun, Donghae, Seyeon and some of Sooyoung and Soojin’s friends were there too. Even Kyuhyun’s three best friend, Eunhyuk, Lee Joon and Jonghyun were there as well. They had great time together for celebrating Christmas. Sooyoung couldn’t hide her happiness. She was so happy to spend her time with all people that she loved. She just hope that the time will stop and tomorrow won’t ever come. But of course, that thing is never happen. Time will keep going no matter what happen. So all we can do is to fill the time with great memories to remember.

Kyuhyun couldn’t take off his eyes from his girl. He knew that according to the doctor Sooyoung’s life will only stay until tomorrow. But again, he tried to ignore it, because he believes that only god can decide about everyone life.

‘You… you will be okay, right?’






‘I hope this is not gonna be my last Christmas.’

“Aniya Soo, this is not your last Christmas. You will be able to celebrate it again next year and year after that.” Kyuhyun whispered into her ears while both of his strong hands were hugging Sooyoung from behind. They were at the balcony, looking at the falling snow.

Sooyoung took a glance at her boyfriend. “How did you know what I was thinking about?” Sooyoung asked. Kyuhyun just smiled, “Molla… maybe it’s because we’re connected?”

Sooyoung giggled. “It’s weird to hear that sentence just came out from your mouth.” She said.


“Hmm, because… I don’t know, it just doesn’t suit you. Donghae oppa is more suit with that sentence.”

“Yak! How could you say that in front of your handsome guy, eo? Aish jinjja nappeun!” Kyuhyun pouted his lips. Sooyoung kissed his lips, making Kyuhyun’s felt surprise and a wide smile appeared on his face.

“Dashi hambeon.” He asked. Sooyoung pinched his stomach. “Byeontae!” She said while laughing.

“Argh!” Sooyoung moaned in pain while her hands was gripping her stomach. Kyuhyun was panicked, “Soo, are you okay?” He asked. Sooyoung couldn’t answer, instead she held Kyuhyun’s hand tight. “Appo…” She moaned. Her eyes was watery, seemed like she was so in pain. Kyuhyun immediately carried her like a bridal style.

Everyone in the room was so panicked when they saw Kyuhyun was carrying Sooyoung on his hands. “Palli, we have to go to the hospital!” He said with a panic tone. Meanwhile, there was no sign from Sooyoung. She already lost her consciousness. Her face looked so pale almost like a zombie, like there was no blood flow inside her body.







(Sooyoung’s POV)

Is this the end?

Will my pain disappear after this? Will everything okay?

It feels hurt, really hurt until I feel like I prefer to just die than I have to go through in this situation. Keunde, I just can’t leave just like that. I still want to be around everyone that I loved. I still need them and they still need me. I don’t want to leave…

But my eyes feels so heavy. These eyes wants to close. I want to rest…

(Sooyoung’s POV End)







(Kyuhyun’s POV)

It’s been 5 months since that night. You know, Sooyoung is like a miracle for me. She came into my life and she changed me to be a better person. She showed me what is the meaning of true love and she taught me how to appreciate my life. Because our life is not immortal. We need to fill it with many positive things in this world.

Back to December 25. That night… I won’t ever forget it.

I stop my step right in front of the mound. I put the bouquet of flowers on the top of the mound. Someone that I really loved is lying down inside the grave.

“Oppa, mian I’m late.”

I turn my head to face the girl who is standing next to me. “Gwenchana Soo, I just arrived a couple minutes ago.” I smile to my fiancée, Choi Sooyoung.

“Let’s pray for eomma and ask for her blessing to our wedding.” Sooyoung said.

I nod my head and then I turn my gaze to the grave where my mother is buried. Next month, Sooyoung and I will held our wedding. Yeah, I proposed her 5 months ago. You must be wondering about what happened to her on that day, right?

Sooyoung was in coma for 2 days. There was no hope for her to be survived. But just like I said before, only God can decide about someone’s life. And there’s also one thing that I just found out 5 months ago… Miracle does exist… it happened to us. To Sooyoung.

Right when she awakened from her coma, the doctor decided to do the surgery again. It was the only way left for her, although it was so risky. Seemed like God really loves her. The surgery was success and the doctor said that the cancer is disappeared little by little.  Eventhough she already recover, but she still needs to control her condition once in a month, just to make sure that the cancer won’t come back again. A week after she discharged from the hospital, I proposed her right in front of her whole family and of course in front of my family too. I just don’t want to waste more time, because I realize that every second in our life are precious.



“Do you think that your eomma in heaven will like me?” Sooyoung asks. I stroke her long hair. “Of course she will. You’re the best for me and I’m sure that eomma knows that too. She must be looking at us now with a happy smile on her face.”

Sooyoung smiles. She grabs my hand and holds it. “Gomawo oppa for always stay by myside. I hope this is an happy ending for us.” She says with a smile on her face.

“I’m sure this is an happy ending for us because we deserve it.”

“Ne, we totally deserve it.”

(Kyuhyun’s POV End)


-The End-


Happy Ending for all of you 😀
I just think that i really need to finish this fanfic soon, because it’s getting boring for all of you LOL. Please leave some comment for this final chapter. And Merry Christmas to all of you 😀

6 tanggapan untuk “I Just Need You (Part 10 – End)

  1. aku sbnernya belum baca part ini… tp aku mohon jngan sad ending 😦
    dr part2 sblumnya sedih terus dan….. takut kalo soo eon hrus meninggal… ngga mau pokoknya..

  2. huwah!!! akhirnya tamat walaupun msh gak rela kalo ini tamat. tp seenggaknya beneran happy ending T^T
    seriusan pas baca judulnya kalo ini part akhir, jdnya bawaannya deg2an & kayak diburu2 bacanya. apalg pas setiap soo kesakitan & katanya hidupnya cuma sampe 26, makin deg2an *o* tp finally!! miracles in december for kyu, she’s still beside him T^T bikin takut waktu kyu berkunjung ke makam.
    next kyuyoung again!!! XD

  3. YESS,, akirny slesai jg, q komn pkai indo,, gpp kan?
    autor sukses bkin q nngis, apalg part donghae yg g bsa neptin jnji bwt nton ma jsy,, tp q sneng smua happy end, o,y mf y, q bca ff u yg ad jsyny aj,,hehe,.. krn bca ff ini q jdi ska couple jsy ma donghae,, lko g slah mrk prnh main drama breng, mrk jg sling follow ig & twitter klo g slh jg sih.. autor bkin jsy donghae lgi dong,, FIGHTING autor bwt nulis ff yg lain,,, q tnggu ff jsy lg.

    1. Makasih udh baca ^^ aku suka sm seyeon gr2 nonton yg drama dia bareng donghae. Trus jd kepikiran bikin couple. Soalnya mereka untuk haha.. makasih utk dukungannya 😁

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